VOIP Phone

Take advantage of all the benefits of the Cloud with an office VOIP phone.

Try RingOver

Manage your RingOver calls from your office phone

With or without an office landline, connect easily to your VOIP phone with your RingOver login information.

All your calls synchronised

Find your complete incoming and outgoing call history with the RingOver web and mobile app on your VoiP phone.

Première étape d'activation d'un téléphone VoIP

Step 1

Go to myringover.com, then in Settings go to Advanced - SIP Account.

Seconde étape d'activation d'un téléphone VoIP

Step 2

Connect with your VOIP phone by entering your username and password.

Troisième étape d'activation d'un téléphone VoIP

Step 3

Make and receive calls with your VOIP phone. Your call log will remain synchronised no matter what device you use.

A complete business phone system package

All Voice Messages Mobility Collaborative Services Private Life

RingOver is simply the best of business phone systems: discover all included features

Take advantage of the features of a classic business phone system from your computer or smartphone

Beyond phone calls, communicate with the help of digital messaging tools

Rediscover the potential of teamwork thanks to innovative collaborative services

Switch between different devices (computers, smartphones) without losing your call

Put clear boundaries between your personal life and professional one, deactivating RingOver at your discretion