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The best 10 Real Estate Recruiting Software

Real estate recruiting software has emerged as an invaluable tool aids in simplifying and optimizing the recruitment process by assisting in the discovery, attraction, engagement, and onboarding of the finest agents for your team.

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The best 10 Real Estate Recruiting Software


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This article delves into the advantages of embracing real estate recruiting software, outlines essential features to seek out, and presents a curated list of the top 10 real estate recruiting software solutions for 2024. Catering to both small and large brokerages, franchises, or independent agencies, our insights aim to guide you towards making a well-informed choice in selecting the ideal real estate recruiting software to empower your business.

Ringover for Real Estate Recruitment

Table: Top 10 Real Estate Recruiting Software

Software NameSoftware DescriptionSoftware Advantages
RingoverOmnichannel VoIP phone with unlimited callingCentralize information in a VoIP software with an excellent UX experience
EmpowerAI-powered conversation intelligence toolAutomatic transcriptions of candidate conversations, interactions are searchable
CadenceSoftware to automate recruiting outreachGain more time for high-value tasks thanks to automation
Zoho RecruitAn ATS system which integrates with the Zoho CRM softwareIntegrates with Ringover and the Zoho CRM
SmartRecruitersSoftware to help with software trackingSpecial features to help with high-volume recruiting
Follow Up BossA CRM and lead management software created for real estateIntegrates with lead sources
Real GeeksTool to assist with real estate marketing and lead generationAffordable pricing and certain CRM features
Ixact RecruiterCandidate tracking software specifically for real estate agenciesCustomizable workflows and intuitive interface
BoomTownSoftware that helps with recruiting, lead generation, candidate experience, and marketingMany integrations with other CRM software
kvCoreLead generation platform with marketing features like website building toolsAi technology to help with lead generation

List: Best 10 Real Estate Recruiting Software

1. Ringover

This cloud-based VoIP phone allows real estate businesses to streamline their sales operations and optimize customer relationships. Omnichannel contact center software ensures agents can reach candidates on the channel they prefer, and advanced telephony features like call routing and IVR menus allow companies to organize the incoming flow of calls and ensure no contact gets lost in the mix.

When it comes to recruiting business development, Ringover also has a wide range of options, including integrations with popular ATS like Bullhorn, Vincere, Recruit CRM, and more. For example, you can reach a greater number of candidates and leads, more efficiently, by using voicemail drop and power dialer, and easily track candidates with tools like Bullhorn recruiting software from one interface. Finally, unlimited calls to over 110 destinations ensures your recruiting efforts have no limits!

Try Ringover

Ringover Advantages✅

Ringover Disadvantages❌

  • May not be suitable for entrepreneurs

Ringover Pricing💲

Ringover offers three pricing plans, the Smart plan is $21 per user/month, the Business plan is $44 per user/month, and the Advanced plan is $54 per user/month.

2. Empower

When you're in contact with a large quantity of candidates, one of the biggest challenges is getting the most out of every conversation. That's where Empower comes in! This software automatically transcribes, summarizes, and analyzes conversations using AI-powered conversation intelligence software and sentiment analysis.

The software then identifies what topics have been discussed, and the strongest emotions that have been expressed on both sides. Plus, the agent will then get personalized and detailed KPIs such as the number of monologues, interruptions, speaking speed, and more, so they can easily identify aspects of their performance that can be improved. For managers, Empower also creates a searchable call library that allows them to easily search through conversations and identify examples of best practices that can then be shared with the team at large.

Try Empower

Empower Advantages✅

Empower Disadvantages❌

  • The only available languages are English, French, Spanish, and Italian

Empower Pricing💲

Empower delivers an incredible amount of value for $69 per user/month.

3. Cadence

When it comes to getting an edge over competitors, automation is the name of the game. That's why more and more real estate agencies have chosen to add Cadence to their selection of real estate recruiting software.

