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Integrate your calls in your CRM or customer service tools instantly

Add call data effortlessly to your professional tools.

Seamless integration

All you need is a few minutes to integrate your call data to your preferred business tool. Sign in to your preferred software then set up the automatic integration quickly from your Ringover dashboard. You can then adjust the settings for your integration: numbers concerned, contact synchronization, whether or not to include internal calls, etc.

Seamless integration
Make your calls more productive

Make your calls more productive

Client file retrieval, 1-click calls, contact synchronization, call-logging in your contact files: integrating your calls to your tools will allow you to significantly increase your productivity by saving you time doing manual tasks.

A direct integration with the most popular CRMs and HelpDesks

Ringover has developed native integrations with the most popular tools: Salesforce, Zendesk, Zoho, PipeDrive, Sellsy, and more. The Zapier integration allows you to easily link up most of the other existing CRMs and HelpDesks.

A direct integration with the most popular CRMs and HelpDesks
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