Version applicable as of 10/31/2019


These Terms and Conditions of Use (hereafter “Terms”) are applicable to all commercial dealings of the company BJT PARTNERS, having for commercial purposes the name “RINGOVER GROUP,” simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 100 euros registered with the PARIS Trade and Companies Register under number 480 234 210, of which the operating location is 26 rue Friant in Paris - (75014) France, (hereafter “BJT PARTNERS” or “Recipient” or “RINGOVER GROUP”) and its clients, (hereafter “Client” or “Subscriber”) who agree to use this service only in direct relation to their professional activity.

These Terms, which define the rights and obligations of each party pertaining to the provision and use of the switchboard service RingOver, must be accepted by the Subscriber as well as by all persons invited by the Subscriber to use this service. These Terms, which the Subscriber may save, print and keep on file, prevail over all other clauses in any other documentation without prior express written consent. If any clause in these Terms is rendered inapplicable for any reason, this clause will be modified to a strict minimum to become applicable.

Users are reminded that they may contact BJT PARTNERS through the forms provided on the site www.RingOver.com or by mail at the following address: BJT PARTNERS, RingOver.com, 26 rue Friant, 75014 Paris, France.

It is agreed that the language governing these terms is English. All subscription to the service implies complete acceptance of the Terms.


“Service” refers to the collective services provided by BJT PARTNERS through the site RingOver.com and MyRingOver.com as well as the iOS and Android RingOver applications.

“Subscriber” or “Client” refers to any person subscribing to the Service offered by BJT PARTNERS. The Subscriber must be a professional of a minimum age of 18 years and have the right to act on behalf of any represented agency. The Subscriber is permitted to activate other Users’ accounts.

“Subscription” or “Signup” refers to the process by which the Subscriber performs the procedures necessary to benefit from the Service provided by BJT PARTNERS or one of its authorized distributors, business providers, resellers or authorized spaces.

“Subscriber Account” refers to the account created by the Subscriber upon Subscription with which are associated the accounts of other Users.

“User” refers to any professional aged at least 18 years who is authorized to use the Service by the Subscriber or an Administrator following the creation of a User Account. Use of the Service by any User enacts the responsibility of the Subscriber.

“User Account” refers to the account created by the Subscriber which allows a User to benefit from the Service.

“RingOver Accounts” refers to the Subscriber Account and the User Accounts created by the Subscriber.

“RingOver Number” refers to the telephone number provided to the Subscriber upon Subscription to the Service or the telephone number provided to the User by the Subscriber.

“Administrator” refers to any professional of a minimum age of 18 years authorized by the Subscriber or another Administrator to oversee a User Account.

The “Order Form” designates the purchase order addressed by BJT Partners to the Client or Subscriber specifying in particular the subscription chosen by the latter, which must be dated, signed and returned to BJT PARTNERS in order to finalise Signup.

1. Description of Service and Prerequisites

RingOver is an online switchboard service that allows business colleagues to make and receive phone calls directly through the internet (with no software to install), a mobile application or SIP phone.

RingOver also allows the automatic transfer of calls to RingOver Numbers to a landline or mobile as well as the sending and reception of faxes, according to the conditions defined herein.

This Service is reserved for all professionals, except those situated in the territory of the United States of America, where the Service is not currently available.

Those wishing to benefit from the Service must visit the site RingOver.com in order to subscribe, providing a valid email address and mailing address corresponding to their geographic location, which will allow the creation of a Subscriber Account as well as User Accounts.

BJT PARTNERS will then communicate to the Subscriber one or more RingOver Numbers associated with the RingOver Accounts created by the Subscriber, with the choice and type of numbers offered depending on the location the Subscriber indicates upon Signup.

The RingOver Service cannot be used to make calls to emergency services (112, 17, 18, 115…) except at the Client’s express requestand on the condition that the concerned country be eligible (France, Belgium, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Austria) with the Subscriber having transmitted documentation proving their geographic location.

It is therefore the responsibility of the Client to inform all Users in the case that emergency calls are not activated.

It is expressly stated that in the case of any error or lack of precision regarding the geographic location provided by the Client, BJT PARTNERS will incur no responsibility, notably in the case of failure of an emergency call. BJT PARTNERS may as well cancel the Subscriber Account without warning nor indemnity.

Before subscribing, the Subscriber must ensure that their telephone/internet service provider or network administrator allows phone calls to be made and received directly through the browsers Firefox (at least Version 54) or Chrome (at least version 58), a mobile application or a SIP phone. Otherwise, use of the Service is not possible.

