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Top 10 Staffing & Recruiting CRM (2024)

Are you in search of the finest recruiting CRM software to streamline the process of discovering, attracting, and engaging the best talent? You’re in the perfect spot. This guide highlights the premier 10 staffing and recruiting CRM platforms for 2024, curated from our extensive research and hands-on expertise.

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Top 10 Staffing & Recruiting CRM (2024)


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First off, let's define what a staffing CRM is and its significance. A recruiting CRM, standing for candidate relationship management, is a tech tool that empowers recruiters to efficiently manage the full spectrum of the recruitment process. This includes candidate sourcing, engagement, and the onboarding of new employees.

This software is a time-saver, eliminating the need for manual data handling and automating numerous recruitment activities. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in fostering and nurturing relationships with candidates, clients, and your recruitment team, all the while elevating your recruitment marketing and brand identity.

Table: Best 10 Recruiting CRM

Software NameDescriptionKey Features
Recruit CRMAn elegantly simple and intuitive recruiting CRM tailored for staffing agencies aiming for efficiencyDetailed team productivity analysis, email tracking, streamlined invoicing and payment management, a Chrome sourcing extension, and live chat support
Zoho RecruitA no-cost recruiting software providing a comprehensive suite of managerial tools for your recruitment endeavorsA robust candidate database, seamless email and SMS integration, automated workflow processes, customizable web forms, and social media integration
JazzHRA flexible hiring solution aimed at accelerating recruitment processes, sans hidden charges or binding contractsExtensive job board syndication, effective candidate screening and evaluation, collaborative tools for team feedback, and a customizable careers page
iCIMSA pioneering talent cloud platform crafted to meet and conquer the intricate challenges of recruitmentA comprehensive talent acquisition suite, a talent marketing toolkit, a talent intelligence system, plus integrations with over 700 partners
WorkableAn all-encompassing recruiting platform leveraging AI to efficiently find, attract, and hire the cream of the cropAdvanced AI for resume parsing and candidate matching, customizable hiring pipelines, and automated candidate outreach
ManatalA sophisticated cloud-based recruiting CRM designed to streamline and enhance your recruitment activities across various clientsAI-driven profile enrichment, seamless posting to numerous job boards, comprehensive analytics, and reporting capabilities
CeipalAn intuitive applicant tracking system designed to simplify the hiring journey from initial sourcing to successful onboardingEfficient resume management, integration with major job portals, streamlined interview scheduling, automated offer letter creation, and thorough compliance management
JobviteAn advanced recruiting platform ideal for large organizations aiming to refine their hiring performance and enhance candidate experiencesRobust recruitment marketing, a proficient applicant tracking system, seamless onboarding, employee referral programs, video interviewing capabilities, and analytic insights
HiringThingA bespoke ATS allowing full customization to create a recruitment portal that reflects your company's brandPersonalized domain and branding, a white-label career site, API access for extensive customization, unlimited usersjobs, and extensive third-party integrations
Breezy HRA user-friendly recruiting software designed for the fast-paced needs of growing companies, streamlining their hiring processAn intuitive drag-and-drop pipeline, insightful scorecards and interview guides, automated scheduling and reminders, plus tools for candidate sourcing and engagement

List: Top 10 Staffing CRM

1. Recruit CRM

Recruit CRM

Designed for staffing agencies, Recruit CRM offers a professional staffing solution for managing candidates, clients, and jobs, along with surfacing team recruitment KPIs.

Recruit CRM Advantages✅

  • Cost-effective pricing strategy
  • 24/7 live chat support for real-time assistance
  • A Chrome extension for simplified candidate sourcing from any website
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2. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit provides a comprehensive toolkit for talent acquisition which can be integrated with business phone systems for maximum efficiency and productivity. It facilitates candidate database management, workflow automation, and social recruiting with a CRM module for client and vendor management.

Zoho Recruit Advantages✅

  • A free plan allowing three users
  • Integration with Zoho's extensive ecosystem, and VoIP phones like Ringover
  • A vibrant community to support learning
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3. JazzHR


Offering limitless hiring capabilities without the burden of hidden fees or contracts, JazzHR excels in job syndication, candidate assessment, feedback aggregation, and the creation of branded careers pages. Plus, its partnership program opens doors to additional services and savings.

JazzHR Advantages✅

  • Sleek and user-friendly interface
  • Transparent pricing
  • High customer satisfaction and loyalty

JazzHR Disadvantages❌

  • No LinkedIn integration, limiting sourcing potential
  • Lack of in-built video interviewing functionality
  • Missing x
  • ve-chat-software" style="text-decoration:none;">live chat support for instant help

4. iCIMS


A leader in talent cloud solutions, iCIMS addresses the complexities of recruitment with a comprehensive suite for sourcing, engaging, and hiring talent. Notably, it integrates with over 700 partners for a seamless recruitment experience.

iCIMS Advantages✅

  • Scalable and adaptable platform to meet the needs of growing businesses
  • Stringent security and compliance measures
  • Dedicated customer success team for tailored support

iCIMS Disadvantages❌

  • High cost and complexity due to setup fees and implementation
  • Rigid, outdated interface requiring custom coding for changes
  • Browser and tool compatibility issues

5. Workable


As a comprehensive staffing solution, Workable employs artificial intelligence to enhance the hiring process and talent management. Its robust applicant tracking system allows for customizable hiring stages, automated candidate screening, collaborative hiring processes, and eases hiring international employees. Additionally, its recruitment marketing suite aids in building employer brand, reaching passive candidates, and optimizing the candidate journey.

