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Top 12 of the best HRIS software in 2024 for SMEs

Looking for an HRIS software to revolutionize human resource management within your company? In this article, we will explore the concept of HRIS, how to choose the right HRIS system, and look at the 12 best HRIS software solutions in 2024.

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 Top 12 of the best HRIS software in 2024 for SMEs


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HRIS, an acronym for Human Resources Information System, is a technology designed to unify, optimize, and analyze the information related to your company's personnel. It encompasses a variety of HR functions: from payroll management to recruitment, training, leave and absence management, talent analysis, and much more.

This tool is a real lever for HR teams, managers, and employees, offering increased visibility, improved responsiveness, and optimized quality of work life.

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Best 12 HRIS software

HRIS SoftwareDescriptionsAdvantages
LuccaModular and cloud-based solution which handles employee data in a compliant wayIntuitive interface that allows for task automation
Factorial HRSoftware to optimize human resourcesOffers many integrations and robust technical support
Bizneo HR SuiteComplete platform which is flexibleOffers compliance features in addition to support
ADPGlobal solution capable of handling enterprise-sized accountsPayroll services, compliance, time management
Cegid TalentsoftA European HRIS which includes skills managementAdapts to local communities, creates user communities
RipplingSoftware which supports HR, IT, and financial managementAutomation functionalities, offers data security safeguards
KiwiHRCentralized HR management softwareEasy-to-use interface, 14-day free trial
Sigma HRA customizable cloud solutionAdaptable modules, with legal compliance features
FoederisInnovative cloud management solutionVery comprehensive set of features with automated candidate management tools
KelioOffers talent management, time management, including leave organizationSimple interface, allows you to keep track of schedules
KammiIntuitive HR management softwarePayroll outsourcing and customizable options
HR MapsCovers all personnel management processesRobust talent management and a complete interface

What is HRIS software?

Let's introduce the concept of HRIS software. This advanced technological solution handles the centralization, automation, and in-depth analysis of an organization's personnel data. It encompasses a wide range of HR functionalities, including payroll management, recruitment, training, leave and absence management, talent management, and much more.

HRIS software proves to be an undeniable facilitation lever for HR teams, as well as for managers and employees. It ushers in an era of improved visibility, increased responsiveness, and a higher quality of work life.

The architecture of HRIS software can vary, consisting of various modules or software components tailored to the unique specifics and processes of each company. Across the spectrum of businesses, some solutions are more suited for SMEs, while others are designed for large enterprises.

These software solutions also vary in their specializations. Some are dedicated to specific areas of HR, while others offer a more comprehensive and versatile approach. Given the wide array of options available on the market, choosing the ideal HRIS software can be quite a challenge.

But why should you consider using HRIS software? The benefits of such a system are considerable. It offers the potential to achieve significant time savings and minimize errors by automating repetitive and low-value processes.

It also plays a crucial role in improving internal communication and collaboration by facilitating the exchange and dissemination of key information within the company.

Finally, HRIS software contributes to optimizing talent management and enhancing the overall performance of the organization by providing key indicators and dashboards for data-driven analysis and informed decision-making.

How to Choose Your HRIS Software?

Selecting an HRIS (Human Resource Information System) software is a significant challenge given the vast range and variety of options available on the market. Choosing a solution that perfectly aligns with your expectations, budget, and company structure requires a methodical and thoughtful approach. Here are a series of recommendations to guide you through this crucial process:

  1. Define Your Functional Needs and Objectives: Start by identifying the HR processes you aim to optimize. What issues are you facing with your current system? What objectives do you hope to achieve through this migration or implementation, and what performance measures will you use? Conduct a precise assessment and draft a detailed requirements document.
  2. Compare Different Market Offerings: Take the time to look into specific functionalities, costs, implementation conditions, additional services, and user feedback from other companies. Using online comparison platforms, requesting free demos, consulting with experts, or talking to similar companies can greatly inform your choice.
  3. Choose an HRIS that Integrates Well with Your Company: Consider the size of your company, its industry, corporate culture, long-term strategy, and relevant legislation. Opt for a solution that offers room for growth and customization, is compatible with your existing systems, and meets required security and confidentiality standards.
  4. Test the Software Before Making a Final Decision: Take advantage of a free trial version or testing period to ensure the HRIS software matches your needs, is user-friendly and responsive, is free of technical issues, and is supported by an effective customer service team.
  5. Facilitate Change Acceptance Within Your Organization: Involve the relevant stakeholders (HR department, managers, employees, etc.) from the selection process to the implementation of the HRIS software. Clearly communicate the benefits and objectives of the new system, adequately train users, evaluate feedback after deployment, and make necessary adjustments.

