According to most major news sources, the COVID-19 pandemic is the main factor in the economic downturn we’re currently seeing across the world’s markets. Greatly reduced numbers of in-house staff in nearly every industry as well as a drastic flux in the demand for certain products and services has left many companies scrambling to keep up - with some even wondering how they’ll survive the coming weeks and months.

As an aspect of the business model that major corporations and SMEs alike depend on so heavily, call centers have certainly felt the strain. Many have experienced an explosive call volume while not having nearly enough agents on hand to manage it, which translates to unknown thousands of customers stuck at home, waiting endlessly on hold and growing increasingly frustrated and desperate.

However, given recent restrictions in many countries on personal contact and venturing out of doors as well as widespread business closings, call centers can be a greater asset than ever. The following article highlights how RingOver’s call centre solution can help you not only steer your call center through the storm, but to use today’s unique challenges as an opportunity to make it the very best it can be through:

1. Worldwide virtual access through the cloud

2. Real-time tracking of your team's phone activity

3. Maximise IVR capabilities

4. Intuitive collaboration tools

5. Dedicated crisis hotline

Worldwide virtual access through the cloud: