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How VoIP Can Make Recruiting Easier and Faster in 2024

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How VoIP Can Make Recruiting Easier and Faster in 2024


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Ringover is here to tell you how VoIP can make the process of recruiting easier than ever! Recruiting is a rewarding gig. Is there anything more satisfying than knowing you’ve helped someone land their dream job and helped an organization grow stronger at the same time? But there’s a reason those rewards are so sweet—every recruiter has to manage tons of challenges just to nail that perfect fit.

From juggling the hiring needs of rapidly growing companies to finding the time to get to know each candidate, it’s easy for recruiters to feel like their to-do list is neverending. Plus, the pandemic has exacerbated many of those challenges, and created new ones. Between the Great Resignation adding to turnover rates and the shift to remote work vastly opening up the candidate pool, it’s never been more critical for HR teams to take advantage of the online tools and resources that make their jobs easier.

Ringover has always wanted to help human resources departments do their jobs faster and more effectively. So when designing their VoIP and collaboration tools, they went straight to recruiters. But they didn’t start by presenting them with the brand new features. Nope—they started by asking one simple question: What are the challenges you face?Great news for HR teams around the world: Ringover found the solutions to those challenges. Check out some of the biggest problems we knew we needed to solve with our services, and how you can use VoIP for recruitment today:

Recruitment Challenge: Remote Hiring

The global shift to more remote work is a double-edged sword for recruiters. There is an incredible opportunity to pull from a wider talent pool, giving you even more options for putting together incredible teams—but that also means putting in a lot more work to find the diamond in the rough. Plus, between time zone differences, technical snafus, and onboarding tasks, there is a greater chance for administrative difficulties that turn your job into a giant headache.In short, the challenges of a remote hiring process are real. Solutions that can make the process more seamless include:

  • Customised local phone numbers.
  • local area code.
  • Time zone features
  • Video calls you can trust
  • video calls
  • Secure screen sharing
  • video calls

Recruitment Challenge: Great Resignation

Nearly 40% of workers are looking to change jobs in 2022. The Great Resignation presents challenges for recruiters and HR teams who want to do both do a better job of retaining their top talent as well as finding positions for job seekers who need a better fit. Plus, with so much potential for turnover, it might just be a whole lot more work.

There are several ways that cloud calling and VoIP services can help recruiters overcome the challenges of the Great Resignation:

  • Improved onboarding
  • twice as likely
  • 94%
  • call recording
  • call whispering features
  • No technical hurdles

Recruitment Challenge: Losing Time with Administrative Tasks

You probably got into the job because you love people, not paperwork. Allow Ringover to help you spend more time connecting people and less time doing the boring stuff. Here’s how:

  • Goodbye, phone numbers scribbled on napkins.
  • click to call
  • More ways to get in touch.
  • text, chat, or email
  • Mobile support.
  • Call tagging with important data.
  • Set your own rules.

Recruitment Challenge: Keeping Up With Rapid Scaling

Scaling is one of the biggest challenges that HR teams and recruiters can face. You think you’ve got a solid team going—then all of a sudden a founder says you need hundreds more employees yesterday.

Check out how VoIP and cloud calling can help any organization deal with the challenges of rapid scaling:

  • Minimize costs.
  • Immediate new features for maximum agility.
  • Consultant continuity.

Want to make Recruiting Easier and Faster?

Have any more questions about the ways Ringover can help your recruiting team work faster and more effectively in 2024? Get in touch with one of our representatives today!

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