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The 5 best Modjo alternatives

Are you looking for a better AI solution than Modjo to accelerate your business growth or retain your customers? Check out the best Modjo alternatives and find the ideal tool for your company.

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The 5 best Modjo alternatives


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Modjo is a conversation analysis solution developed in France by RINGO, operating under the name Modjo. It is designed to help businesses analyze their interactions with prospects and improve performance, commonly used for sales coaching.

Discover equally interesting alternatives to integrate AI into your business processes.

Top 5 Modjo Competitors

AI SolutionAdvantagesDisadvantages
Empower by RingoverAdvanced filters available, sentiment analysisSupports 3 languages at the moment
Chorus.aiGood topic identificationTranscription may be flawed when it comes to other languages
Gong.ioLarge integrations catalogLacks precision
Dialpad AI VoiceMulti-use toolCertain languages, like French, not yet supported
RingSenseMany integrations on offerPricing not transparent
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What is Modjo?


Modjo is a French company founded in 2020 specializing in conversation analysis. It developed an AI solution primarily for sales teams using call center software. This cloud application integrates with other business tools like your business phone system, CRM software, or video conferencing software.

Modjo is mainly used for training and sales enablement to optimize the performance of sales teams, allowing them to identify and replicate best practices.

Modjo does not display pricing on its website. To know more about pricing and get a demonstration, you must contact the company via a form on their website.

Why Look for an Alternative to Modjo?

For More Accurate Transcriptions

Accurate call transcription is becoming a must-have for sales teams. Precision in transcription acts as a catalyst for business, enabling users to identify opportunities and refine sales pitches. However, some users complain about Modjo's transcription accuracy, leading to misinterpretation and erroneous insights.

For a Versatile AI Software

While Modjo focuses on sales teams, it's crucial to have a tool that aligns all departments, such as marketing and customer service. Empower by Ringover is a versatile alternative catering to various teams, promoting alignment across departments.

For a More Accessible Solution

Modjo's AI tool has user experience flaws. User feedback highlights difficulties in tool navigation, impacting result exploitation. Alternatives like Empower offer more intuitive interfaces and easy-to-use features.

Top 5 AI Alternatives to Modjo

  1. Empower by Ringover
  2. Gong
  3. Chorus.ai
  4. Dialpad AI Voice
  5. RingSense
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1. Empower by Ringover

Empower by Ringover

Empower by Ringover offers conversation intelligence software for sales enablement, training, customer retention, and productivity. This solution integrates seamlessly with your VoIP phone system and delivers high-quality transcriptions for each of your calls in multiple languages.

You can easily search for the most relevant keywords for your business and quickly identify important themes. An advanced filtering system is available to help you identify sales opportunities.

Additionally, Empower by Ringover provides valuable data for continuous training and performance improvement. Each employee has an interface that allows them to identify their areas for improvement and the reasons for their success.

You will also find a sentiment analysis tool that identifies and tracks the emotions of interlocutors during each call.

Such functionality helps to pinpoint the positive (and negative) aspects of each call, making Empower by Ringover a useful solution for various departments within a company, not just the sales force.

Empower by Ringover Advantages✅

  • Accurate transcriptions
  • Individual KPIs and metrics
  • Advanced filtering
  • Sentiment analysis

Empower by Ringover Disadvantages❌

  • No disadvantages compared to other tools on the market

Video: Discover Empower

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2. Gong


Founded in 2015, Gong offers a conversation intelligence platform generating call notes and insights, supporting over 70 languages. It helps identify effective sales arguments and prevent churn.

Gong Advantages✅

  • Wide language support
  • Extensive integrations

Gong Disadvantages❌

  • Lack of precision in French
  • Challenging to learn
  • No free trial

3. Chorus.ai (ZoomInfo)


Founded in 2015 and acquired by ZoomInfo, Chorus.ai uses AI to extract critical data from interactions, aiding in understanding successes and failures. It's used for training, recruitment, and marketing.

Chorus.ai Advantages✅

  • Identifies conversation topics well
  • Free trial

Chorus.ai Disadvantages❌

  • Complicated onboarding

4. Dialpad AI Voice

Dialpad AI Voice

Developed by VoIP provider Dialpad, this solution aids sales and customer success teams with transcription and emotion analysis.

Dialpad Advantages✅

  • Integrations
  • Versatility

Dialpad Disadvantages❌

  • Approximate transcription

5. RingSense


Offered by RingCentral, RingSense uses generative AI to extract relevant data from sales conversations, focusing on team collaboration. It's not fully exploitable by non-sales departments.

RingSense Advantages✅

  • Identifies conversation topics well
  • Free trial

RingSense Disadvantages❌

  • Approximate transcription
  • Complicated onboarding

Which is the Best Alternative to Modjo?

Empower by Ringover stands out as the best alternative due to its versatility, supporting various departments like marketing and customer service. It features sentiment analysis, detailed call data, and a user-friendly interface. You can test Empower for free without providing payment details.

Modjo Alternatives FAQ

How does Modjo.ai's conversation intelligence solution work?

Like most AI-based conversation analysis tools, Modjo.ai uses machine learning and natural language processing to convert audio data into text and extract useful insights. Some functionalities use OpenAI's technology.

What are Modjo competitors?

The most relevant alternatives include:

  1. Empower by Ringover
  2. Gong
  3. Chorus.ai (ZoomInfo)
  4. DialPad AI Voice
  5. RingSense

Can Modjo integrate with other software?

Yes, Modjo provides integrations for common business software like cloud telephony software Ringover, CRM, video conferencing, and collaboration tools.

How much does Modjo cost?

Modjo does not display pricing on its website. You must contact the company through their site for pricing information and a demonstration.

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