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The 5 most common pain points for support staff

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The 5 most common pain points for support staff


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The five most common “pain points” in your call center

Your support team may experience situations where they’re stretched to the limit. Many times this fact is due to an inefficient call center system. If you don't want your contact center to be overwhelmed, there are solutions.In this article, you’ll learn how your customer service department or the technical support teams could improve their KPIs thanks to a virtual switchboard allowing them to deal with inefficiencies or unforeseen events that may slow down your team.Discover the five most common pain pointsThere are several elements which cause difficulty for your support team. We’ll help you overcome these challenges with the Ringover virtual PBX solution.

1. High pressure incoming calls

When communication breaks down due to an increased call volume it can be hard on your team. A moment of crisis or the launch of a new product, can lead to an avalanche of phone calls. Your technical support team might not be prepared for excessive pressure from incoming calls.There are several situations which can occur. Customers have to wait a long time to be served. Which means, they’ll be in a bad mood and will take it out on your support staff. This situation could be resolved with Ringover's priority queuing functionality. You can create a list of users to answer their calls first, so you can resolve the crisis situation in the shortest possible time.Sometimes all your agents cannot attend to all the calls coming in, since they’re busy resolving issues. You can use the call forwarding feature to pass the call to another agent or team, which would help you better distribute calls and reduce wait times.

2. Bad customer experience

Your support team could be receiving negative feedback from customers. The statistics may show your customers are dissatisfied during their telephone conversation with your agents. This might not help keep them motivated, as they may not know what is causing these results, or what they should do to improve them.Troubleshooting customer dissatisfaction requires monitoring and evaluating phone calls. A supervisor can listen in on a call and use our dual listening and whisper feature to provide instructions to the agent during the conversation, without the customer or prospect hearing what they’re saying. This training would show what’s wrong and what can be improved.

3. Manage and distribute calls

How much time are your agents wasting diverting calls that are not theirs? Perhaps a customer calls to resolve an incident, but the agent who picks up the phone is focused only on the sales department and has to forward the call to the right place.There’s a lot of wasted time, where the agent could be solving issues more pertinent to them. During communication with the client, time is wasted in finding them the right department. How can this situation be solved? Implementing an interactive voice response system, a voice menu that allows contacts to select by dialing a number (1, 2, 3...) the area of ​​the company with which they need to speak (Billing, Commercial, Support...). So, your team would be better organized and each agent would focus on the area which corresponds better to them.

4. Unknown status of the incident

A commercial or customer service agent may find that there is an excess of confusion and errors in communication with their clients. Not knowing who the last agent the customer contacted is, what the status of the issue and what has been done to resolve it, customers have to explain the same issue all over again which if you’ve ever had to do it, it’s not great.For the support team, it is a problem for several reasons. It is possible that a solution to the problem has already been given, but you don’t know. The result is that you have to consult the file of the client and call them back, which wastes a lot of time.With the integration of virtual switchboard software with your CRM, you could view in real time all the information related to the client, their last communication with the company and if the incident has been resolved.

5. Spending too much time on the phone

Spending a lot of time on the phone trying to solve a problem means higher costs for the company. Sometimes for the support team there’s no other solution, since every time a customer calls, the call goes to a different agent, who is not aware of the latest communications with that customer, So they have to catch up.This situation, which annoys your company and customers, could be solved with Ringover's intelligent call routing, which allows calls to be routed directly to the same person. This would make solving problems easier,improves customer satisfaction and allows the average time to resolve incidents to be reduced.

We can solve the problems in your customer care department

As you have seen, Ringover provides a specific solution for each need of the support team. We know what's causing your team to experience increased stress and lost time and productivity.If you go to our virtual switchboard, you can solve the problems harming your support service! Try your free trial today

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