A complete business phone system package

RingOver is simply the best of business phone systems: discover all included features.


Take advantage of the features of a classic business phone system from your computer or smartphone.

Call from a computer or a smartphone

Thanks to WebRTC technology, you can make and receive calls from any desktop or laptop computer.

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VOIP Phone

Take advantage of all the benefits of the Cloud with an office VOIP phone.

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Smart dialer

The smart dialer allows you to make calls to outside correspondents and team members more quickly.

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Internal calls

Call your team members easily and without limit with RingOver.

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Automatic Call Forwarding

Forward all of your calls to a colleague’s RingOver, or just those you don’t pick up.

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Call log

Find your call history in your RingOver call log.

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Call reception on an external number

Receive or continue RingOver calls on the landline or mobile number of your choice.

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Interactive voice menu

Send calls to the right person thanks to the interactive vocal server (press 1, press 2…).

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Call transfer

Transfer a call in progress to a team member, ensuring that your clients always reach the right correspondent.

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Desktop Notifications

Never miss a call again! Thanks to desktop notifications, you’ll be notified of all incoming calls even if you’re not connected to RingOver.

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Beyond phone calls, communicate with the help of digital messaging tools.

Send and receive text messages

Keep in touch with your contacts via text message from your RingOver number.

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Email signature

The RingOver email signature allows your contacts to call you quickly and free of charge with a “Click-to-Call” button in your email signature.

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Voicemail by email

Receive voicemail messages to your email inbox. Listen to the message and return the call in one click.

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Internal chat

Facilitate exchanges with the members of your team thanks to RingOver’s internal chat system.

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Mobility & Private life

Switch between different devices without losing your call and put clear boundaries between your personal life and professional one, deactivating RingOver at your discretion

Changing devices during a call

Continue a call answered on your computer with the web app, or vice versa.

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“Do Not Disturb” Setting

Before going into a meeting or simply to stay concentrated, activate the “Do Not Disturb” setting and send all calls to voicemail.

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Business hours

Determine the opening hours for your RingOver number.

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Simultaneous ring

Receive incoming calls to your computer and mobile app at the same time, picking up on the device of your choice.

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Collaborative services

Rediscover the potential of teamwork thanks to innovative collaborative services.

Shared directory

Share your RingOver contacts with your team.

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Conference calls

No code nor reservation needed - use RingOver for all of your teleconferencing needs.

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CRM Integration

Integrate RingOver in your CRM or professional tool.

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Easily supervise the activities of your colleagues, as individuals or a team.

Call logs by agent or service

View all call logs by agent or service.

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Listening in

Supervise a conversation in progress.

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Real-time statistics

Follow your team’s phone activity in real time.

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Call recording

Record your RingOver calls.

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