Top 12 HRIS Systems

In this section, we present our selection of the 12 best HRIS software for SMEs in 2024. We chose these solutions based on their functional coverage, ease of use, adaptability, value for money, and customer satisfaction. For each software, we will highlight its main features, advantages, and pricing.

1. Lucca

Lucca is a modular HRIS software that allows you to easily manage your HR processes: payroll, leave and absences, expense reports, pay slips, talent management, and more. You can choose the modules you need and evolve them according to your needs.

Lucca is a cloud-based solution, accessible from any device (smartphone, tablet, computer), and integrates with your existing tools.


Lucca Advantages✅

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Automation of administrative tasks and complex calculations
  • Compliance with legal and social standards
  • Personalized support and responsive customer service
  • Transparent and commitment-free pricing

2. Factorial HR

Factorial HR is an HRIS software that helps optimize your human resources management: payroll, leave and absences, time tracking, recruitment, evaluation, training, and more. Factorial HR is a modern, intuitive cloud-based solution that allows you to centralize, automate, and analyze your HR data.


Factorial HR Advantages✅

  • Comprehensive and multilingual solution
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use interface
  • Integration with your favorite applications
  • Available technical assistance and customer support

3. Bizneo HR Suite

Bizneo HR Suite is an HRIS software offering a complete and modular platform to manage your HR processes: administrative management, time management, talent management, training management, payroll management, expense management, and more. Bizneo HR Suite is a flexible, customizable cloud solution that adapts to your needs and budget.


Bizneo HR Suite Advantages✅

  • Comprehensive and interconnected solution
  • Easy customization and configuration
  • Compliance with legal and tax standards
  • Dedicated support and training
  • Transparent and tailored pricing

4. ADP

Globally recognized for its reliability and efficiency, ADP's HRIS software stands out as a key solution for human resources management. Designed to suit companies of all sizes, ADP offers a full range of services, from payroll to talent management, including benefits, compliance, time and attendance management. Its intuitive platform enables companies to manage their human capital more strategically and improve operational performance.


ADP Advantages✅

  • Global service available so it can help you manage workforce across many companies
  • High flexibility and customization
  • Advanced Analytic support data-driven decisions

5. Cegid Talentsoft

Highly regarded by numerous companies across Europe, Cegid Talentsoft stands out as a top-tier HRIS solution. This all-in-one platform ensures the complete management and development of your employees' skills. From administrative management to talent management, recruitment, performance, and more, Cegid Talentsoft embodies the ideal tool for orchestrating a personalized and engaging HR experience.


Cegid Talentsoft Advantages✅

  • Seamless adaptation to local and sector-specific requirements
  • Close client relationships and active user community
  • Modular options and scalability so it can grow with your business needs

6. Rippling HR

Rippling HR is an innovative HRIS solution that enables comprehensive and automated management of HR, IT, and financial processes. Whether it's payroll preparation, recruitment, leave management, training, or expense management, Rippling HR simplifies all your operations via a single cloud platform.


Rippling Advantages✅

  • Comprehensive platform which includes IT asset management
  • Advanced automation to streamline HR tasks
  • Maximum data security and reliability

7. KiwiHR

Designed to simplify human resource management, KiwiHR optimizes your HR processes with its advanced features. From administrative management to talent tracking and leave and expense management, KiwiHR offers an innovative and intuitive cloud solution for centralized and digitized HR management.


KiwiHR Advantages✅

  • Remarkable ease of use
  • Responsive support
  • Free 14-day trial

8. Sigma HR

Sigma HR offers a comprehensive HRIS solution, enabling the management and development of your employees' skills across various aspects: administrative management, time management, talent development, training planning, occupational health and safety support, labor relations management, and more. Designed for the cloud, Sigma HR is customizable and scalable, adapting to your unique organizational needs.

Sigma HR

Sigma HR Advantages✅

  • Complete solution
  • Advanced customization and configuration options
  • Legal and social compliance
  • Adaptable modules are suitable for all employee profiles

9. Foederis

Foederis is an HRIS designed to invigorate and optimize talent management within your company. Whether it's for administrative management, recruitment, performance evaluation, training, career development, internal mobility, or competency mapping, Foederis offers an innovative and intelligent cloud solution. Its goal is to help you create personalized and engaging career paths for your employees.


