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Boost Performance with Ringover’s VoIP PBX system

Try Ringover’s advanced cloud-hosted PBX system and empower your business with a myriad of features and flexibility to respond effectively to business demands. A VoIP PBX system enables you to forego the traditional on-premise PBX system, by operating your PBX entirely in the cloud.

Keep your cloud contact center flexible and able quickly adapt to changing needs with Ringover’s VoIP PBX, and take advantage of advanced features, scalability, and lower initial and long-term operational costs. You won’t need to maintain traditional hardware and infrastructure required by traditional PBX systems, and will benefit from the flexibility of a cloud-hosted PBX when adding functionality, and responding to ever-changing communication trends.

React, Adapt and Equip with a Cloud-Hosted PBX

A VoIP PBX system provides benefits to your business in multiple key areas, including increased productivity, scalability, and customisation of inbound and outbound call flows. Other benefits of implementing a cloud-hosted PBX include:

  • Less money spent on hardware and maintenance than with an on-premise PBX
  • Call Management software that allows you to perform your own configuration, onboarding, and call routing
  • Remote access from anywhere in the world for you and your agents
  • Instant activation of new lines as needed to support your growing business

Start your free trial with Ringover and see just how easy it is to increase the overall performance of your call center and effectively manage your customer inquiries.

Improve Customer Satisfaction Levels with VoIP PBX

Once you experience the ease and simplicity of Ringover’s call management software, you will understand why using a VoIP PBX system can have such a positive impact on your customer satisfaction levels. Improve customer experience by routing calls effectively based on criteria such as volume, average wait time, skillset, time zone, and language.

Enjoy access to a real-time dashboard that provides essential information on your call center’s performance and key metrics. Key performance metric reporting includes real-time data on call volume, duration, abandonment rate, and much more. You will be empowered to remotely run your contact center, yet keep abreast of all that’s happening with Ringover’s advanced features.

Help Your Agents Achieve Peak Performance

Your agents will have the tools and support they need when working from remote locations, with Ringover’s VoIP PBX solution. Ringover allows full integration of your existing CRM, providing your agents with instant and easy access to the tools and help they’re accustomed to using, all through one application. Efficient call handling reduces customer wait times and call duration, improving customer service deliverables.

Call recording and whispers give you the ability to monitor calls and provide helpful coaching and feedback, as well as discreetly tune into calls to help agents with questions, when a little help is needed.

Enable your customer support agents to perform at their very best with Ringover’s advanced call center software solution, and give your business the boost it needs to also reach peak performance.

VoIP PBX: An Easy and Effective Call Center Solution

Setting up your Ringover VoIP PBX system is simple, getting you on your way to running an efficient and successful contact center. Stay up to date and react quickly to changing business needs, and enjoy multiple benefits:

  • High-quality audio and video calling
  • 99.999% uptime giving your call center the ability to be ready and available
  • Customized call routing
  • Voicemail to email feature allowing you to check your voicemail from your email inbox
  • Access to Ringover’s customer support team whenever you need it

These are only several features of the many, brought to your business when you utilize Ringover’s cloud-hosted PBX system. Simplicity, efficiency and improved overall call center performance are all possible with the flexibility and multiple advanced features offered with this robust call management software solution.

Try VoIP PBX Telephony for Yourself

Give Ringover’s advanced VoIP PBX system a try starting today, and immediately see the benefits brought to your business. You will enjoy the ease with which you can manage both inbound and outbound call volume, whilst keeping an eye on the full breadth of your call center’s performance.

Create and manage outbound call campaigns for your auto dialer or predictive dialer, and achieve ultimate customer contact rates. Provide your remote agents with essential tools and support they need to do their job well.

Reduce costs and increase performance of your business and customer contact center, all with Ringover’s cloud-hosted PBX system. Start your free trial today, and see what Ringover can do for you.

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What is a VoIP PBX system?

A VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone system that provides the services of a traditional PBX system, but can operate over either a LAN or WAN network. This provides more flexibility than the traditional PBX system that relies on circuit-switched networks.

Do I need a PBX to use VoIP?

You do not need a PBX in order to use a VoIP system. A VoIP telephony system can operate with only an internet connection and IP phone, but most VoIP providers can provide PBX features without requiring on-site PBX hardware.

What is the difference between PBX and VoIP?

PBX is a phone system that is on-premise, and does not connect to a data network (to the internet, for example). VoIP technology can either be on-premise or can be hosted via a data network. PBX is an older technology than VoIP. A VoIP PBX system combines the two concepts, yet provides a cloud-hosted PBX instead of the traditional on-premise system, thus eliminating the need for hardware installation and maintenance.

What are the advantages of PBX?

Some of the advantages of PBX include lower operational costs over time, easy configuration, and simple management. When IP and PBX technologies are combined in a telephony system, you have more flexibility and scalability to adjust your phone lines and configurations as needed, to suit your business needs.

Can VoIP PBX features be customized?

Yes, cloud-hosted PBX systems allow for real-time adjustments to setting and configurations, and instant addition and removal of lines. With a cloud-based PBX, you can make immediate changes to your system without having to wait for IT support or hardware changes. This enables businesses to maintain a smooth-running call center across multiple locations, whilst quickly reacting to changes.