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The 5 best alternatives to Enreach

Considering Enreach alternatives? Keep reading for a thorough analysis of the best Enreach competitors and the benefits they can offer your business.

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The 5 best alternatives to Enreach


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If Enreach has been providing your UCaaS software, you might be frustrated by the limitations to its virtual phone system. Just a few optimizations to your softphone can make a big difference in efficiency and revenue, so it may be worth looking into other options.

If you are indeed interested in leveling up your business phone system, check out the following analysis of Enreach phone competitors.

Table: Top 5 Enreach alternatives

SoftwareNotable FeaturesPricing
1. RingoverComprehensive VoIP system, unlimited phone calls, many integrations available, advanced telephony featuresThree plans available, ranging from $21 to $54 per user/month
2. OpenPhoneVoice and video calls, collaboration toolsTwo options $19 per user/month and $33 per user/month
3. MightyCallVoIP system created for call centersTwo plans at $20 and $25 user/month
4. NextivaBusiness phone system offering tools like auto attendantThree plans ranging from about $25 to $31 per user/month
5. 8x8Virtual PBX with API solutions and contact center softwareThree plans range in price from $15 to $57 per user/month

What is Enreach?


Enreach is a Europe-based unified communications solution. Rather than focusing on solutions specific to sales and customer service teams, Enreach's VoIP system focuses on business communications.

Enreach has focused on providing technology that integrates with Microsoft software. Another area where Enreach has focused is on mobile apps. Just like Ringover, Enreach offers a mobile app so you can easily access the software through any Internet-connected device. Plus, there are basic IP telephony features like extensions, conference calls, text messaging, toll-free numbers, and online faxing.

Enreach Pricing

Enreach's pricing is priced upon request only. So if you would like more information about the budget necessary to subscribe to Enreach's enterprise communications system, you'll have to reach out to their team.

Why look for an alternative to Enreach?

You need a more complete solution

Enreach offers unified communication (UCaas) software that focuses on facilitating business communications. As such, it has basic cloud phone features like IVR, call recording, and video conferencing.

However, Enreach has structured their product offering in such a way that the business communications including chat and cloud telephony are separate from other functionalities like video conferencing. As a result, businesses may have to purchase multiple products from Enreach for a comprehensive unified communications solution.

You need clear and affordable pricing

Enreach's pricing isn't even disclosed online, making it difficult to get an idea of how much would be required to subscribe to and set up the service. To keep the process of installing a business phone system simple, better opt for a provider like Ringover. Ringover offers three plans, so you have flexibility to adjust to your needs–whether you deal with demand surges or your business is just growing and flourishing.

You need ease of use

Managing a business requires a comprehensive approach, so many businesses combine business software, like a VoIP system and CRM, to serve all their needs. Consequently, it becomes crucial to ensure seamless compatibility and effective communication between various software systems. Businesses can integrate their software to allow them to commute and maximize efficiency.

Integrating software can be achieved through the utilization of APIs or Webhooks, enabling smooth interactions between different software applications. However, not all software vendors provide an extensive integration catalog. At Enreach, they have mainly focused on offering CRM integrations, like Salesforce or Hubspot. Because they do not have an integrations library available online, it's difficult to understand what integrations they offer without contacting the sales team.

List: Best 5 Enreach alternatives

  1. Ringover
  2. OpenPhone
  3. MightyCall
  4. Nextiva
  5. 8x8

Alternative #1: Ringover


With a complete range of features, including advanced call center tools, Ringover is known to be the best alternative to Enreach. Designed for small and medium businesses, Ringover is an intuitive software that allows for unlimited calling, simple call management, and improved caller experience.

You can choose from three plans to make sure you get the best combination of price and features, including unlimited international calling, local numbers, videoconferencing, and text messaging.

Ringover Pricing

Ringover offers the Smart plan, which is $21 per user/month, the Business plan at $44 per user/month, and the Advanced plan at $54 per user/month.

