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Integrating Ringover in Jira

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Notes :
- You’ll need a Ringover Power account 💳 in order to benefit from this integration.
- The integration should be installed by a Ringover administrator account 👨‍💼.
- The integration should be installed by a Jira administrator account 👨‍💼.
- In order for the integration to be functional for users, the e-mail addresses used for their Ringover and Jira accounts must be identical.

Step 1: Activation

💻 Head to https://dashboard.ringover.com/integrations and then click on “activate”, opposite “Jira”:

Next, enter your Jira login details.

Step 2: Configuration in Ringover

Configure the integration to suit your needs.

For the “Create a Jira ticket”:
- you can find the scenario ID in the configuration of your switchboard:

- you can find the project name and “issue type ID” in your Jira interface. The configuration should look like this:

There you go: Ringover is now integrated in Jira! 🎉
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