The Therapists in Solidarity platform ( provides hospital staff, who are under exceptional pressure during this Covid-19 crisis, a way to easily obtain psychological support, free of charge, from one of the associated practitioners by contacting them 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

We salute the initiative of the therapists who are making a free contribution to this project, and to QualiSocial, the company that implemented it.

On our end, we too wanted to contribute as best we could to this initiative by facilitating the deployment in just a few hours of a free number accessible from any phone, as well as call routing to the 150 practitioners associated with the platform. Each practitioner can easily answer calls depending on their availability, thanks to an interface available with no installation on their computer.

If you are the initiator of a similar project, or you know of any, we invite you to contact us so that we may assess together the extent to which we can provide technical support.