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How to link Ringover with INES CRM?

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Notes :
- You'll need a Ringover Power 💳 account to be able to take advantage of this integration.
- The integration must be carried out by a Ringover account administrator.👨‍💼
- The integration must be carried out by an INES CRM account administrator.👨‍💼
- For the integration to be functional for a user, the email address 📧 associated with their Ringover account must be identical to that associated with their INES CRM account.

💻 Go to https://dashboard.ringover.com/integrations and click "activate" across from "INES CRM":

Enter your login info and click "Activate":

Configure the integration as needed:

Now go to the account setup section in INES CRM:

Then "users":

Verify that the emails are identical to those linked to your Ringover accounts:

Your integration is now complete! 🎉
You can now retrieve all your call logs in INES CRM.

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