Ringover Advantages

  • Get unlimited calling to and from over 110 destinations from the most affordable plan
  • Simplify virtual calling thanks to quick setup and integrations with CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and recruiting software like Bullhorn, Avionté, Loxo, and Jobadder
  • Centralize your communication and access valuable performance metrics in one place

Ringover Disadvantages

  • Can be too powerful a solution for entrepreneurs
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Alternative #2: OpenPhone


OpenPhone focuses on multichannel communication, which is a basic ingredient for omnichannel communication strategy. If internal communication is key to your business strategy, OpenPhone also focuses on facilitating that. And if you need automated call transcriptions and summaries, OpenPhone has an AI technology which is available in their more pricey plans.


The Starter plan is at $19 per user/month, and the Business plan is $33 per user/month. For those with more complex needs, there is also an enterprise option that is priced on request.

OpenPhone Advantages

  • Mobile app
  • Tools like shared inbox and contact information

OpenPhone Disadvantages

  • International communication is extremely expensive
  • Text messages are charged per message

Alternative #3: MightyCall


Launched in 2013, MightyCall offers a virtual phone system mainly intended to manage incoming and outgoing call flow via tools like call queues, auto attendant, smart routing, and group routing. Plus, the software has recently incorporated artificial intelligence technology to ensure you receive the best call quality possible.

MightyCall Pricing

MightyCall has created two plans, one at $15 per user/month and another at $20 per user/month. If your needs aren't covered by those two options and you have a certain budget, MightyCall does offer an enterprise option that's priced on request.

MightyCall Advantages

  • AI technology supports call quality

MightyCall Disadvantages

  • Trouble with voicemails
  • Amazon supports their service, so there may be service or privacy concerns

Alternative #4: Nextiva


Nextiva is a long-established phone service provider which has two main products, their customer experience platform and an omnichannel communications contact center software. Because it is such a longstanding company, Nextiva does still offer hardware.

Nextiva Pricing

Nextiva offers three plans for business communications: the Essential plan is about $19 per user/month, the Professional plan is about $23 per user/month, and the Enterprise plan is about $33 per user/month.

Nextiva Advantages

  • A customer experience platform is easy to integrate

Nextiva Disadvantages

  • Poor call quality
  • Expensive option on the market

Alternative #5: 8x8


8x8 groups video, voice, and text messages on a single platform, like Ringover. Users also can access the service from any Internet-connected device, improving accessibility and flexibility.

8x8 Pricing

8x8 offers two products, their contact center software and a unified communications (UCaaS) solution. There are two unified communication plans, and three contact center options. Unfortunately, 8x8 doesn't publish their prices, so you'll need to reach out for more information.

8x8 Advantages

  • Unlimited calling to 48 countries

8x8 Disadvantages

  • User caps on plans
  • Limited service in international markets

What is the best alternative cloud communications solution to Enreach?

If you are unsatisfied with the features and service quality offered by 8x8, there is no need to settle. After carefully considering the various alternatives we have presented, it is now time to choose the solution that best fits your company's needs.

Among the 12 competitors mentioned, Ringover stands out as the most comprehensive option, providing a wide array of features that are suitable for businesses of all sizes, including those undergoing expansion. If you are still uncertain, you can start a free trial to experience firsthand the advantages of this robust business communication solution.

Enreach Alternatives FAQ

How much does Enreach cost?

Unfortunately, Enreach does not publish their prices online. To know how much Enreach would cost your business, you would have to contact their sales team. Additionally, Enreach doesn't offer a free trial, so you can't get a good idea of what their products bring to their business without committing to a purchase.

Who are the top Enreach competitors?

Enreach has many competitors in the business phone system space. Nevertheless, Ringover stands out because it has more comprehensive subscription plans with clear pricing. There are a couple of other software which are decent alternatives to Enreach, such as Mitel and Vonage. However, these solutions also suffer from a certain lack of price transparency

Top 5 Enreach competitors:

  1. Ringover
  2. OpenPhone
  3. MightyCall
  4. Nextiva
  5. 8x8

What is the best alternative to Enreach?

Enreach does have a decent business communications software, but it lacks the specific features sales and customer service teams need. Not to mention, it has a confusing product selection and a definite lack of transparency when it comes to pricing.

The best alternative to Enreach is Ringover, which offers a robust features offering for customer service and sales teams. Additionally, Ringover will provide you with real technical support at no extra cost. Not to mention, you can port your telephone lines with Ringover. This solution is more flexible and intuitive than Enreach and is particularly suitable for companies looking for stable, scalable, and efficient solutions.

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