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The Ringover integration in the HubSpot CRM allows you to:
- Synchronise your HubSpot contacts in Ringover
- Call your clients in 1 click by clicking on their phone number in HubSpot
- Have logs of all calls in your client files
- Listen to recorded conversations (you'll need to activate this option beforehand in your Ringover account) in HubSpot
- Listen to your clients’ voicemails in HubSpot
- Synchronise your notes/call comments
- Synchronise your call tags

⚠️ You must be a HubSpot Superadmin for the connection procedure. You can then restore your initial rights.

  • You must have a Power Ringover account 💳 to take advantage of this integration.

  • This integration must be carried out by a Ringover account administrator 👨‍💼 with Dashboard access.

💻 Go to
Then click “activate” across from “HubSpot V2”.

Next select “Grant Access” ✅ before passing to the captcha.

Lastly, configure settings ⚙️ as needed.

From now on, your call logs will appear in your HubSpot contact files.

You can also call your clients easily by clicking on their phone number.

To activate this option, carry out the following steps 👉

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