Foederis Advantages✅

  • Ultra-complete solution which covers a wide range of HR functionalities
  • Automated application processing streamlines recruitment workflows
  • Customizable and scalable to evolve with your needs

10. Kelio

Kelio is an HRIS software designed to optimize the management and monitoring of your employees' working hours. From tracking leaves and absences to scheduling, time tracking, and managing activities and badges, Kelio stands as a comprehensive and efficient cloud solution. It helps ensure compliance with current legislation, while aiming to optimize costs and improve workplace well-being.


Kelio Advantages✅

  • All-in-one solution integrates essential functionalities
  • User-friendly interface ensures quick and easy implementation

11. Kammi

Kammi positions itself as an HRIS software aimed at simplifying and centralizing all your HR processes: administrative management, absences and leaves, scheduling, expense reports, talent management, training, and expense tracking. Offering a modern and intuitive cloud interface, Kammi enables you to digitize your HR processes and deeply analyze your data.


Kammi Advantages✅

  • Highly customizable and comprehensive system
  • Payroll outsourcing service gives additional support for payroll management
  • Adaptability

12. HR Maps

HR Maps is designed to enrich and enhance the human capital within your company, offering comprehensive management from recruitment to compensation, including training and career development. This cloud solution relies on innovation and collaboration to provide a unique HR experience.

HR Maps

HR Maps Advantages✅

  • Flexible à la carte solution
  • Robust talent management system
  • Comprehensive management interface

Integrating Telephony with your HR Software

Far from being an entity operating in isolation, Human Resources Management software must seamlessly blend with the existing tools within the company, with telephony being an essential component of this integration.

The telephone channel proves to be a vital axis of communication with candidates, clients, and employees of the company. It becomes essential to ensure the compatibility of your Human Resources Management system with your telephony infrastructure by opting for a solution promising smooth and highly efficient integration.

Choosing an intelligent communication platform like Ringover during this integration with your solution opens the door to a multitude of significant advantages for any company striving for excellence. Indeed, by leveraging artificial intelligence, Ringover centralizes and streamlines call management, SMS, video conferencing, and WhatsApp conversations.

The benefits provided by integrating Ringover into your stack are:

  • Centralization of all your communication interactions in one place, facilitating synchronization with your other software.
  • Click-to-call functionality to reach your contacts with a simple click directly from your other tools.
  • The ability to record, transcribe your phone conversations, and associate them with your contacts' profiles in your business software.

Adding Ringover's features and information to your tools can be done in different ways: through specific integration, using our API and SDK.

Ringover also provides unlimited calls to over 110 destinations worldwide. You have the option to try Ringover free for seven days.


Now, you have an enlightened view of the importance of HR software, how to select it wisely, not to mention an introduction to the best HR software solutions for SMEs or ETIs in 2024. HR software proves to be a central tool, indispensable for the efficiency of your human resources management, allowing you to streamline your processes, limit errors, improve exchanges, drive performance, and recognize talent within your company.

Choosing HR software that aligns with the specificities of your company, your budget, and your requirements is crucial. It is equally important to ensure that your new HR software is compatible with the systems you already use, especially your telephony solution.

Carefully examine the various offers available on the market. Make your choice and adopt the HR software that best suits your expectations to benefit from optimal management of your human resources.

And don't forget to discover Ringover, the intelligent telephony solution designed to seamlessly integrate with your tools.

HRIS Software FAQ

What is an example of a HRIS?

An HRIS is defined as a software which collects and stores employee data. There are many popular examples, which serve companies of various sizes. The most popular HRIS include Oracle, Rippling, Workday, and ADP.

What is the most used HRIS system?

There is such a wide selection of HRIS, companies can choose the best HRIS for them based on areas where they need specific support. For example, TriNet HR Platform provides robust support for benefits, while Gusto Simple is a light HRIS that's ideal for small businesses, and Deel HR works well for businesses with a global workforce.

Is SAP a HRIS software?

SAP offers the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central as an HRIS software. The idea is to give better visibility into the employee workforce by pooling data in the form of user profiles, charts visualizing the company's organization, administrative functions, and absence tracking.

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