Gorgias Integration: your RingOver phones in Gorgias

Thanks to this integration, synchronise your RingOver phone system with Gorgias and improve the efficiency of your customer service.

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File retrieval (CTI) and ticket creation

When one of your clients calls you, you can directly access their information thanks to automatic file retrieval. For each call, a ticket is automatically created or update by RingOver.

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Save time and call in 1 click

With RingOver, call your contacts directly from your Zendesk interface. Simply click on the phone number to make the call.

Transfer your calls easily

Easily transfer a call in progress to a team member or group. Choose the type of transfer: direct transfer, by request, or directly to voicemail.

Follow your phone activity, ticket by ticket

Each call, voicemail or conversation is automatically added to a client’s ticket. No more need for manual logging; all of your exchanges are saved.

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Retrieve your text message exchanges

Thanks to RingOver mobile numbers, access your sent and received text messages directly from Gorgias. Ideal for re-launching a ticket in progress.