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The 11 Best Five9 Competitors

Are you looking for a trustworthy, cost-effective, and high-quality VoIP service? Discover a detailed analysis of Five9, Five9 competitors, and the top 11 alternatives to Five9.

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The 11 Best Five9 Competitors


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Five9 has built a solid reputation as a business phone system designed for startups and small businesses. However, the cloud telephony market is constantly evolving, and there are now several Five9 alternatives that offer compelling options for businesses seeking comprehensive cloud telephony software.

To ensure your business communications are fully optimized, we have compiled a list of the top 11 Five9 competitors for you to consider.

Table: Best 11 Five9 competitors

SoftwareNotable FeaturesPricing
1. RingoverUnlimited phone calls, large integration library, advanced telephony featuresPlans begin at just $21 per user/month
2. DialpadAI features like voice recognitionPrices start at $23 per user/month
3. NextivaPurported to deliver a good customer experiencePrices vary significantly depending on the number of users
4. MitelCustomizable options and many featuresPrice only on request
5. 8x8Multichannel communication options including chat, voice, video, etc.There is a plan at $15 per user/month, but it's capped at five users
6. VonageOffers high call quality and scalabilityPrices begin at $20 per user/month
7. CloudTalkKnown to offer a good user experiencePlans begin at $30 per user/month
8. JustCallLarge amount of integrations availablePrices start at $20 per user/month
9. RingCentralOmnichannel communications, virtual numbers available from 100+ countriesPlans start at $30 per user/month
10. 3CXSaaS software without the actual telephone serviceService starts at $135 per year
11. OomaVoIP specifically developed for small businessesPrice on request only

What is Five9?

Five9 is a trusted provider of cloud contact center software that offers solutions for customer engagement, digital engagement, analytics, workforce optimization, AI, and automation. This VoIP solution that allows businesses to engage customers on their preferred channel, streamline operations, and leverage AI and automation to enhance customer and agent experiences

Five9 Pricing

Five9 has five plans on offer, the prices of which range from $150 to $230 per user/month. Just pay attention to what's included in your plan. For example, there are two plans at $150 per user/month, but one provides digital services while the other is only voice. So if you plan to contact clients and prospects by digital means like chat and email, in addition to voice calls, Five9 may not be the best option.

Why look for an alternative to Five9?

You need a straightforward solution

Though Five9 lists their plans on their website, the service is not as straightforward as it appears. For example, Five9 offers two plans at $150, which is their most affordable option. Upon closer inspection, you realized those two plans offer the same features, but one includes only digital means of communication, while the other only offers voice calling.

So if you want to engage in omnichannel communications and multichannel outreach and you have a limited budget, this is probably not the best option for you. In fact, pricing is so confusing Five9 created a usage-based pricing calculator so customers could calculate a potential budget. When you compare Five9 with Ringover, which offers unlimited calls for a flat monthly rate, Ringover is clearly the more straightforward option.

You need quality technical support

Five9 has been called out for glitches in the system and poor call quality, and some users even report the system can be overwhelmed by the amount of incoming calls. So it's quite concerning that users have reported their customer service is slow to respond, and sometimes never gets back to customers at all.

You need robust international calling services

For businesses operating at an international scale, an easy-to-use, accessible, and affordable softphone service is key. When it comes to Five9, it's difficult to find information regarding their international calling service.

Though it appears international voice calling and international text messages are available, there is no information on how they fit into the Five9 pricing plans. Better to keep it simple with Ringover, which offers international calling to over 110 destinations. Even better, this service is available from Ringover's most affordable plan, at only $21 per user/month.

The 11 top Five9 alternatives for stellar business communication

Best alternative #1: Ringover


Ringover is a great VoIP solution for small and growing businesses. That's because its prices are clearly listed and transparent, with three different plans available for businesses depending on their size and needs. Setting it up takes no time at all, and it provides plenty of flexibility since it's accessible from any Internet-connected device. The monthly price for the user license starts from $21, and the most expensive plan tops out at $54.

Thanks to a Ringover subscription, your business will access the features your contact center, whether it's inbound, outbound, or both, needs to grow. A Ringover subscriptions offers unlimited international calling, CRM integrations like Zendesk and Zoho, call monitoring and sales prospecting tools such as power dialer and call campaigns.

Despite the advanced telephony provided by Ringover, you and your team can install it in a matter of minutes. Onboarding and configuration are simple processes, though there is support available from our dedicated support team.

Advantages of Ringover

  • Free 7-day trial
  • Analytics dashboard with reporting support
  • Integrations library with other business software
  • Unlimited calling, including to 110+ destinations

Ringover Disadvantages

  • The software may be too powerful for entrepreneurs
Try Ringover For 7 Days Free!

