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HubSpot, Ringover & You. Great on their own, unstoppable when put together!

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HubSpot, Ringover & You. Great on their own, unstoppable when put together!


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We explain how combining a superior CRM’s with the features of an advanced phone system like Ringover will help you surpass your goals.Even if your sales numbers, lead follow-ups, and client management are already good, who’s to say they couldn’t be better? Your CRM may be getting the job done too, but there’s a good chance you’re missing out on a lot of the features that make HubSpot an industry leader and go-to for some of the biggest names out there. Read on to discover why combining its superior client and lead management capabilities with an advanced phone system like Ringover will help you surpass your goals.

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a powerful CRM that allows you to track lead conversions and customer relations in real-time while executing inbound marketing campaigns and mapping out your sales pipeline and track performances. Their Starter, Professional, and Enterprise plans allow the management of marketing contacts on par with a company's individual needs, while providing everything from increased online exposure, multi-language content, and syncing with widely used professional software. Follow the links to see what else people are saying about HubSpot.

Why use HubSpot?

Though your current in-house or external CRM may incorporate real-time call synchronization, screen pop and other handy aspects of CTI (computer-telephony integration), you very well may be missing out on quite a few of Hubspot's advantageous features. For one, Hubspot is one of the most beginner-friendly, navigable CRMs out there. Having been designed by marketers and salespeople for marketers and salespeople, it incorporates time-saving elements such as automating tedious tasks, provides highly attuned pre and post-sale data metrics, and facilitates connection with clients and leads. The result: a seamless user experience that equals satisfied clients and an accelerated rate of growth for your company.Our friends at The MO Agency have written an excellent guide on HubSpot from a high level, holistic view. It details the architecture of HubSpot, how you use HubSpot, how much it costs, and how to get started. To find out more then please visit here >>

What you can do when Ringover is integrated with HubSpot

Though we'd love to keep singing HubSpot’s praises all day, the goal of this article is to talk about it in a particular context: its relationship with Ringover, and why the two work so well in tandem. You might be currently using one and considering using the other, though we'll start by addressing Ringover users who are either unaware of HubSpot or simply haven't had the chance to implement many of its benefits within their business. Integrating HubSpot with Ringover will let you take advantage of extremely useful features like:● Unlimited outgoing calls in one click directly from HubSpot. ● Free option for smaller companies● Smart Content Beta Program (for personalization and more focused messaging)● Client file screen pop (information in your system will appear automatically on your screen when a contact calls you, facilitating exchange)● Landing page creation● SEO optimization● Form creation● Drag and drop email builder● Contact based segmentationHere's a good starting place for learning about our HubSpot integration in detail. If you're a Ringover user, you're already well aware that it was designed with CRM integration in mind. Let's pause, however, and take a moment to address any readers who may not be using a CRM. By this, we mean professionals who keep track of client data through a very basic beta version based on manual entry and spreadsheets (or even good old-fashioned lined yellow notebook paper). There is nothing inherently wrong with this, either. You probably have a system that you're comfortable with, or you just haven't gotten around to updating your system. Maybe you haven't needed to revamp your customer management because you're a small company with only a few employees who work hard (but aren't the most tech-savvy), and a handful of loyal customers who have known you for years and are perfectly happy with how you've done things up to this point. You don't want to mix things up too much because after all, why fix something that's not broken?

No more human error

Objections to adopting an updated system for managing client relations are perfectly valid, but our main counter-argument is simply this: the avoidance of human error. The truth about analogue data entry is that mistakes will always happen, no matter how meticulous the people running this system are (or believe themselves to be). Aside from the cost and inconvenience that can result for companies and their clients due to lost time, poor communication or incorrect data, a serious incident can result due to something as simple as one person being unable to read another's handwriting or getting a single digit wrong when typing in a phone number. A study by the IDC found that hundreds of dollars are lost per employee each year in industries across the globe, let alone injury to people and property. The human error element is simple enough to reduce to a minimum given the technological sophistication and automation that today’s business systems bring - make sure that you’ve done all you can to keep it from holding your company back!

How HubSpot & Ringover grew an organisation globally

Our client, talent.io - Europe's leading selective recruitment platform specializing in matching qualified candidates in the tech sector with the ideal job meant that talent.io experienced explosive growth in a very short period over a wide geographical area. That's where the magical HubSpot-Ringover dynamic came into play for them.

“ "I cannot tell you how much Ringover & HubSpot has helped us to grow!" “

"We’re forever expanding across the globe and so onboarding new staff from multiple locations used to be very challenging but Ringover and it's HubSpot integration has made that a thing of the past. Our sales teams have visibility of call logs and client conversations that allows us to collaborate effectively together. My team of managers find it really easy to train new team members with the features they provide and can monitor their performance." - Ivo Betke, Managing Director of talent.ioTheir scale meant that they needed affordability and their growth rate meant that they needed solutions that could grow with them and adapt to their changing needs. And integrating these solutions was the icing on the cake - read the full details of the case study here.

Why plug these two into your business?

We want to drive home the point that HubSpot is fantastic, but you can make it do even more for you when you connect it to an advanced phone system like Ringover - after all, how can you expect to get contact information, orders, comments and other vital data in the system if your phone line is constantly busy or if you're accidentally deleting callers’ voicemails? Ringover is perfect for linking with a customer relations platform like HubSpot, with its intuitive and adaptive set-up. Gone are the days of the little "While You Were Out" tear-off notes - with Ringover you'll never miss a call again, enter the wrong number for a client, or forget to log what time they called and for whom. It's time to bring your customer relations to the 21st century, and that means having a synchronized phone system and CRM that can do all you need. For HubSpot users (or anyone else) looking to trade in a less than optimal professional phone system for one that will get the sales figures and customer satisfaction numbers they've been looking for while providing pain-free call management error through an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Ringover is for you!

Are you looking to enhance your business with this dynamic duo?

Contact our experts to help guide you step-by-step at +44 20 3808 5555 or send an email to sales@ringover.com. Start your free trial today.

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