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Get to grips with the new age of VoIP Business Solutions

A VoIP Business Solution or VoIP Phone System is a system that utilizes internet protocols to provide phone services. In technical terms, the information that would normally be transferred via an analog telephone network is transformed into data packets and sent over the web instead.

VoIP Business solutions take two main forms. The first is an on-premise VoIP phone system. This is by far the more costly and involves purchasing and installing a large amount of equipment onsite, assembling a team to maintain it and paying monthly fees for things like SIP trunking and other necessities.

Cloud-based VoIP Business Solutions

The other option is a Cloud-based system. There is where a company chooses to outsource its phone system to a VoIP provider like Ringover. This offers a wide variety of benefits, not least of which is cost-saving on both equipment, labor and monthly fees. Because the infrastructure is housed and maintained offsite, companies save on space, equipment and the payroll for experts needed for maintenance. Also, all additional costs are reduced to one simple monthly fee. The only drawback is that you are dependent on your provider to ensure security and reliability. This is why choosing a service provider with a proven track record pays dividends.

Other benefits of a Cloud-based VoIP business solution

Flexibility: This breaks down in a number of ways. For one, it is much easier to add and remove extensions and numbers than an analog system meaning you make life easier for your new employees and are able to scale your phone system accordingly.

Versatility: VoIP business solutions offer more features than an analog PBX telephone system can hope to compete with. The beauty of these additional features is that they can be added or removed based on the needs of the business. The ability to create a bespoke package is one of the benefits of working with a comprehensive VoIP business solution provider like Ringover.

Mobility: If your business is mobile or you move premises from time to time, VoIP systems offer the ability to move your numbers elsewhere with minimum fuss.

How to choose the right VoIP Service provider

Understand your own needs

There are now a large number of companies offering VoIP Business solutions. Understanding which one is right for you requires an assessment of your business and your requirements. Cheaper providers usually achieve their lower cost by removing features that may be key to your business strategy.

How is Ringover different?

Ringover not only offers a host of useful features that can be combined into the bespoke package for your company, we are also on hand to offer advice and help guide you towards the products and features that will maximize your business potential.

Variety and quality

Ringover offers a myriad of features and products that adapt to the needs of the business in question. With unlimited VoIP calls in over 80 destinations and virtual numbers available for a whopping 65 companies, there is much to aid small and large scale operations alike.

A close up on some of the feature that can help you succeed

Custom greetings

Your company’s impression starts from the moment the phone connects the customer. Ringover’s online studio gives you a chance to personalize the customer experience even while on hold.

Efficient IVR

Our key-based system provides a reliable way to guide clients to the people in your company who can help them. This serves to improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction in one easy-to-setup solution.

Comprehensive call logs

Good data is the key to development. Our call logs provide a detailed picture to help you improve your service, providing information such as date, duration, caller name, call route and more.

Creating the right partnership

A business partnership in every sense

If you are in the call sector, your phone service is going to be a key player in your development. As time passes and you begin to grow and evolve your business, you should start to develop a close relationship with your VoIP Business solution provider.

A lasting impression

At Ringover, we consider every client a partner and work hard to develop trust and confidence with every passing year. That is why such a wide variety of companies have chosen to work with us and continue to rely on us for their communication needs.

A growing team of diverse talents and backgrounds

Trusting Ringover to provide your VoIP Business solution means your company is backed up by a dynamic team of talent from all over the world.

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VoIP Business Solutions FAQ

What is a VoIP business solution?

A VoIP business solution from Ringover is a tailored phone network that can be set up in a very short space of time and at a very low cost compared to a traditional analog phone network.

How does a VoIP business solution work?

A cloud-based VoIP business solution like the one offered by Ringover works by transforming your voice information into data packets that are then transferred to the recipient via the internet.

What are the advantages of VoIP business solutions?

VoIP business solutions offer a variety of benefits compared to analog telephone networks. Numbers can be added quickly, cheaply and easily making it a scalable solution for new and growing businesses. Low cost per call is another advantage of VoIP especially when it comes to long-distance calls. Also, because virtual connections are virtually unlimited, as long as you have employees ready to pick up customers can call through no matter how many other agents are taking calls.

Why your company should use a VoIP business solution?

A VoIP solution is a great option for businesses of all kinds. New business will love the flexibility and easy set up as it offers a means to hit the road running. Established businesses will benefit from the scalability on offer as well as the limitless amount of phone lines available. Mobile businesses will find the ability to login and make business calls from any computer a vital tool.