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How to link Ringover with Slack?

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Notes :
- You’ll need a Ringover Power account 💳 in order to benefit from this integration.
- The integration should be installed by a Ringover administrator account 👨‍💼.
- The integration should be installed by a Slack administrator account 👨‍💼.

Step 1: Activation

Go to https://dashboard.ringover.com/integrations and then click on “activate”, opposite “Slack”:

Next, click “Allow” to authorize the Ringover app in Slack:

Step 2: Configuration in Ringover

The integration will be activated by default for all agents with identical email addresses on Ringover and Slack.

You can add or deactivate users by clicking on “Manage users”:

You can customize the integration so that it suits yours needs:

Step 3: Configuration in Slack

The Ringover app will be added to your Slack space. You can also add it manually by clicking on the “Add apps” button and then selecting Ringover:

There you have it: the integration is complete. All of your calls will be notified as Slack alerts in this Ringover app. 🎉
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