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Improve the productivity of your salespeople with a contact center

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Improve the productivity of your salespeople with a contact center


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Increase the productivity of your salespeople with a contact center

When you are carrying out a sales campaign, managing the details are essential. The productivity of your people depends largely on the work tools you have in your contact center. It’s essential to be able to effectively manage incoming leads, control calls and communications to organize and distribute work. If you want to increase productivity in your contact center, there are some aspects which can be the difference. When you have a high number of conversations at the same time, in the midst of an omnichannel context, having a contact center solution which integrates with your CRM is essential for your team's productivity.

The advantages of a contact center software for managing incoming leads

Your sales team has a list of prospects or potential customers who’ve contacted your company through different means: advertising on Facebook and Instagram Ads, Google ads, email campaigns and SMS marketing, etc. Having a large volume of leads, which match your buyer’s profile as closely as possible, is essential for the success of your sales campaign.It can be complex when managing your sales campaigns with the omnichannel approach. Some clients will leave you their data so that you can write to them or call them; others will contact you through social networks, by e-mail or by phone. There’ll be others perhaps with whom a video call is appropriate, especially when it comes to high-value products, franchise investments or B2B services.Relationships with each lead can evolve differently; they’re customers who will decide to make a purchase at that moment, for others you’ll have to follow up. If you have thousands of prospects, it’s logical your sales team cannot manage all communications manually. You need a contact center software that helps you organize communications with each prospect, so that they feel cared for and their questions are answered.How to manage the productivity of your team to manage incoming leads? How does contact center software help you? We’ll show you some of the advantages of using this solution.

Make unlimited calls... all from your browser!

Your sales team can make all the phone calls they need to more than 110 countries. It’s not essential to be in the office to answer or manage calls, since you only need an Internet connection. You’ll be able to control all your calls from the browser, so it’s much more convenient for your sales team and you don't need to depend on a hard line.

Save time with multiple phone numbers

Having multiple telephone lines and company numbers, can save time and costs in managing your contact center. You can have as many numbers as you need to make phone calls in less time.

Dial numbers automatically

The automatic dialer (Power Dialer) uses a list of your leads' phones, so you don't waste time looking for and dialing numbers. The system calls immediately after you end the call and goes to the next.

Spread out your calls among different agents

You can distribute the calls among the different agents of your team, so each one is assigned a set of prospects / leads to work better.

Manage the call times

Control the time you spend on each call and optimize processes so your sales team is more productive.

Route your calls from prospects

You can make calls from certain prospects go directly to the last salesperson they spoke with to give a more personalized treatment. With call routing, you save time and maintain the relationship between agent and prospect, since they always speak to the same person.

Train your team faster with the whisper function

With the whisper or double listening function, a manager can give instructions to agents during their communication with the client, without the client hearing.Providing help to agents in real time will allow him or her to be more productive and correct their errors during the call, as well as save time in the event of any problems they may have.

Manage call wait times

In your contact center software you have advanced functions, such as call queue management. You can prioritize those prospects who are in a more advanced phase of the sales process, which will allow you to close a sale and not keep your potential client waiting.A contact center solution like ours allows your sales team to better manage, monitor and track each lead or prospect. Helping you to maximize sales, since your salespeople won't waste time managing these tasks. The calls will be better distributed, so your potential customers will feel better served.A contact center as a service can help you create a more mobile call center, making it no longer 100% tied to the office. You can have part of your sales team remote and they’ll be able to work with the same efficiency, since they would have access to all the data they need for their work.Contact center integration with CRM, the key to unifying your communications Good contact center software does not work in isolation, but it must be integrated with your CRM. Customer relationship management is a tool allowing you to manage all your customer information in a unified way. When your prospects have had their first contact with the company, they have probably left you some information, not only their contact information, but also information about their interests and preferences. This information can be very useful to your sales team to use it during telephone communications, via e-mail or any other communication channel your clients use. CRM is the central tool for managing customer relationships. Through this type of solution, you can see the latest communications, the status of said communication with the client, as well as view a "score" or punctuation according to the characteristics and evaluation of the client based on their previous communications, or the information you provided in your first contact. The advantage of integrating your contact center with your CRM (Hubspot, Zoho, SalesForce...) is to make your call center work as a unified customer communications tool. You’ll not have to enter different applications, or manage different databases, but you’ll have a single data record in which all the information on each prospect and possible client will appear. From this perspective, the work of your agents can be much more efficient and productive. They can access the information they need in seconds, they don’t need to perform multiple manual tasks and your sales department will be better organized, since you can distribute calls intelligently to save time and achieve maximum satisfaction for your potential customers. Do you want to start discovering the advantages of having your own Contact Center as a service and improve the productivity of your sales team? Sign up now with Ringover's free trial.

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