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Call your candidates with a click

No need to manually dial numbers, your recruiters can make their calls with a simple click directly within Tool4staffing!

The Ringover dialer displays essential information about the candidate, who then enjoys personalized, streamlined interactions.

Call your candidates with a click

Easily access interaction history

One-click access to the interaction history with each of your talents in your ATS. Rest assured that you’ll know exactly where you stand in the recruitment process thanks to call recordings, tags, and call notes!

Easily access interaction history

Synchronize your contacts

With contact synchronization, you can be sure your Tool4staffing data and Ringover contact directory are always updated.

Synchronize your contacts

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Tool4staffing CTI Integration FAQ

  • Does Tool4staffing offer CTI integration?
  • Does Tool4staffing integrate with VoIP?
  • Can I make unlimited calls from Tool4staffing?
  • Which telephone systems integrate with Tool4staffing?

Does Tool4staffing offer CTI integration?

Tool4staffing can be combined with a corporate telephone system via telephone integration (also known as CTI). This integration is a simple way of adding features to your CRM system that will improve the productivity of your recruitment teams.

Ringover CTI integration is often described as one of the best telephone integrations for Tool4staffing. It stands out for its intuitive operation and essential features such as:

  • Synchronization of contacts and their history with recruiters
  • Call recordings, logs, notes, and Ringover call tags accessible within Tool4staffing
  • Click-to-call

Does Tool4staffing integrate with VoIP?

Tool4staffing is fully compatible with VoIP tools. You can add a telephony overlay if your application offers dedicated integration such as Ringover.

By linking your recruitment software to your telephony application, the information in both tools updates automatically, eliminating the need for double data entry.

Every change made in Tool4staffing is instantly reflected in your telephone software. The integration of Tool4staffing with Ringover’s VoIP solution greatly simplifies your recruiters’ tasks.

Can I make unlimited calls from Tool4staffing?

In order to benefit from unlimited phone calls in Tool4staffing, you need to integrate your telephony solution. Ringover, for example, offers unlimited calls to 110+ destinations. What’s more, you can easily retrieve recordings of your telephone conversations in Tool4staffing.

Which telephone systems integrate with Tool4staffing?

At present, Tool4staffing does not list on its website all the telephony applications compatible with the recruitment software.

However, Ringover can be integrated seamlessly. The other advantage of Ringover is that the communication platform includes other functions (apart from integration) which are of great interest to recruiters, such as:

  • Video conferencing
  • A highly-customizable interactive voice response (IVR) server
  • Relevant statistics to track recruiter performance