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Sales engagement with Google Sheets and Cadence

Google Sheets Integration & Cadence

  • Keep your prospect data up-to-date
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Keep your prospect data up-to-date
  • Quick and easy set-up


The Cadence tool seamlessly integrates into Google Sheets to simplify, organise and automate your teams' daily tasks.

Keep your prospect data up-to-date

Qualify your prospects in Cadence and update their status in just a click.

Information on your prospects is automatically updated in real time in Google Sheets, and vice-versa in Cadence.

Quick and easy set-up

In just a few clicks, you can import your list of prospects with their information (name, job title, phone numbers).

It couldn't be easier! Are you ready to unlock the power of prospecting with Cadence?

by Ringover’s key features

List of daily tasks

Generated automatically, for each employee.

Template library

Emails, SMS messages, LinkedIn messages, call scripts, etc.

CRM syncing

Prospect information always up-to-date.

Integration into your telephony

Make you calls in just one click.

Multi-channel sequences

Contact your prospects by phone, email, etc.

Automated actions

Save time for your agents.

Sales activity monitoring

In real time.

Performance statistics

To optimize your templates, your prospecting sequences.

Using Google Sheets and want to integrate Cadence?

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