It is the responsibility of the Subscriber and Users to ensure that, in order to receive quality service:

  • they have a high quality internet connection with a real speed of 2Mb/s downstream and 1Mb/s upload;
  • voice stream data is prioritized on network flows;
  • the use of access equipment respects the integrity of SIP messages;
  • flows are open toward TCP 443, 1443, 2443 and 5060 and UDP 16384-32768 ports;
  • codecs are used in order of preference: OPUS, Speex, G711 (PCMA, PCMU).

BJT PARTNERS calls the Client’s attention to the fact that the MRCP protocol is not supported.

An overview of services offered by BJT PARTNERS is available on the present site at the following address: https://www.ringover.com, with it understood that RingOver Numbers are not published in annual telephone directories. It is solely for the Subscriber to approach telephone directory services if they wish to make public one or more of their RingOver Numbers.

2. Conditions of Subscription and Activation of Service

Upon Subscription to the Service, the Subscriber will have to prove his identity as well as ability to act and represent the Client through the provision of supporting documents (Kbis extract, identity card, powers, etc ...).

The activation of a Subscriber Account is left to the discretion of BJT PARTNERS, which specifically reserves the right not to activate the Subscriber Account in case of doubt of the Subscriber’s identity or ability to act as well as misrepresentation on the Subscriber’s part or when payment authorisation is declined.

A RingOver Number is provided to the User upon the creation of a User Account.

Regulatory authorities may require documentation proving the User's identity, according to the type and area code of the telephone number entered upon Subscription.

This documentation must be provided by the Subscriber after the creation of the User Account. No activation of Service will be possible without these documents.

In the case of absence of this documentation, BJT PARTNERS will automatically terminate the User Account concerned and no refund will be provided.

In the case of inaccurate information provided during Subscription with no regularization within 8 (eight) days of notice, BJT PARTNERS reserves the right to terminate the User Account. All sums paid by the Client will be retained by BJT PARTNERS.

3. Acceptance and Modification of RingOver.com’s Terms

Pursuant to Article 1127-1 of the French Civil Code relating to electronic services, BJT PARTNERS provides its clients with contractual conditions applicable to the service "RingOver. com" and the steps to follow to conclude the present contract on its website "www.RingOver.com.” Before the conclusion of the contract, BJT PARTNERS will put into effect the technical means permitting the User to identify any errors in the information entered and to correct them.

To subscribe to RingOver’s service, the Subscriber must either:

  • complete the required fields on the subscription form and validate their Subscription. By checking the box “I have read and accept these Terms and Conditions of Use,” the Subscriber acknowledges all provisions of these Terms and agrees to submit to them unconditionally.
  • OR initial, sign and return the duly completed Order Form as well as all appendices (which include these Terms) to the following address: BJT Partners, RingOver Service, 26 rue de Friant, 75014 Paris, FRANCE.

The Subscriber also acknowledges having full legal capacity or the permission of an authorized person to engage these terms and conditions. Subscription to one or more of RingOver.com’s Services as well as the use of these Services through the site www.RingOver.com implies full acceptance of the Terms on the part of the Subscriber.

The Subscriber may modify the information associated with their Subscription at any time through their online account. Any additional fees (subscriptions to the Internet, etc.) incurred through Subscription to the Provider’s Service and the use thereof are the sole responsibility of the Subscriber. The Subscriber guarantees that the information provided is exact and accurate. The Subscriber also agrees to regularly update this information, alert the RingOver team with a minimum delay in case of modification of data submitted during registration and, if necessary, to personally proceed with said changes.

All information concerning use of the Service is provided on the site www.RingOver.com. For any additional information, Subscribers may contact customer service through the online form. Customer service is is only available in French and English, so a response to questions written in other languages is not guaranteed.

RingOver.com reserves the right to modify the manner of use as well as Terms of its Services at any time. Subscribers will be informed of all changes by email (sent to the address provided during Subscription) and on the website www.RingOver.com. The collective changes to the Terms will apply to all Subscribers, including those having subscribed before the changes. It is agreed that the contractual relationships underway with BJT PARTNERS will automatically cease if the Subscriber informs BJT PARTNERS of their refusal to comply with the modified Terms within a period of eight (8) days of the date of the online revision of the Terms, with the Client thereafter understood to have accepted in full the revised Terms.

4. Subscription and use of service

The Client is entitled to use the Service by subscribing to (i) a non-binding offer of duration or prepayment over twelve (12) months, or (ii) an offer with a term of twelve (12), twenty-four (24) or thirty-six (36) months, renewable by tacit agreement for periods of twelve (12) months.. Subscription fees are available on the Order Form or on web page www.RingOver.com/en/pricing.

The Service will be activated and integrally billed upon reception of the Client’s order by BJT PARTNERS, except in the case of phone numbers’ incoming portability.