Workable Advantages✅

  • Advanced AI for quick and efficient resume parsing and candidate matching
  • Access to over 200 job boards and social networks for broader job advertising
  • Flexible pricing models based on jobs or users to suit different organizational needs

Workable Disadvantages❌

  • Potentially high costs for small businesses
  • Complexity and potential overwhelm due to its breadth of features, requiring training
  • Occasional technical issues including slow load times and other glitches

6. Manatal


Manatal shines as a cloud-based recruiting CRM, perfect for managing and optimizing recruitment across multiple clients. Leveraging artificial intelligence for business, it enhances candidate profiles with social media insights, matches job seekers to vacancies, and identifies top talents effortlessly. Moreover, it streamlines job posting across various boards with a single click, monitors campaign success, and delivers comprehensive reports.

Manatal Advantages✅

  • Easy-to-navigate, customizable user interface
  • Competitively priced plans, free trial available

Manatal Disadvantages❌

  • Lack of a mobile app, affecting its accessibility on mobile devices.
  • No direct customer support phone line

7. Ceipal


Aimed at streamlining the entire hiring workflow from sourcing to onboarding, Ceipal offers robust applicant tracking and a CRM module for comprehensive client management.

Ceipal Advantages✅

  • User-friendly dashboard providing immediate insights and metrics
  • Mobile app for on-the-go access and updates
  • Proactive and responsive support from a dedicated customer service team

Ceipal Disadvantages❌

  • Challenges with integrations
  • Restrictions on resume uploads, attachment sizes, and field lengths
  • Occasional performance and functionality issues

8. Jobvite


Catering to large organizations, Jobvite optimizes hiring outcomes with modules for recruitment marketing, applicant tracking, and new hire engagement.

Jobvite Advantages✅

  • A modern interface that's customizable and user-friendly
  • High functionality and performance with the latest technology
  • A robust and loyal customer base supported by years in the market and numerous accolades

Jobvite Disadvantages❌

  • High cost and limited flexibility in contract and user/job allocations.
  • Time-intensive setup and integration process
  • Variability in customer service quality and support response times

9. HiringThing


HiringThing enables personalized and branded ATS for companies seeking unique hiring platforms. It supports job posting across multiple boards, manages applications and communication with candidates, and offers extensive customization.

HiringThing Advantages✅

HiringThing Disadvantages❌

  • No free trial or demo to preview features
  • A lack of resume parsing, adding to data entry tasks
  • No mobile app, reducing accessibility

10. Breezy HR

Breezy HR

Ideal for growing businesses, Breezy HR simplifies recruitment with easy-to-manage pipelines, candidate scoring, and multi-channel sourcing.

Breezy HR Advantages✅

  • A free usage tier for a single user and job with most features
  • An intuitive and sleek interface
  • High customer satisfaction and retention rates

Breezy HR Disadvantages❌

  • Limited in advanced features and integrations compared to competitors
  • Possible technical glitches affecting software performance
  • Certain customer support challenges
🔥 Ringover tip

If you are not already using AI in staffing, it might be time to consider it. From live sentiment analysis to real-time assist and coaching for staffing agents, there are a lot of things that AI can do to improve your results. 

What is recruitment CRM?

Recruitment or staffing CRM, standing for candidate relationship management, is a vital software platform designed to streamline every phase of the hiring journey. This includes attracting potential candidates, engaging with them, and smoothly integrating new hires into your organization. It's an invaluable tool for saving time, thanks to its ability to automate numerous hiring processes and eliminate the need for manual data entry.

Furthermore, a recruitment CRM enables you to foster and sustain meaningful connections with candidates, clients, and your team members. It significantly boosts your recruitment marketing efforts and strengthens your company's branding.

Staffing CRM benefits

Adopting a staffing CRM software positions you to reap numerous benefits, such as:

  • Quick and easy access to extensive talent pools, leveraging various sourcing channels like job boards, social media, referrals, and more.
  • Enhancing the candidate experience by ensuring timely, personalized communication, feedback, and support throughout their hiring journey.
  • Boosting your hiring efficiency and quality through the utilization of AI and automation for candidate-job matching, screening, assessment, and interview scheduling.
  • Improving client management by effectively tracking and overseeing your client pipeline, contracts, invoices, and by providing regular updates and reports.
  • Optimizing your data management and analytics processes by securely centralizing candidate and client information, and generating valuable insights and metrics to elevate your hiring strategies.

Recruiting CRM FAQ

What is CRM in recruiting?

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) in recruiting refers to a software platform designed to help recruiters foster and maintain relationships with both potential and existing candidates. This creates a continuous talent pipeline for recruitment efforts. A recruiting CRM software enables the sourcing, attracting, engagement, and retention of top talent through functionalities like candidate sourcing, email campaigns, and analytics. It plays a critical role in enhancing recruitment marketing and branding, boosting candidate engagement and retention, and improving data management and analysis.

Which CRM is best for recruitment?

Choosing the "best" recruiting CRM software depends on various factors including your particular needs, preferences, and budget. But here is a short list of the best ones:

  1. Recruit CRM
  2. Zoho Recruit
  3. JazzHR
  4. iCIMS
  5. Workable
  6. Manatal
  7. Ceipal
  8. Jobvite
  9. HiringThing
  10. Breezy HR

What is the difference between a CRM and ATS?

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a software tool specifically designed to streamline the hiring process, from advertising job openings to onboarding new hires. It allows for efficient management of job applications, monitoring candidate progress, and streamlining communication with applicants. Conversely, a CRM focuses on cultivating a pool of potential candidates interested in future job opportunities, going beyond applicants for current vacancies.

Both an ATS and CRM can be integrated to form a comprehensive recruitment management solution, or they can be utilized independently, tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

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