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Why move away from Vonage?

You need a transparent solution

Like most of its competitors, Vonage presents several versions of its solution for companies that want a true omnichannel contact center.

Vonage has two plans available: Priority and Premium. Then there is a large selection of add-ons to complement these two basic plans. While the structure of the plans is obvious, the price is a different story. Vonage does not display the prices of its Vonage Contact Center service. This means that it is not possible to make a decision about the solution without dealing with a salesperson.

Note that Vonage also offers a Vonage Business Communications product that meets the classic needs of business telephony. Three offers are currently online: Mobile ($19.99), Premium ($29.99), and Advanced ($39.99).

But rather than sorting through all those options, you can simply opt for Ringover. Ringover has three straightforward plans available, with features specifically designed to support business communications and contact centers.

You need a transparent solution

You need a robust basic plan

If you want a business telephony solution, then it is probably more advisable to opt for Vonage Business Communications rather than Vonage Cloud Contact Center.

However, you should know that Vonage Business Communications is relatively limited, especially when it comes to the basic plan which is still offered at $19. This plan does not include essential features such as call recording or an interactive voice response (IVR).

But if you are trying to optimize your operations without breaking the bank, turn to Ringover. We offer the features you need at an affordable price.

You need a robust basic plan

You need great technical support

As a business telecom market player since 1998, Vonage has a fairly good reputation. Nevertheless, its technical support is regularly pointed out as a drawback.

You just have to go to the various authentic review platforms to see this. Some users complain about the quality of their support and the way they are treated by the customer service. If you’re looking for a provider that offers reachable and more responsive customer service, you should probably consider switching to another VoIP operator, like Ringover. We’re proud to offer both live support and an online help center where you can peruse resources as necessary.

You need great technical support

What makes Ringover better than Vonage?

Ringover is the best alternative to Vonage on all three points listed above. It is a powerful, highly flexible cloud communication solution with clear pricing. Thus, Ringover perfectly meets the needs of companies that want to consolidate or accelerate their development. In addition, you can request a free trial directly from the publisher’s website to test the main features of the solution and discover how it can help your teams on a daily basis.

SolutionPriceFeaturesEase of Use

Alternative #1: Ringover

Ringover stands out from other Vonage alternatives because of its simple onboarding and ease of use. In fact, no need to have special technical knowledge to configure Ringover.

The solution includes all the essential features for business telecommunications in its basic package, including video conferencing, unlimited calls to 110 destinations, and personalized telephone greetings.

The superior plan will allow you to take advantage of the integration with your CRM software and a fixed number in 65 countries in order to facilitate the task of your customers and contacts who would try to reach you in the 4 corners of the world.

Note that it is also possible to customize the quote to obtain an offer 100% adapted to the needs of your company.

Unlike many competitors, the pricing structure is clear: Ringover doesn’t limit any plan to a certain number of users and, therefore, does not force you to switch to a higher plan, simply because you have just recruited two new employees to strengthen your ranks and achieve your goals. Ringover is as flexible as it is powerful.

Alternative #1: Ringover

Top Advantages of Ringover

  • Unlimited calls to over 110 destinations.
  • Customizable plans.
  • Easy-to-deploy solution.
  • Free trial.

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Alternative #2: Cloudtalk

Cloudtalk is a European outsider developed by a company based in Slovakia. It is a VoIP software whose infrastructure is based in the cloud. Cloudtalk targets companies of all sizes and has the advantage, like Ringover, of being flexible in terms of the maximum number of users for each package.

The software is praised for its intuitive nature but still suffers from a few bugs that can impact the user experience more or less heavily on a daily basis.

As far as the pricing structure is concerned, there are three packages, but the company also allows its customers to customize their offer as they wish.


  • Versatility.
  • Intuitive interface.


  • Technical support.
  • Bugs.
Alternative #2: Cloudtalk

Image source: www.cloudtalk.io on the 2023/03/13

Alternative #3: RingCentral

RingCentral is one of the pioneers of the enterprise telecom market. Founded in 1999, the American company is best known for its RingCentral MVP (formerly RingCentral Office) product, which is available in four packages to meet the needs of both small and large businesses.

Unfortunately, the company restricts these different packages to the number of users. Therefore, to take advantage of certain features, you must upgrade to a higher plan.

Moreover, the most accessible offers do not really allow you to take advantage of essential features such as multi-level IVR or video conferencing, so companies are forced to use third-party tools such as Google Meet or to change their plan.


  • Reliable.
  • Decent selection of integrations.


