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Top 10 Sales Staffing Agencies

Exploring options to elevate your business by adding the finest sales professionals? Partnering with sales staffing agencies could be the strategic move you're after. These specialized agencies excel in connecting you with highly qualified sales talent, aimed at enhancing your sales team's performance.

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Top 10 Sales Staffing Agencies


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By entrusting the recruitment process to a sales staffing agency, you're not only alleviating the burden off your shoulders but also tapping into savings in terms of time and costs. Moreover, such agencies open the door to a vast pool of both passive and active candidates, alongside offering seasoned advice on attracting and retaining the crème de la crème of sales professionals.

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Through this article, we'll embark on a journey to discover the top 10 sales staffing agencies in America, considering factors like their standing, hands-on experience, and levels of client satisfaction. Additionally, we'll demystify the concept of sales staffing, its workings, and how it can empower you to recruit top-tier sales talent for your enterprise. Let's dive in!

Table: Best 10 sales staffing agencies

Sales Staffing Agency NameDescriptionKey Features
Robert HalfSpecializes in placing highly skilled professionals in temporary, temp-to-hire, and full-time positions.Extensive candidate database, personalized matching, industry expertise.
AerotekProvides staffing and workforce management services for various industries, including sales.Specialized recruitment, comprehensive screening, industry-specific recruiters.
AdeccoOffers a range of staffing services, from temporary staffing to permanent placement, with a focus on sales roles.Global reach, robust candidate pipeline, customized staffing solutions.
RandstadProvides staffing solutions for a wide range of industries, including sales and marketing.Talent management, in-depth industry knowledge, advanced technology tools.
Kelly ServicesDelivers workforce solutions and staffing services for sales and marketing professionals.Flexible staffing options, extensive network, innovative recruitment strategies.
ManpowerGroupOffers workforce solutions and services to enhance business agility and performance.Comprehensive talent solutions, global presence, industry expertise.
KforceSpecializes in providing staffing services for sales and marketing professionals.In-depth industry knowledge, personalized service, large talent pool.
TEKsystemsProvides staffing services and solutions for IT and sales professionals.Specialized recruitment teams, robust screening processes, industry-specific expertise.
Lucas GroupExecutive search firm specializing in placing top sales talent in various industries.Executive search expertise, personalized matching, extensive network of industry contacts.
Insight GlobalStaffing agency providing workforce solutions for various industries, including sales and marketing.Dedicated recruitment teams, thorough candidate vetting, strong industry relationships.

List: Top 10 sales staffing agencies

1. Robert Half

robert half

Specializes in placing highly skilled professionals in temporary, temp-to-hire, and full-time sales positions across various industries.

Robert Half Advantages✅

  • Extensive candidate database
  • Personalized matching based on client needs
  • Industry-specific expertise

Robert Half Disadvantages❌

  • Higher fees compared to some competitors
  • Variable service quality depending on the office location

2. Aerotek


Provides staffing and workforce management services for various industries, including sales, with a focus on creating long-term client relationships.

Aerotek Advantages✅

  • Specialized recruitment teams
  • Comprehensive screening processes
  • Strong industry-specific recruiters

Aerotek Disadvantages❌

  • Limited focus on entry-level positions
  • May not have a strong presence in all regions

3. Adecco


Offers a range of staffing services, from temporary staffing to permanent placement, with a strong emphasis on sales roles.

Adecco Advantages✅

  • Global reach and large talent pool
  • Customized staffing solutions
  • Extensive resources and technology tools

Adecco Disadvantages❌

  • Potentially slower response times due to large company size
  • Inconsistent quality of service across different locations

4. Randstad


Provides comprehensive staffing solutions for a wide range of industries, including sales and marketing, leveraging advanced technology tools.

Randstad Advantages✅

  • Talent management and development programs
  • In-depth industry knowledge
  • Advanced technology tools for recruitment

Randstad Disadvantages❌

  • Higher cost for premium services
  • Potential for impersonal service in large markets

5. Kelly Services

Kelly Services

Delivers workforce solutions and staffing services specifically tailored for sales and marketing professionals.

Kelly Services Advantages✅

  • Flexible staffing options (temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire)
  • Extensive network of candidates
  • Innovative recruitment strategies

Kelly Services Disadvantages❌

  • May not specialize exclusively in sales roles
  • Service quality can vary by location

6. ManpowerGroup


Offers a wide range of workforce solutions and services aimed at enhancing business agility and performance, including sales staffing.

ManpowerGroup Advantages✅

  • Comprehensive talent solutions
  • Strong global presence and resources
  • Industry-specific expertise

ManpowerGroup Disadvantages❌

  • Can be expensive for small businesses
  • May focus more on large clients

7. Kforce


Specializes in providing staffing services for sales and marketing professionals, with a strong focus on client satisfaction.

