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Real phone numbers to call | Best APPs 2024

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Real phone numbers to call | Best APPs 2024


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Digital transformation is the way forward. Solopreneurs to enterprises, everyone needs to digitize their business communication to improve productivity and customer satisfaction. Getting virtual yet real phone numbers to call can be a start.

It is estimated that 90% of the IT enterprises will move away from traditional, on-premises business communication tools and switch to IT-driven solutions like VoIP phones.

Read on to know why organizations are adopting cloud-based solutions and how you can benefit by using VoIP-based real phone numbers to call, text, fax, etc.

Are VoIP-Based Numbers Real And How Do They Work?

Yes, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone numbers are real numbers you can use to make and receive calls. Let us find out how they work and what makes them different from the sim-based numbers.

VoIP numbers are telephone numbers allocated to a user. What makes them different from the traditional landlines and cell phone numbers is that they operate using the internet. You also don't require a sim card to make and receive calls as the solution is app based.

For the VoIP phone number to work, you will need a device with an internet connection to install the VoIP app. Once you install and activate the app, you can use the virtual number allocated to you to make and receive calls, send SMSes and multimedia messages, or arrange video conferences.

Why Get Virtual Yet Real Phone Numbers To Call

The best part of getting a VoIP phone number for your business is that you are not tied to a desk. You can make/receive calls anytime anywhere using your smartphone or computer. The benefits also include:

  • A single phone number that can be used on multiple devices
  • Better voice quality
  • Get any area code-based number
  • Lower cost
  • Number portability
  • A toll-free number that can be displayed on your websites

How To Get Real Phone Numbers To Call?

To get a virtual yet real phone number to call or manage all your business communications, follow the below steps:

  1. Pick a VoIP business communication provider
  2. Choose a plan with the features your require to meet your business goals  
  3. Sign up for your VoIP plan
  4. Download the app or access the dashboard from their web version to enjoy the benefits of a professional communication phone service.

Things To Consider When Getting A Local Phone Number For Unlimited Calling And Texting

If you are planning to digitize your business communication with the help of a VoIP phone provider, consider the below pointers:

Price: Cost reduction is one of the major reasons why companies choose VoIP over traditional carriers. So be sure to do your research and find a service provider that offers maximum features at competent rates.

Easy to set up and use: You should be able to set up the service with a few clicks of your mouse as it is app based. The dashboard and features should be easy to use.

Call management: The call management features should include call forwarding, tracking, recording, etc.

Quality of calls: Check the online reviews and see the rating for call quality. Go for a service with high call quality ratings.

Auto-attendant: The whole point of switching to VoIP is convenience and automation. So, be sure to pick a service with auto-attendants that can handle call greetings and routing.

Customer support: Always go for a service provider that offers 24/7 customer support via phone, chat, etc.

What Are Some Of The Best VoIP Apps To Get A Real Phone Number To Call?

If you are planning to switch to VoIP and modernize your business communication system, here is a list of VoIP service providers. You can get a real phone number to call, text, or even run digital marketing campaigns.


If you are looking for a VoIP service provider that can take care of your organization's end-to-end business communication needs, Ringover is your best bet.

Ringover Features

  • Unlimited calls to 110 worldwide destinations
  • A landline or mobile number per user and the main company number in 65 countries
  • Custom greetings
  • Call routing and forwarding
  • Customizable call hold
  • Blocking of unwanted calls
  • CRM and such software integrations
  • Call tracking and recording

Ringover Price

You have three plans to choose from: Smart ($21 per month/user), Business($44 per month/user), and Advanced ($54 per month/user).


Ideal for small businesses, Grasshopper offers a virtual phone number that you can operate from your phone or computer.

Grasshopper Features

  • Desktop and mobile app
  • Business texting
  • Call forwarding
  • Voice mail transcription
  • Virtual receptionist

Grasshopper Price

You can choose from three plans – Solo ($29 per month), Partner ($49 a month), and Business ($89 per month).


Using the service, your team can easily manage calls from anywhere anytime.

VirtualPhone.com Features

  • IVR
  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • Live chat with voice
  • Call scheduling and SMS

VirtualPhone.com Price

They have three plans, Starter, Medium, and Large. Each plan contains multiple packages you can choose from. They also have a free plan.


eVoice combines fax features with virtual phone numbers.

eVoice Features

  • Free phone number - local or toll-free
  • Call Forwarding
  • Auto Attendant

eVoice Price

They have only one plan, Elite, which is priced at $14 per user/month. You can also choose annual billing.

Google Voice For Business

It is an easy-to-use phone system that can take care of the communication needs of any organization.

Google Voice Feature

  • Automated-Attendant
  • Call Management
  • Call Routing and Extensions
  • Unlimited text messaging in the US
  • Voicemail transcription

Google Voice Price

They offer three plans - Starter ($10 per user/month), Standard ($20 per user/month), and Premier ($30 per user/month). They also have a free plan for personal use.

Experience The Power Of Real Phone Numbers That Can Do Much More The Calling

A scalable VoIP phone system that takes care of all your inbound and outbound calling requirements is what a growing organization requires. When integrated into productivity tools, advanced features like call tracking, analytics and reporting can change the way you perceive and pursue leads.

If a smart VoIP phone solution is in your mind, Ringover is the partner that can help you achieve your goals. Learn more about how they can offer the power of real phone numbers to call and convert.

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