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What is AkkenCloud for Staffing and Recruiting?

AkkenCloud helps businesses to optimize their staffing and recruiting activities, ensuring the processes are streamlined and effective. The many features offered by Akkencloud for staffing and recruiting empower staffing agencies in a multitude of ways.

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What is AkkenCloud for Staffing and Recruiting?


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What is Akkencloud?

Akkencloud is a cloud-based applicant tracking system (ATS) designed specifically for staffing and recruiting agencies. This recruiting automation software provides an end-to-end platform to manage the entire recruitment workflow in one place. By centralizing and automating the hiring process on one platform, AkkenCloud enables staffing firms to improve quality of hire, increase productivity and reduce cost-per-hire.

AkkenCloud was founded in 2008 to serve a need for software for staffing agencies. Based in Irving, TX, AkkenCloud has proved it withstands staffing trends, becoming a leading provider of applicant tracking systems and CRM solutions for staffing agencies and recruiters. This solution works just as well as recruiting software for small businesses as it does for enterprise companies.

Over the years, AkkenCloud has raised significant venture capital, totaling $10 million in funding. This has allowed the company to expand its platform and integrate with various third-party systems. AkkenCloud is now used by over 5,000 staffing agencies of all sizes across the globe.


Key Akkencloud features

Job Posting and Distribution

  • Post jobs to top job boards like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder with one click
  • Distribute jobs to your own career site and social media networks
  • Automate job distribution to reduce time spent posting jobs manually

Candidate Sourcing and Engagement

  • Integrated AI business tools to identify and engage passive candidates
  • Automated candidate nurturing with email and text message campaigns
  • Track candidate engagement across devices to see who opened emails or clicked links

Applicant Tracking and Workflow

  • Intuitive applicant tracking system to manage candidates through the hiring funnel
  • Customizable workflows to match your recruiting process
  • Automated task assignment, reminders, and notifications

Interview Scheduling and Management

  • Easy interview scheduler with calendar integration
  • Automated interview confirmations and reminders for candidates and interviewers
  • Notes, feedback, and ratings captured in one place after interviews

Onboarding and Offboarding

  • Automated onboarding checklists and tasks to smoothly transition new hires
  • Digital forms to collect new hire paperwork online
  • Offboarding tools to collect feedback, recover assets, and remove access

Compliance Management

  • Tools to store sensitive candidate information securely
  • Equal opportunity and OFCCP compliance monitoring
  • Integration with background check services

Analytics and Reporting

  • Pre-built reports and customizable dashboards
  • Track metrics like time-to-fill, source of hire, and more
  • Gain insights to improve recruiting productivity and quality of hire

AkkenCloud integrations

Integrations are a key consideration for any business using software, as integrating software allows for data exchange between software, resulting in many benefits. And when it comes to Akkencloud, one of the reasons it's an appealing professional staffing solution is because it offers a variety of ways to connect with other business software.

Not only does it offer a range of native integrations, Akkencloud also has options to create customized integrations. For context, native integrations, also referred to as plug-and-play integrations, allow you to connect software in a matter of minutes, without significant technical knowledge. We'll take a look at the more advanced customized integrations later in this section.

Best native Akkencloud integrations

VoIP Phone

Communication, both internal and external, can make a huge difference in how well staffing agents perform, especially when it comes to recruitment business development. That's why phone systems based on VoIP technology have become a key tool for staffing agencies. Ringover is one such provider of IP telephony, and offers a native integration with Akkencloud. When Akkencloud and Ringover are integrated together, staffing agents enjoy several advantages:

Ringover interface Try Ringover For 7 Days Free!

Customer relationship management (CRM)

This type of overarching software has become key, even when it comes to staffing and recruiting because it helps agents to create an organized candidate experience. Platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, etc. allow recruiters to easily track candidates and share contact and account data.

Human resource information systems (HRIS)

Like a CRM, HRIS are very useful to track candidate information. But it can go a bit further by automating workflows, and diminishing the amount of time-consuming and low-value tasks that often take up lots of staffing agents' time. Examples include BambooHR, Bullhorn, and Vincere.

Custom integrations

AkkenCloud also offers an open API for custom HR integrations. Developers can use the API to connect AkkenCloud data with proprietary systems or unique workflows.

Single sign-on (SSO) capabilities are also available. This allows users to sign into AkkenCloud using their credentials from Google Workspace, Office 365, or other SSO providers. This enhances security and convenience.

Overall, AkkenCloud's strong roster of third-party integrations gives recruiters and staffing professionals seamless access to data from other platforms they use regularly. The API and SSO add even more flexibility for custom needs. This saves time spent on manual data entry and offers a more unified experience.

AkkenCloud Pricing

Rather than publishing general price ranges, AkkenCloud provides custom quotes by learning about each customer's hiring needs and volumes. This tailored approach helps ensure the pricing matches each organization's particular use of the platform, so they can keep up with recruitment trends while still serving their consistent needs. Their account executives work with prospects to create proposals that meet budget requirements.

Some of the factors that go into AkkenCloud's pricing include:

  • Number of users - More users on the platform equate to a higher monthly fee. AkkenCloud charges per user license.
  • Number of jobs/roles - The number of jobs and roles you need to fill on the platform is another pricing factor. The more open roles, the higher the subscription cost.
  • Number of applicants - If you anticipate high application volume for job postings, that can increase the monthly fee as well.
  • Additional features/products - AkkenCloud offers various add-ons like background checks, assessments, etc. These extra products each come with their own pricing.


AkkenCloud is a powerful and comprehensive staffing and recruiting software solution designed to help staffing agencies, recruiters, and hiring managers streamline and automate the entire hiring process.

Some of the key benefits of AkkenCloud include its intuitive applicant tracking system, built-in CRM, automated job distribution, interview scheduling tools, onboarding checklists, and integrations with virtual phone systems like Ringover. Once integrated with Ringover, you'll have hiring and communication data in one place, and gain performance insights through robust reporting. Curious to see the difference it can make for your staffing agency? Start your free trial today!


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