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Take Advantage of Advanced Call Center Technology

Today’s business world increasingly demands faster resolution timeframes, more flexible remote work options, and a dependable backbone of high-quality advanced software to run everything smoothly. Ringover offers a flexible, scalable, and dependable software solution for your full-service call center. Ringover’s cloud-based telephony software gives you the ability to establish and manage a fully remote contact center, all from the comfort of your own home or remote location. Easily and quickly configure the application, establish up to 80 new lines, and assign agents. From there, you’ll be able to monitor and manage your entire contact center performance from an easy-to-use real-time dashboard.

Discover How Ringover Boosts Business

See an improvement in your customer satisfaction levels with Ringover’s advanced technology. Your agents will have the tools they need to perform their job well, with full integration of CRM software into the Ringover platform. All needed client file information, actions, updates, and helpdesk tools can be accessed from just one screen. Watch as your customer experience levels improve, thanks to faster call resolution times and shorter call wait times, as well as more efficient resolution to customer inquiries.

Call Center Technology Empowers You to Do More

Begin your journey to running a more effective and efficient customer service center, with Ringover and its robust offering of features:

  • View essential service level and performance data on demand, from a customisable dashboard
  • Instantly add and remove up to 80 lines
  • Place and accept calls from anywhere around the globe, as long as there is an internet connection
  • Create and manage auto dialer call campaigns with ease
  • Stay in contact with your agents with whisper capability, direct SMS, and video conferencing

Why Choose Ringover for Your Call Management Software?

Install and Get Going in Minutes

Installation and setup of Ringover is easy and simple. No need for a technology specialist or an entire afternoon…it only takes a few minutes to configure your settings and add new lines.

Flexibility and Scalability

Ringover’s cloud contact center software solution provides you with the features needed to monitor and respond quickly to changing needs and volumes. Control inbound and outbound call volumes, route calls according to agent availability and skillset, and quickly establish and remove lines as needed.

Manage a Remote Team with Ease

Even from a remote location, you’ll feel up to date on all that’s happening with your customer service center, with your at-a-glance and real-time dashboard. Get essential current and historical data, pull and view reports, and make changes all from one customisable location.

Empower Your Agents with Advanced Call Center Technology

Fully Integrate Your Current CRM Software

Ringover knows that CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is an essential part of a successful contact center business. Enjoy full integration of your CRM software into the Ringover platform, giving your agents the tools they need.

Provide Needed Coaching

With call recording, you’ll be able to review calls and provide your agents with helpful coaching and training. Agents can also benefit from a whisper capability, allowing you to provide discreet and helpful tips to your agents whilst on customer calls.

Highlight Your Agents’ Skills

Depending on the size and skills of your staff, you may want to take advantage of the ability to route certain call types to specific skill set groups amongst your agents. Ringover also gives you the option of routing calls based on language, time zone, and multiple other factors.

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Discover the incredible benefits offered by Ringover that are already being enjoyed by tens of thousands of businesses world-wide. Ringover makes it a mission to understand what today’s cloud contact center businesses need, and to deliver a solution that works.

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Call Center Technology FAQ

What is call center technology?

Call center technology is a term applied to a wide range of software and hardware used for telecommunications for both physical and virtual customer service centers. It includes automated systems that facilitate answering and routing inbound calls and performing outbound calling as well. For physical call centers, hardware can include desk phones, headsets, computers, and a landline system including a PBX. Virtual contact centers require fewer hardware items, yet do require a router, internet connection, computers, laptops, or smartphones, and softphones if needed.

What type of technology does a contact center need?

The basic technology and equipment needed for a contact center to function begins with a computer, headset or softphone, and an internet connection. Also needed are a customer service center software application, CRM software, call recording and monitoring capabilities, and the ability to analyse call center performance. These needs can be met by a comprehensive cloud contact center software solution.

Is it possible to set up a contact center from home?

Yes, with the right technology it is certainly possible, and often simple, to set up a contact center from your home. The first step is to decide how many agents you’ll want to employ and select the best technology for your business needs. Implementing contact center software can typically be done by yourself. With modern cloud-based contact center software, you can run your business and interact with all of your agents from a remote location.

Can you work for a contact center from home?

You can work for a contact center either at a physical location or from a remote location such as your home. With cloud-based telephony services and cloud contact center software, virtual centers can operate in a fully remote capacity for owners, agents, and managers. VoIP telephony allows agents to download the software application and use a computer, laptop, or even smart phone to place and accept calls.

What are people looking for in a contact center technology solution?

There are current trends apparent in technology for contact centers, including the ability to operate a cloud-based contact center from a remote location that also employs a team of remote agents. Also in demand is the ability to pull analytics on overall contact center and agent performance. Auto dialer and predictive dialer capabilities are important for businesses placing outbound client calling and for marketing campaigns.