Kforce Advantages✅

  • In-depth industry knowledge
  • Personalized service and attention to detail
  • Large talent pool with qualified candidates

Kforce Disadvantages❌

  • Smaller geographic footprint compared to larger firms
  • Higher cost for personalized services

8. TEKsystems


Provides staffing services and solutions for IT and sales professionals, with a strong emphasis on matching the right talent to the right roles.

TEKsystems Advantages✅

  • Specialized recruitment teams
  • Robust screening and vetting processes
  • Strong industry-specific expertise

TEKsystems Disadvantages❌

  • Primary focus on IT might limit resources for sales
  • Higher fees for specialized placements

9. Lucas Group

Lucas Group

An executive search firm specializing in placing top sales talent in various industries, known for its high-level recruitment capabilities.

Lucas Group Advantages✅

  • Executive search expertise
  • Personalized matching process
  • Extensive network of industry contacts

Lucas Group Disadvantages❌

  • Expensive due to executive-level focus
  • Longer search process for top-tier candidates

10. Insight Global

Insight Global

A staffing agency providing workforce solutions for various industries, including sales and marketing, known for its thorough vetting and strong industry relationships.

Insight Global Advantages✅

  • Dedicated recruitment teams
  • Thorough candidate vetting process
  • Strong relationships with industry professionals

Insight Global Disadvantages❌

  • May have a higher cost due to extensive vetting
  • Service quality can vary by region and recruiter

What is sales staffing?

Sales staffing involves the process of identifying, recruiting, and overseeing sales professionals within an organization. It plays a crucial role in enabling businesses to meet their sales objectives, expand their revenue base, and secure a competitive position in the marketplace.

Furthermore, sales staffing addresses common challenges associated with effective recruitment of top sales talent, including issues like high turnover rates, skills gaps, and talent shortages.

Businesses can approach sales staffing in various ways, tailored to their specific recruitment business development and recruitment strategy. The primary strategies include:

  • Sales recruitment process: This strategy involves the steps of finding, evaluating, and choosing candidates for permanent or long-term sales roles. Companies may undertake sales recruitment directly or engage the services of a sales staffing agency experienced in filling sales positions.
  • Sales outsourcing: Through outsourcing staffing, businesses delegate some or all sales-related tasks to an external service provider. Sales outsourcing offers the advantage of tapping into a broader, more varied talent pool, while also minimizing the costs and risks linked to the direct employment and management of sales staff.
  • Sales contracting: This method refers to the practice of engaging sales professionals on a temporary or project basis. Sales contracting is particularly beneficial for addressing immediate or seasonal sales requirements, as well as for evaluating the competencies and compatibility of future permanent sales staff.

Engaging in sales staffing provides several benefits, including:

  • Improving sales performance: By securing highly skilled sales professionals tailored to a company's specific needs and objectives, businesses can achieve greater sales productivity, efficiency, and excellence.
  • Reducing sales costs: Sales staffing allows companies to save on time, money, and other resources by outsourcing or contracting sales-related activities, thereby diminishing the financial impact of the recruitment, training, and management of sales personnel.
  • Increasing sales flexibility: It enables businesses to swiftly adjust their sales force in response to market shifts and consumer demands, thereby improving the sales department's agility and responsiveness.

How does a sales staffing agency work?

A specialized firm designed to assist companies in locating and employing skilled sales professionals for their teams, a sales staffing agency offers various services including sales recruitment, sales outsourcing, and sales contracting. Additionally, they can provide expertise in sales consulting, sales training, recruiting onboarding, and sales management.

The collaboration process with a sales staffing agency may differ based on the service required and the client's specific recruitment KPIs, but it generally encompasses the following steps:

  1. Client consultation: The first step involves the client reaching out to the agency to discuss their sales requirements, detailing the job specifications, desired skills and attributes of candidates, as well as their budget and timeframe.
  2. Candidate sourcing: The agency then seeks suitable candidates that align with the client's criteria by utilizing their extensive database, job boards, social media, referrals, and direct scouting.
  3. Candidate screening: Initial screenings of potential candidates are conducted by the agency. This process includes resume evaluations, phone interviews, and skill assessments to ensure candidates meet the job's requirements.
  4. Candidate shortlisting: Based on the screening, the agency selects the most promising candidates, compiles their profiles, and presents them to the client for further consideration.
  5. Candidate placement: The client then reviews the shortlisted candidates to determine who to interview, hire, or engage on a contractual basis. The agency assists throughout this phase, streamlining interview scheduling, salary negotiations, and contract preparation.
  6. Candidate support: Even after placement, the agency continues to provide support for both the client and the newly hired candidates by managing administrative tasks such as payroll, taxes, benefits, offering feedback, and addressing any arising issues.