When a Client makes an incoming portability request, they must send to BJT PARTNERS, within 20 (twenty) days of their purchase order, all information and documents requested upon signup required for portability, i.e: the most recent bill from the operator(s) of the phone number(s) to be ported, the operator identification statement (RIO), proof of residence as well as the complete portability mandate. Upon the reception of these aforementioned documents in full, and on the condition of compliance with the necessary timeframe, BJT PARTNERS will effect the portability procedure. In case of failure to transmit the aforementioned documents within the period of 20 (twenty) days, BJT PARTNERS may unilaterally terminate the contract. The Client will be thus be obliged to pay an inclusive penalty equal to 3 (three) times the amount billed monthly according to their purchase order. The Service will be billed and activated the day of incoming portability for the numbers. In the case where incoming portability for numbers would take place on different dates, billing and the start of contractual obligations would begin the day of incoming portability for the first number.

The User can send and receive faxes on the condition that they opt for a fax number upon subscription.

Upon Subscription, the Subscriber has the possibility, depending on eligibility, to opt for a plan including unlimited calls or a usage-based plan. For Subscription to a plan with unlimited calls, the ensemble of Users associated with the Subscriber Account will benefit from unlimited calls and faxes to the destinations found through the url https://www.ringover.com/en/rates or the Purchase Order page's “Call rates,” hereafter referred to as “Zone 1” or “Included.”

Following a recent development in the regulations and pricing policies of international telecoms operators, telecoms operators in certain European countries (European Economic Area and Switzerland) now add charges to calls, depending on the call’s country of origin.

Consequently, to have the advantage of unlimited calls to destinations in the European Economic Area included in the plan, Users must display a mobile number for the same country as the country called, or a landline number in one of the European Economic Area member countries. If a User calls a destination in the European Economic Area from another type of telephone number, the call will then be billed at the rate indicated under the following url: https://www.ringover.com/en/pricing

Similarly, for unlimited calls to Switzerland included in the plan, the User must display a Swiss landline number. If the User displays another type of telephone number when calling Switzerland, the call will be billed at the rate indicated under the following url: https://www.ringover.com/en/pricing

The plan with unlimited calls is intended for use as a traditional business phone system, in the context of interpersonal conversation between two physical persons. Telecommunications professionals (phone operators, call centers, teleboutiques, telemarketing companies) are not eligible for the unlimited call plan.

Use of the unlimited call plan must remain reasonable.

For each User, over the course of an undetermined period, the rate of use of the Service is proportional to the time during which the User is in communication with the correspondents they have called via the Service. Thus, it is on the basis of the average rate of Service use for certain Users over a given period of time that average rate of Service use is determined.

Use of a plan with unlimited calls is considered to be reasonable as long as the average rate of Service use observed among all Users associated with the Subscriber Account is less than five times the average rate of use of the Service as calculated on the base of Clients benefiting from a flat rate with unlimited calls during the last six months. In case of inappropriate use or abuse, RINGOVER GROUP reserves the right to cancel the unlimited call plan (conforming to the provisions of article 18.2 of these Terms) and automatically migrate the ensemble of Users to a usage-based plan without the possibility of returning to an unlimited call plan, and with no indemnity to the Subscriber.

For Subscribers with the SIP option, any use of a plan with unlimited calls employing automated call mechanisms (switches, PABX, dialers, etc.) is strictly forbidden and will result in full termination of the unlimited call plan.

The User Account of each User is usable only by the User, from the web browser of their personal computer or telephone. Sharing and mutual use of the User Account is not authorised. In particular, use of the User Account as a means of collection and/or termination is not permitted, and it is notably prohibited to use the Service to receive or make calls with a telephone switch, switchboard, an automated calling machine or telephony software. The User Account is limited to a single call by the User at a time.

With the paid option, a User can benefit from additional call channels.

To be able to make or receive calls not included in this unlimited plan, the Subscriber must buy prepaid credits, which are usable by all of the Users. These credits are valid for the duration of the Subscription, and are not reimbursable, exchangeable or transferable to another User Account.

In eligible countries, the User may have a mobile phone number reserved uniquely for interpersonal use. In particular, if at any time the number of SMS messages received minus the number of SMS messages sent is more than 100, BJT PARTNERS reserves the right to suspend the right to access the mobile number without warning. It is not possible to send SMS+ messages, premium SMS messages or SMS messages to overseas destinations.

In the case of the Business Plan, the Subscriber may request that customer service activate or deactivate the automatic recording option.

In accordance with the laws and regulations in force, the User must inform correspondents that the telephone conversation is being recorded, and of their right to object to the recording.

If the call recording option is activated, recorded calls will be archived for a period of three (3) months, and BJT PARTNERS can in no case be held liable for these recordings, their contents, or their archival.

BJT PARTNERS guarantees the confidentiality of archived files and agrees not to disclose them to third parties, except in the case of express request by a legitimate authority, such as with a court decision.