Cadence centralizes multichannel communications, so recruiters can quickly and easily catch up with candidate exchanges. The software integrates with a variety of CRM like Hubspot and Salesforce, and offers customizable templates and automation capabilities so you can improve the efficiency of your recruiting efforts.

Try Cadence

Cadence Advantages✅

  • Automated workflows
  • Personalizable templates
  • Daily checklists for recruiters

Cadence Disadvantages❌

Cadence Pricing💲

The cost for Cadence is $69 per user/month.

4. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a staffing technology software that offers AI applicant tracking systems, sourcing, and collaboration tools for real estate agencies.

Zoho Recruit Advantages✅

  • Affordable pricing
  • Customizable workflows
  • Integration with other Zoho products and Ringover

Zoho Recruit Disadvantages❌

  • Limited customization options for some features
  • Can be complex for users unfamiliar with Zoho products

Zoho Recruit Pricing💲

Pricing starts at around $25 per user per month for the standard plan, with additional costs for advanced features and add-ons.

5. SmartRecruiters


SmartRecruiters is an enterprise-grade cloud recruiting software that offers applicant tracking, sourcing, and collaboration tools for real estate agencies of all sizes.

SmartRecruiters Advantages✅

SmartRecruiters Disadvantages❌

  • Pricing can be expensive for smaller agencies
  • May be overly complex for simple recruiting needs

SmartRecruiters Pricing💲

Pricing is customized based on the size and needs of the organization, with quotes available upon request.

6. Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss is a CRM and lead management platform designed specifically for real estate professionals, including SaaS HR software features.

Follow Up Boss Advantages✅

Follow Up Boss Disadvantages❌

  • Lacks some advanced recruiting features compared to dedicated recruiting platforms

Follow Up Boss Pricing💲

The budget hovers around $69 per month per user, with volume discounts available for larger teams.

7. Real Geeks

Real Geeks

Real Geeks is a real estate marketing and lead generation platform that includes basic recruiting features.

Real Geeks Advantages✅

  • Affordable pricing
  • Customizable lead capture forms
  • Built-in CRM functionality

Real Geeks Disadvantages❌

  • Limited recruiting features compared to dedicated recruiting platforms

Real Geeks Pricing💲

Expect to pay around $299 per month for the basic plan, with additional costs for add-ons and advanced features.

8. Ixact Recruiter

Ixact Recruiter

Ixact Recruiter is a specialized recruiting automation software designed for real estate agencies, offering tools for candidate tracking, communication, and onboarding.

Ixact Recruiter Advantages✅

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable workflows
  • Integration with popular CRMs

Ixact Recruiter Disadvantages❌

  • Limited scalability for larger agencies
  • Lacks some advanced analytics features

Ixact Recruiter Pricing💲

Pricing starts at around $99 per month for up to 10 users, with additional costs for larger teams and advanced features.

9. BoomTown


BoomTown is a comprehensive real estate platform that includes recruiting tools alongside lead generation, CRM, and marketing automation features.

BoomTown Advantages✅

  • Offers robust lead generation capabilities
  • Integrates seamlessly with various CRMs
  • Provides advanced analytics for tracking recruitment efforts

BoomTown Disadvantages❌

  • High initial setup costs
  • Ongoing subscription fees can be prohibitive for smaller agencies

BoomTown Pricing💲

BoomTown doesn't provide a pricing list on their site, so if you want to know what budget is required, you'll need to get in touch with their sales team.

10. kvCORE


kvCORE is an all-in-one real estate platform that offers recruiting, lead generation, CRM, and website builder tools.

kvCORE Advantages✅

  • User-friendly interface
  • AI-powered lead generation
  • Customizable recruiting workflows

kvCORE Disadvantages❌

  • Limited customization options compared to some other platforms

kvCORE Pricing💲

Because kvCore doesn't list their prices on their website, you'll need to get in touch with their team to find out more information.

