We’re very pleased to announce the integration of our cloud telephony solution with noCRM.

By simply integrating Ringover telephony with your noCRM tool, you’ll vastly improve the productivity of your sales team.

About noCRM.io

noCRM.io is a business prospecting software focused on converting opportunities. You can easily create leads from multiple sources. Manage cold leads and qualified opportunities separately and optimize your sales process. With noCRM you won’t miss out on important opportunities and you will definitely close more deals!

Integrating Ringover into noCRM

In just a few clicks you can connect Ringover with noCRM to allow your sales team to:

  • Make and receive unlimited calls directly from noCRM.io
  • In seconds you can find all of your call history, voicemail messages and recorded conversations with noCRM
  • Improve team productivity and collaboration with advance integrated tools

    Integrating Ringover into noCRM is just a few clicks away, no technical knowledge required.

    To know more about noCRM.io : click here.

    If you want to integrate Ringover with noCRM contact us on 01 84 800 800 or send an email to commercial@ringover.com. We would be delighted to help you !