  • Difficult IVR configuration.
  • Confusing pricing structure.
Alternative #3: RingCentral

Image source: www.ringcentral.com on the 2023/02/09

Alternative #4: 3cx

3CX is a company that comes from Cyprus, and is a very popular alternative to Vonage. However, unlike many cloud telephony players, 3CX is not a telephone operator. Indeed, 3CX simply provides software to manage its lines and phone numbers.

Of course, you will find other relevant features such as video conferencing, a virtual switchboard or integration with your business tools. However, you will have to ask another company for the allocation of phone numbers.

Please note that 3CX does not sell any of its solutions directly. You must go through its network of distributors whose prices may vary from one provider to another.



  • Lack of transparency on final pricing because of exclusive sales through partners.
  • Dated interface.
Alternative #4: 3cx

Image source: www.3cx.com - 2023/03/13

Alternative #5: Mitel

Mitel is a Canadian company founded in the 1970s. It is known for its solid experience in hardware telephony (hardphone), but has also participated in the democratization of dematerialized telephony.

Mitel offers software with features that allow companies to manage their omnichannel communication. Nevertheless Mitel is not clear enough on the pricing and does not offer a free trial of its solution from its website.


  • Reliable.
  • Specialist in professional telephony hardware.


  • Lack of clarity on pricing.
  • No trial version.
Alternative #5: Mitel

Image source: www.mitel.com on the 2023/02/09

What is Vonage?

Active in the enterprise telephony market since 1998, Vonage has invested heavily in cloud communications, as evidenced by its many acquisitions over the years.
Vonage has a strong track record in this area, but is particularly known for its APIs. Vonage also offers telephony software as well as a more comprehensive solution for contact centers. The latter is available in 4 packages for which prices are unfortunately not displayed.

What is Vonage?

Image source: www.vonage.com on the 2023/04/25

Vonage Pricing

As just mentioned, Vonage is not transparent enough about the pricing of its various solutions. The Vonage Business Communication solution is available in 3 packages: Mobile at $19.99, Premium at $29.99 and Advanced at $39.99. Note that rates are not displayed on their website and you can potentially get a discount if you want additional lines. It is also possible to customize the package by adding paid add-ons. As far as Vonage Contact Center software is concerned, two plans are online: Priority and Premium. However, here again, Vonage has chosen not to make their prices public.

Vonage Pricing

Image source: www.vonage.com on the 2023/04/25

What is Vonage? Vonage Pricing

Image source: www.vonage.com on the 2023/04/25

Vonage Alternatives FAQs

  • How does Vonage work?
  • How much does Vonage cost?
  • Who are the top Vonage competitors?
  • What is the best alternative to Vonage?

How does Vonage work?

Vonage offers several communication solutions for businesses. The company offers APIs, a unified communications solution (Business Communications), an omnichannel communications solution (Contact Center), and conversational AI tools. Vonage Contact Center and Business Communications are Internet-based. These solutions are powered by applications that once configured allow you to make phone calls without using the dial-up network.

This means you can make calls from your computer, which greatly enhances your mobility.

As for the technical aspect, the voices of the interlocutors are routed through the Internet thanks to a system that will transform them into data packets. This is the VoIP protocol.

This software does not only allow you to make phone calls. Depending on the packages you choose, you can benefit from additional features such as call and voice message transcription, omnichannel tools, statistics on the performance of your sales and customer service teams, etc.

Finally, you should know that these solutions can be launched directly in a web browser and do not necessarily require the installation of an application on a computer or smartphone.

How much does Vonage cost?

The Vonage Business Communication solution is available in 3 packages: Mobile at $19.99, Premium at $29.99 and Advanced at $39.99. Note that rates are not displayed on the publisher’s website. So beyond the Business Communication solution, it’s extremely difficult to understand how much Vonage costs.

Who are the top Vonage competitors?

There are many competitors to Vonage around the world. However, some alternatives stand out. Ringover, for example, allows you to call to more than 110 countries/regions, unlimited, even in its basic package. Those competitors include:

  1. Ringover
  2. Cloudtalk
  3. RingCentral
  4. 3cx
  5. Mitel

What is the best alternative to Vonage?

Vonage is not particularly transparent about the pricing of the different packages they offer. This can lead to confusion and frustration when choosing your business communication solution.

For more clarity in your monthly expenses without cutting back on performance and quality of service, the best choice is Ringover. This solution stands out for its quality of service, its HD calls, and its flexible pricing. The rate structure allows companies to continue to grow without having to worry about a troublesome process to get new lines.