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Improve customer support conversations

See who’s calling in the dialer within Zendesk and automatically load relevant tickets onto the agent’s screen for easy caller screening. Use saved data about each caller and their previous requests to personalize every conversation.

Improve customer support conversations

Automatic ticket creation and update

Spend less time on data entry

Each incoming call will trigger a new Zendesk ticket or update existing ones with caller information. No more extra time spent creating tickets for each caller or manually keying in details about each call. Watch your client tickets update with all the data you need in real time.

Spend less time on data entry

Call in 1 click from Zendesk

Help your support agents save time

Take advantage of click-to-call with Ringover for Zendesk for instant calling at the click of your mouse. Agents no longer need to enter phone numbers manually to call contacts from Zendesk. Instead, just click-to-call any phone number from your Zendesk platform.

Help your support agents save time

Call transfer and handling

Simplify call transfers

Say goodbye to poor phone service and bid hello to superior call handling options. Ringover for Zendesk allows you to select from 3 call transfer options (direct, warm or send to voicemail) to easily send the call to another phone number, agent or group so the caller can speak with the agent best capable of handling his request.

Simplify call transfers
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