Video: Discover Ringover

Alternative #2: Dialpad


Originally an enterprise communications service, now Dialpad focuses on developing AI technology to support contact centers. Everything you would typically expect from a VoIP service is provided, like voice calling, text messaging, and even call transcription. But in addition, Dialpad offers customer and sales intelligence in addition to collaboration features.

Advantages of Dialpad

  • User-friendly interface
  • AI voice recognition and transcription

Dialpad Disadvantages

  • Certain key features are add-on online, driving up the price

Alternative #3: Nextiva


Nextiva supports internal and external communication, ensuring that communication is centralized and easily accessible. These aspects of the software support increased productivity and efficiency.

Advantages of Nextiva

  • Good customer support
  • Easy to set up

Nextiva Disadvantages

  • Expensive compared to other options

Alternative #4: Mitel


Going beyond simple cloud-based communication, Mitel provides a unified communication (UCaaS) system. So if you are operating a cloud contact center, Mitel could be the right software to empower your employees with telephony features and ultimately improve performance.

Advantages of Mitel

  • Large selection of features

Mitel Disadvantages

  • Software glitches

Alternative #5: 8x8


8x8 is a business communication platform that offers many communication options, like video and voice calling as well as call analytics. If your business uses Microsoft Teams, one advantage of 8x8 is that it's certified for that software.

Advantages of 8x8

  • Guaranteed to have 99.99% uptime

8x8 Disadvantages

  • Its most affordable plans have user caps

Alternative #6: Vonage


Vonage has been around for many years, and it offers a range of services related to cloud communication. Their product offering includes APIs, unified communication, and software to help manage contact centers.

Advantages of Vonage

  • Cost per user decreases as the number of users increases

Vonage Disadvantages

  • Many features are add-ons, which can drive up the price

Alternative #7: CloudTalk


CloudTalk has developed a reputation for having good call quality and many features. In addition to being a VoIP software, it also has tools to automate workflows and track performance.

Advantages of CloudTalk

  • Scalable plans

CloudTalk Disadvantages

  • Outbound calls are metered, meaning they are charged per minute

Alternative #8: JustCall


JustCall caters to small and medium businesses which operate contact centers. Just pay attention to what is included in each plan, as some integrations, like Salesforce, are locked behind their more expensive plans.

Advantages of JustCall

  • Many integrations available

JustCall Disadvantages

  • User caps on plans

Alternative #9: RingCentral


While RingCentral was originally focused on UCaaS, offering features like IVR, internet fax, and more, they have developed AI tools. These new options include products which use conversation intelligence to support sales enablement. In the same vein as Empower by Ringover, RingCentral's AI features help sales teams improve their sales techniques and sales prospecting.

Advantages of RingCentral

  • Enables internal and external communication

RingCentral Disadvantages

  • Poor value for the price
  • Inadequate customer support
  • Doesn't offer unlimited calling internationally

Alternative #10: 3CX


This solution is an interesting outlier among the rest of the options on this list, as it doesn't actually provide any telephone service. In fact, it just has telephony features like PBX, video conferences, live chat, etc. However, if you want to use those features and communicate with clients and prospects, you'll need to sign a contract separately with a telephone provider.

Advantages of 3CX

  • Free trial is available

3CX Disadvantages

  • No telephone service
  • Not a great value for the price
  • Configuration may take advanced technical knowledge

Alternative #11: Ooma


While Ooma was originally founded to provide VoIP service to individuals for personal use, Ooma now has a service for businesses called Ooma Office. As you can imagine, the service is best suited for smaller businesses.

Advantages of Ooma

  • Can be compatible with hardware

Ooma Disadvantages

  • Not available in all regions
  • Limited integrations
  • A complex price structure makes it hard to fix a budget

What's the best Five9 alternative?

If you are searching for a scalable business phone system, Ringover is an excellent Five9 alternative that offers an ideal combination of call quality, telephony features, flexibility, and clear and affordable pricing. Notably, Ringover provides unlimited calling to over 110 destinations, making it even more appealing. As such, Ringover is a perfect choice for businesses looking to improve their daily operations.

Are you curious about Ringover and how it can enhance your business operations? Try Ringover's free trial today!

Five9 Competitors FAQ

How much does Five9 cost?

Five9 has five plans available which range in price from $150 per user/month to $230 per user/month. But, they do note on their pricing page that the fees can vary depending on your usage. So before factoring one of their plans into your budget, it would be best to get an accurate estimate from their sales team.

Who are the main competitors of Five9?

Five9 has many competitors as there are plenty of popular VoIP service providers. Here are the competitors giving Five9 a run for their money.

  • Ringover
  • Dialpad
  • Nextiva
  • Mitel
  • 8x8
  • Vonage
  • CloudTalk
  • JustCall
  • RingCentral
  • 3CX

What type of company is Five9?

Five9 is a cloud contact center provider. The technology they offer supports inbound and outbound call centers, helping them to provide excellent customer experience and increase customer engagement.


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