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Top 5 Call Tracking Software For Business Calls

Call tracking software is a very important tool for many businesses. It is crucial to be able to have an accurate record of telephone conversations for business and service quality purposes, as well as for security purposes.

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Top 5 Call Tracking Software For Business Calls


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Currently, there are different call recording software and call tracking software, each with specific features and solutions tailored to the needs of each company.

If you are looking for call recording and tracking software for your business, look no further. In this article, we will present some of the best call recording and tracking tools on the market to help you make an informed decision and select the software that best suits your needs and requirements.

Table: 5 best call tracking software

SoftwareKey Feature
RingoverCRM integration for customer tracking
CallRailDetailed call analysis and report generation
Oreka GPLOpen-source platform for call recording
TalkdeskComprehensive call center solution
NICE inContactAdvanced voice analysis to improve operations

List: Best call recording software

1. Ringover


Ringover is very popular among small and medium-sized businesses as a VoIP telephony solution provider. It is easy to set up and can scale as the business grows.

Ringover offers a call recording feature that allows businesses to securely record and store telephone conversations. This feature is useful for maintaining accurate records of customer interactions, tracking business agreements, improving staff training, and ensuring compliance with legal and security regulations. Ringover's call recording is easy to activate during a call and provides users with the ability to access and review the recordings for analysis and future reference.

Regardless of the chosen plan, companies using the Ringover telephone system can make and receive unlimited calls from 110 destinations, switch between devices during calls, access call analytics, and more.

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2. CallRail


CallRail's call recording software is a tool that provides key functionalities such as call tracking and recording of telephone conversations, with unlimited storage included in all plans.

This solution facilitates the qualification of potential customers, evaluation of technical staff, and improvement of customer service, which can result in higher lead conversion and retention rates. CallRail's user interface is especially user-friendly, allowing users to listen to calls directly from the dashboard.

3. Oreka GPL

Oreka GPL

Oreka GPL is open-source call recording software for businesses that can be used as an affordable, reliable, and simple voice recording solution. Oreka TR (Total Recording) is a version of Oreka that allows businesses to comply with current regulatory requirements and improve customer service by recording and auditing phone calls.

Some features of Oreka TR include 100% call recording, 50% lower cost than competitors, installation in just 30 minutes, and storing recordings for later playback to monitor service, resolve disputes, maintain compliance, verify orders, and perform call control, among other uses.

4. Talkdesk


Talkdesk is call recording and call tracking tool packed in a call center software. It offers a variety of functions to run efficient contact center operations. One of these functions is call recording, which allows recording and auditing of telephone calls made and received.

These recordings can be useful for tracking service quality, staff training, and resolving disputes or issues. Talkdesk also offers call tracking features such as local caller ID, which selects the best phone number and area code to display on outgoing call identification. This can help improve efficiency and personalization in contact center environments.

5. NICE inContact

NICE inContact

NICE inContact is a cloud-based customer experience platform offering comprehensive solutions for contact centers. Among its features is call recording, which allows the recording and storage of telephone calls for later review and analysis.

This software provides the ability to implement customized recording policies, such as determining which calls to record and setting filters to define the criteria for recording calls. In addition to call recording, NICE inContact also offers omnichannel communications, contact center analytics, and workforce optimization, among other functionalities.

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A VoIP software provides call tracking and call recording capabilities so you can store data necessary to improve performance and stay compliant. 

What software do call centers use?

Call centers use a variety of software to manage their operations and improve efficiency in handling calls. Some of the most commonly used software in call centers include:

  1. Ringover: Ringover is an integrated cloud-based omnichannel communication contact center software offering call center solutions like calls, call recording, IVR, call routing, and more. All of this helps call centers effectively manage inbound and outbound calls.
  2. Zendesk: Zendesk offers call center software solutions that enable the management of multichannel conversations, including voice, email, and text messages. This provides support teams the ability to deliver consistent service across different channels.
  3. 8x8: 8x8 is a cloud communications platform that offers integrated contact center solutions. Besides calls, it also offers features like live chat, video, and business APIs.

These are just some of the software options used in call centers. The choice of software will depend on the specific needs of each call center, such as team size, call volume, and functionality requirements.

What is call software?

Call software, also known as call center software, is a tool used by businesses to manage customer interactions through multiple channels, including phone calls, emails, live chats, text messages, and social media.

This type of software allows for the efficient recording and management of customer interactions, as well as providing relevant information about customers before attending to them, such as previous interaction history, contact information, and preferences.

Additionally, call software helps to standardize, automate, and monitor incoming and outgoing calls, which contributes to improving the productivity and efficiency of a call center or customer service center.

Track Calls with Ringover

Ringover includes call tracking and call recording software so you never miss an important conversation with clients or customers.

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What is the best call tracking software?

The choice of the best application for recording calls can depend on your specific needs and preferences. However, Ringover can be considered one of the best call recording tools for several reasons:

  • Advanced functionality: Ringover offers a wide range of advanced features besides call recording. You can record all calls automatically or choose to record only selected calls. You can also pause, resume, and stop recordings during a call, giving you full control over the recording process.
  • Secure storage and access: Ringover securely stores call recordings in the cloud, ensuring that your recordings are protected and accessible at any time and from any location. This allows you to review recorded calls as needed, whether for quality tracking, staff training, or dispute resolution.
  • Integration with other tools: Ringover easily integrates with other tools and software, such as CRM tools and business management software. This allows you to sync and access call recordings directly from your other usual platforms or work tools, improving efficiency and facilitating data analysis in a broader context.
  • Audio quality: Ringover guarantees excellent audio quality in its call recordings, providing you with clear and crisp playback. This is essential for accurate analysis and better understanding of the recorded phone conversations.

Remember that the choice of the best call recording tool may also depend on other factors, such as cost, additional features offered, ease of use, and customer support. Therefore, it is advisable to assess your needs and compare different options before making a decision.

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