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You will need a Ringover Power 💳 account to access this integration.
The integration must be completed by a Ringover administrator account 👨‍💼.
The integration must be completed by a SugarCRM administrator account 👨‍💼.
To ensure that the integration works correctly for a user, the e-mail address linked to their Ringover account must match the (primary) e-mail address linked to their SugarCRM account (login names may be different).

💻 Go to your SugarCRM account, in the "Admin" menu, then in "Configure API platforms.

Insert the name "ringover" ⌨️ and click on "Save".

💻 Go to and click on the “activate” button next to “SugarCRM”.

Enter the URL and login details for your SugarCRM administrator account, then click on “Activate”.

You will then be able to customize the integration functions via the settings.
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