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What is a virtual phone number?

A virtual number is a 10-digit telephone number which is not tied to any landline but rather Internet-based technology. As such, it's possible to make calls anytime, anywhere thanks to virtual phone numbers.

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What is a virtual phone number?


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There are also 6-digit numbers. Companies often use them for advertising or marketing text message campaigns. These special numbers are also used by public administrations for various issues, like providing support to those with health or addiction problems, or information to families of disaster victims.

Whatever your business sector, setting up a virtual phone number is a great way for your customers or prospects to contact you. You've got everything to gain: offer a professional contact option, increase customer or prospect satisfaction, improve your brand image...The advantages of a virtual number are numerous.

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And the good news is: It's very simple to set up this type of special number, even if you're a small organization. In this article, we'll explain.

Free Virtual Phone Number

How does a virtual number work?

Virtual phone numbers work in the same way as any other telephone number. Callers simply dial the number from their landline or cell phone to establish a connection. The only difference is that calls are not billed to the caller. They appear under the heading "Calls to special numbers" on telephone bills, and will be billed to the recipient of the call.

The benefits of a virtual phone number

A virtual phone number can be of considerable benefit to your company, whatever its size. It can enhance your brand image and credibility. But above all, a virtual number can be a decisive element in your marketing campaigns, significantly improving ROI: placing orders, requesting product information...Companies that set up a virtual phone number can do so for a number of reasons.

Call from anywhere, anytime

While a regular landline requires hardware to make and receive phone calls, virtual numbers are powered by the Internet. So you'll be able to use your phone line from any Internet-connected device, allowing you unparalleled flexibility. With that tool in your box, you'll be able to keep in touch with your business contacts even when you are on the move. 

Improving customer satisfaction

Imagine one of your customers tries to call you to order a product, report a problem, or request information. If this customer has to pay out of pocket to reach you, he or she is likely to be annoyed by that incurred cost. They may even hang up before reaching you–especially if he or she has to wait in line to speak to a representative–and your company's image is likely to suffer.

By offering your customers the option of calling you on a virtual phone number, you demonstrate your availability to your customers, meet their expectations, and increase customer satisfaction. They'll be able to reach you at any time. The better the customer experience, the more likely customers are to remain loyal to your company, and even recommend your brand to friends. In summary, it creates a positive snowball effect.

Increase credibility

While virtual phone numbers can be used by companies of all sizes, from SMBs to enterprise, they are particularly useful for organizations just starting out: startups, new businesses, solopreneurs, etc. Creating a virtual number for your business gives you greater credibility with your customers and improves your image, whether you're a one-man operation or have a whole team behind you.

Track your marketing campaigns

Did you know that a virtual phone number can help you track the results of your marketing strategies? If you launch several multichannel campaigns simultaneously, knowing which one results in a prospect call can be difficult. With a virtual phone number, you can create extensions to differentiate telephone traffic according to your advertising campaigns, and thus measure their effectiveness more easily.

Quick to set up

In telephony, there are two types of numbers: traditional numbers, which are directly attached to telephone extensions, and virtual numbers, which work with any device (computer, smartphone, tablet) via VoIP calling applications. For fast set-up, choose a virtual business number that you can use with your usual telephone system, computer or smartphone.

What is a free virtual phone number?

Advanced features

A virtual number also offers advanced telephone reception features:

All these features can be easily managed from a dashboard available on a web application.

Lower telephone costs

Regional and international calls to a virtual number can be automatically routed to the right department within the organization via the Internet. In this way, customers' internal or incoming calls may appear to be calling a local number, but the call is taken on the other side of the world at no extra cost to the organization. Similarly, with a virtual number, employees can be reached anywhere, anytime, on a variety of devices, at no extra cost.

A local presence

Customers and prospects generally prefer to deal with a local service provider. Purchasing virtual numbers enables your company to establish a local presence, even if your offices remain centralized or located in a completely different region. Using a local virtual number allows you to add a personalized touch to your relationship with your customers. Callers also appreciate calling a local number rather than an expensive long-distance number.

Enhanced security

The use of virtual numbers combined with call recording enables tight control over calls. An organization can easily see who has called, where, when, and at what cost. Setting call limits for numbers can reinforce security and reduce costs even more. Associating a security profile with a virtual number rather than a physical device prevents users from making unauthorized calls, particularly to expensive long-distance numbers.

How do I get a virtual phone number?

To obtain your virtual phone number, you can choose between buying it from a traditional operator or from a virtual number provider. By using a virtual number provider like Ringover, you'll benefit from a number of advantages.

With Ringover, for example, you can easily activate your virtual number in just a few minutes. And all this for the modest sum of $21 per month. Please note that virtual phone numbers don't always work for your customers abroad, so check with your provider.

How much does a virtual phone number cost?

The price of a virtual phone number for businesses varies according to a number of factors:

  • The country you're calling from and the country you're calling - some countries have restrictions that can affect prices, making virtual numbers more expensive
  • The type of virtual phone number used
  • The service provider

Immediate activation

With a virtual number provider like Ringover, no installation is required, and activation of your number takes just a few minutes. You'll have the option of creating a personalized telephone greeting of your choice. Ringover also provides you with all the tools you need to track calls, as well as a web-based analytics interface and a mobile application for iOS and Android.

A cloud-based virtual number

You'll have access to a virtual phone number via the cloud. In other words, a number that won't be tied to a landline or internet phone line. As a result, setting up your virtual number will be easier and won't require any additional installation costs.

Invoices under control

Creating a virtual phone number with Ringover means no more worrying about what your bill will say. That's because you can choose how many hours of fixed or mobile communications per month you want to use, including voice greeting and call tracking.

Flexibility to suit your needs

Ringover's virtual phone numbers are offered with monthly and annual bill cycles. Your company can cancel your virtual phone number at any time, without notice. With Ringover, take advantage of a complete service, including virtual phone number and a personalized greeting, and access your telephone interface from wherever you are, from a smartphone, tablet or computer. 

Curious to see how a virtual phone number can transform your daily business operations? Ringover offers free trials, so you can experience the difference. Sign up for yours today!

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