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Top 6 Sales Trends to Watch in 2024

In a world where new technologies evolve rapidly and where customers are constantly being contacted by salespeople, keeping an eye on sales trends. What are the trends that will shape tomorrow's commercial landscape?

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Top 6 Sales Trends to Watch in 2024


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Key figures on sales trends in 2024

  • In 2024, there will be half a billion podcast listeners (Demandsage).
  • 82% of customers expect to receive a response to their request within 10 minutes (ServiceBell).
  • More than 80% of companies are investing in omnichannel experiences (PWC).
  • Only 27% of leads are contacted (ServiceBell).
  • Sales automation can reduce the rate of human errors by nearly 20% (LeadSquared).

1. AI is becoming increasingly present in the daily lives of sales teams

Recent progress in artificial intelligence (AI) has made it a valuable asset for sales teams.

More and more companies are adopting AI-based solutions to optimize their processes, improve efficiency, and enhance the customer experience.

AI is used to automate administrative tasks, coaching, lead tracking, interaction analysis, and even content generation like call transcriptions or call scripts.

Sales teams can therefore focus on higher-value tasks such as customer relationship building and consultative selling.

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2. Increasing Automation

Automation continues to gain momentum, and for good reason. It enables businesses to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of human error by nearly 20%.

It serves sales teams in tasks such as:

  • Lead management
  • CRM software updates
  • Email sending
  • Appointment scheduling

Once again, the idea is to enable sales professionals to focus on their core tasks and be more responsive. In fact, over 80% of customers expect a response to their inquiries within 10 minutes.

Automation can be achieved through dedicated tools, such as email solutions. You can also use tools like Zapier to integrate different software. Additionally, native integrations offered by the respective solutions can be used.

3. An increasingly refined Omnichannel approach

Customers' buying habits and behaviors are evolving. Interactions are no longer limited to a single channel. A recent study reveals that buyers are open to interactions across multiple channels.

Therefore, adopting the same tactics for every customer is no longer effective. It is essential to have an omnichannel approach to reach and communicate with prospects through their preferred channels.

However, that is not enough. The customer experience from one channel to another must be seamless and frictionless. This requires effective organization and updating of customer data.

Thanks to sales data and AI, by 2024, the omnichannel approach will become more granular and fluid. This will enable sales teams to deepen relationships with customers and allocate their efforts more effectively.

4. Podcasts

Podcasts are gaining popularity. In 2023, there were 464.7 million podcast listeners worldwide. This number is expected to reach 504.9 million in 2024.

This is a significant phenomenon, and all industries are affected. A podcast allows you to create a connection with your audience and provide value to them.

The sales professional can adopt an expert posture to share advice, position themselves as a thought leader in their field, and create new business opportunities.

5. Value-Based Selling becomes the norm

Value-Based Selling is an approach that focuses on the value generated by the service or product for the customer. Instead of focusing on the features and benefits of a product, the sales professional focuses on understanding the needs, objectives, and challenges of the prospect.

The idea is to offer a tailored solution. Value-Based Selling is not a new approach, but by 2024, it will be essential to create value propositions aligned with customer expectations and achieve better sales.

6. Building customer trust through data management

In a sales strategy, the management of sales data is a central issue. It represents a crucial challenge for companies and is a major concern for customers.

Transparency in the management of collected data and respect for privacy are now determining criteria for customers. A prospect who trusts you will be easier to convince than a skeptical prospect.

In 2024, we should witness a boom in strategies that highlight a sales approach based on reassurance through compliance with applicable laws and the implementation of guarantees for data storage.

Conclusion: Practices evolve while principles remain the same

It is important for sales teams to keep an eye on emerging trends such as rapidly evolving AI or the use of podcasts to generate new opportunities.

Overall, various sales practices and methods will become more refined in 2024, with the advent of new tools and technologies that will allow sales teams to spend more time on customer interactions by delegating cumbersome administrative tasks.

Another important point to note is the omnipresence of data. In 2024, it will be more than ever at the core of successful strategies.

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