Top Features to Look For in Real Estate Recruiting Software

When choosing real estate recruiting software for your brokerage, it's vital to select one that offers the best combination of functionality, pricing, and quality. Identifying software with certain key features can significantly enhance your recruiting success. Below are the top three features to prioritize:

Integration Capabilities ✔️

An ideal real estate recruiting software should effortlessly connect with your current systems, Salesforce for recruiters and other CRM, MLS, email, calendars, social media, and others, to prevent data redundancy, simplify your operations, and consolidate critical information in a single location.

AI and Machine Learning Enhancements ✔️

The incorporation of artificial intelligence and machine learning is revolutionizing how brokers and managers recruit and retain agents. These technologies can automate and refine numerous aspects of the recruitment process, from candidate sourcing and screening to interview coordination, candidate engagement, and performance analysis.

User-Friendly Interface and Support ✔️

The usability of real estate recruiting software is critical for both you and your candidates. It should feature a straightforward, intuitive interface with easily accessible and comprehensible tools. Additionally, the software should be backed by dependable and attentive customer support for any technical issues or inquiries you might have.

How to Choose the Right Real Estate Recruiting Software

Selecting the ideal real estate recruiting software in 2024 can be daunting given the plethora of options. Follow these steps to ensure you make a well-informed and wise choice for your brokerage:

1. Defining Your Recruitment Needs

Identify your recruitment objectives and the challenges you encounter in your current process. Delve into the specific features and functionalities needed to address these challenges. Consider the number of agents you aim to recruit and retain over the next year and your budget allocation for real estate recruiting software.

Answering these queries will help you streamline your options, focusing on software that aligns with your needs and expectations.

2. Comparing Software Features and Pricing

Examine the features and pricing of various real estate recruiting software offerings. Utilize online review platforms to discover top real estate software for 2024. Alternatively, explore the vendors' websites for demos or free trials.

Prioritize software that encompasses essential features such as integration capabilities, AI and machine learning enhancements, a user-friendly interface, robust support, and sophisticated analytics and reporting. Additionally, assess the pricing models to ensure they fit within your budget and deliver significant value.

3. Considering User Reviews and Testimonials

Evaluate user reviews and testimonials for the software you're contemplating. Seeking referrals from fellow brokers or agents who have experience with the software can also offer valuable feedback.

Opt for software that has garnered positive feedback and high ratings, indicating a satisfied and loyal user base. The level of customer service and support provided by the software vendor is crucial. Ensure they are responsive and supportive of their users' needs.


Real estate recruiting software serves as a dynamic asset, streamlining the process of discovering, attracting, engaging, and onboarding exceptional agents for your brokerage. Furthermore, it aids in overseeing your current agents, monitoring their achievements, and offering essential coaching and training.

If you're poised to elevate your real estate recruiting endeavors, we encourage you to explore Ringover, Empower and Cadence! Each option offers a free trial, so you can see the difference it makes for yourself.

Real Estate Recruiting Software FAQ

What software do realtors use?

Realtors employ various software solutions to enhance efficiency and manage tasks effectively. Key software categories include customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, and property management systems. These tools are essential for streamlining operations and fostering client relationships.

How much does Ixact recruiter cost?

The pricing for Ixact recruiter is set at $85 per month (when billed annually) for individual users and leaders of recruiting teams. For members of these teams, the rate is $38 per month (also billed annually). Ixact Recruiter is a specialized CRM and marketing platform tailored for the real estate industry, designed to aid brokers in maintaining connections and nurturing relationships with potential recruits.

What program is best for real estate?

Selecting the optimal program for real estate operations hinges on your specific objectives and requirements. Here are a few options worth considering:

  1. Ringover centralizes communications in one interface and allows for unlimited international calling, as well as providing a wide range of telephony features to improve efficiency.
  2. With Empower, your conversations will be automatically transcribed, summarized, and undergo sentiment analysis, making it possible to quickly understand how to optimize performance.
  3. Cadence increases efficiency when reaching out to candidates and clients thanks to automated workflows and customizable templates.

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