Engaging with a sales staffing agency enables businesses to leverage the agency's expertise, extensive network, and resources, thus simplifying the recruitment process and ensuring the acquisition of top-tier sales talent efficiently and effectively. The forthcoming section will delve into strategies for hiring exceptional sales personnel and key considerations during the hiring process.

What should I look for when hiring salespeople?

Securing top sales talent is crucial and yet a formidable challenge for any business. The right salespeople can significantly elevate your sales performance, revenue, and customer satisfaction. But, the question remains: how do you identify and attract the best sales representatives for your company?

Follow these tips and best practices to ensure the recruitment of outstanding sales talent:

  1. Define your ideal sales candidate: It's essential to have a precise understanding of the salesperson you're seeking before initiating your search. Determine the necessary skills, attributes, and experience your sales role demands. Consider the objectives and expectations set for your sales team, as well as the challenges and opportunities they may encounter. A well-defined profile of your ideal candidate enables the creation of an effective job listing and facilitates a more precise screening and evaluation process.
  2. Use multiple sources and channels to attract sales candidates: To uncover the finest sales professionals, diversify your approach by utilizing omnichannel contact center software. Common methods include job boards, employee referrals, social media, networking events, industry associations, omnichannel communications, and sales staffing agencies. A broad strategy enhances your presence and reach, providing access to a wider and more varied talent pool.
  3. Conduct a thorough and structured interview process: After narrowing down your pool of candidates, engage in a detailed and organized interview sequence to gauge their suitability and potential for the role. An optimal interview process might comprise a telephone screening, a videoconference, a sales evaluation, role-play exercises, and reference verification. Pose insightful and pertinent questions to uncover the applicant's sales competencies, character, motivation, and past achievements. Additionally, heed the queries raised by candidates, as these can reflect their engagement, inquisitiveness, and research into your company and the position.
  4. Offer a competitive and attractive compensation package: Attracting top sales talent necessitates a compelling and competitive remuneration package that rewards their contributions. Such a package should encompass: a base salary, commission or bonuses, and benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, and paid leave. Contemplate including additional perks and incentives, such as flexible schedules, professional development opportunities, recognition initiatives, and a vibrant company culture. Presenting an attractive compensation package marks your company as an employer of choice, setting you apart from competitors.

Successfully hiring a qualified salesperson is a complex process which can be significantly simplified by a VoIP software like Ringover, which provides powerful telephony features and integrations.

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Sales Staffing Agencies FAQ

What is a sales recruiter?

A sales recruiter is a dedicated professional focused on sourcing and securing sales talent for a variety of businesses. Their employment might be within a sales staffing agency, sales consultancy firm, or sales outsourcing company. Sales recruiters may also operate as independent contractors or freelancers, equipped with substantial sales background, recruitment prowess, marketing know-how, and human resources skills.

Can you make money with a staffing agency?

Absolutely, engaging with a staffing agency can be financially rewarding, whether you're a client or a candidate. For clients, leveraging a staffing agency for outsourcing or contracting sales tasks can lead to significant cost savings in hiring, training, and management. Moreover, it offers the potential to amplify sales performance, revenue, and customer satisfaction with the aid of skilled sales professionals. Candidates stand to gain by securing positions through the agency, be it permanent, temporary, or freelance roles. Additionally, they can earn through sales commissions or bonuses, and enjoy benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off.

What is the difference between a staffing agency and a firm?

The terms staffing agency and staffing firm are often used synonymously to describe entities that provide staffing solutions to businesses. The distinction sometimes made is that staffing agencies are perceived to specialize in temporary or contract staffing solutions, whereas staffing firms might be associated with permanent or executive placements. Moreover, staffing agencies might offer general staffing for a wide range of roles across industries, whereas staffing firms could concentrate on specialized staffing in sectors like sales, IT, or engineering.

In summary, sales staffing agencies are specialized entities dedicated to assisting companies in sourcing and employing adept sales professionals. They offer a variety of services, such as recruitment, outsourcing, and contracting in sales, coupled with added offerings like consultancy, training, and management in sales.

By partnering with a sales staffing agency, businesses can access the agency's expertise, network, and resources, thereby streamlining the hiring process and ensuring the acquisition of top-tier sales talent, all while saving on time, money, and effort. In the succeeding and final section, we will recap the essential insights of this discussion and offer guidance and suggestions for selecting the most suitable sales staffing agency for your enterprise.

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