In case of termination of the call recording option and/or Service, BJT PARTNERS will automatically delete all of the User's archived files. It is therefore the responsibility of the User and Subscriber to ensure that all files are downloaded in advance.

The Subscriber and User Accounts can be canceled from one month to the next as goes monthly billing or subject to three (3) months prior notice in the case of subscription for a period equal to or greater than twelve (12) months.

In case of surpassing the limits of the plan, calls will be billed by the second, according to our current rates (for example: for United Kingdom Landlines: three cents w/o VAT (0,03£) per minute).

5. Transcription Service for Voice Messages

BJT PARTNERS may be in a position to offer a transcription service for writing voice messages. The purpose of this service is not to transcribe voice messages with exact accuracy, but to allow Users to view the essential content of voice messages. It is the User's responsibility to verify this information by listening to the voice message.

BJT PARTNERS will put forth its best efforts to assure the Client’s satisfaction, but does not guarantee the exact accuracy of the transcript. BJT PARTNERS cannot be held accountable for errors in transcription, nor for any eventual consequences. Incidents relating to the provision of this service can be reported to BJT PARTNERS, 24/7 at the following email address: support@RingOver.com.

6. Rates

Applicable rates are those indicated at the time of Subscription and correspond to those listed on the order form signed by the Subscriber as well as on the site www.RingOver.com’s web page http://www.ringover.com/en/pricing.

The Subscription rate is based on the number of Users and RingOver numbers requested by the Client.

The addition of each new User and/or new RingOver number under contract will involve extra fees, which will be calculated according to the rates indicated on the purchase order or the site www.ringover.com on the page http://www.ringover.com/rates. It is expressly stated that the said rates will be applied for the entire period of the Client’s engagement, even in the case of deletion of User(s) and/or RingOver number(s) added before the end of the contract, and even if the RingOver number was not transferred to another User.

In case of calls not included in the unlimited plan outlined in article 4, the Service will be billed by the second from the first second, except for calls to premium numbers.

7. Modification of Rates

7.1. Acceptance of new rates

BJT PARTNERS reserves the right to modify its rates at any time. Any lowering of rates can be effected by BJT PARTNERS immediately. In the case of increased rates, these will be communicated to the Client at least one (1) month before going into effect, through the provided email address.

Continued use of the Service or non-termination of the Service after a period of one (1) month will signify the Client’s acceptance of the new rates.

7.2. Special Cases

BJT PARTNERS draws its Clients' attention to the fact that as an exception to Article 7-1, the Client does not have the right to terminate the Service if the increase in SMS rates or call minutes results from:

  • a change in applicable telecommunications regulations
  • judicial or administrative decisions
  • an increase in the rates of BJT Partners' telecom operator partners​

8. Method of Payment and Billing

8.1 Method of Payment

Payment for the Service is only possible by credit card or bank debit.

Upon Subscription, the Subscriber provides payment details and authorizes BJT PARTNERS to automatically charge all amounts due for execution of the Service, as defined by the Terms.

The Service functions subsequently by prepayment.

Payment will be debited on a monthly basis on the anniversary date of the Subscription.

In the case of adding additional Users, the corresponding Subscriptions will be charged pro rata until the next anniversary date of the initial Subscription.

8.2. Billing

Invoices are issued on a monthly basis on the anniversary date of the Subscription. BJT PARTNERS reserves the right to effect payment by debit/credit card within 30 days of the date of the invoice.

The Client may access their invoices through their personal space on the site RingOver.com.

In case of the refusal of payment by our banking partner, the Client will be notified of the failure and informed of the following procedure by a message sent to his contact email contact. BJT PARTNERS reserves the right to suspend access to the Service if the Client has not produced payment within 24 hours of receiving the message, without this in any way constituting a prejudice for the Client.

The sums collected by BJT PARTNERS are irrevocably acquired and not subject to reimbursement.

All payments are due, even in the case of suspension of Service by BJT PARTNERS, consecutive to an unpaid amount by the Client.

BJT PARTNERS keeps at the Client’s disposal all elements concerning billing.

Client billing is based on data systematically recorded by BJT PARTNERS’ computer media, which is kept for 12 months. This data is proof of Use of the Service by the Client.

8.3. Dispute

In case of dispute with respect to the amounts invoiced by BJT PARTNERS for use of the Service, the Client must provide notification by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within thirty (30) days of the date of issue of the invoice, indicating the invoice number of the disputed amount. The Client shall remain liable for payment pending a solution.

In case of reduction of the amount of the disputed invoice, BJT PARTNERS will issue the Client with a credit, which will be deducted from the next invoice upon agreement between the two parties.

8.4. Late Payment

Late fees will be due without the notice if payment is made after the date indicated on the invoice. The interest rate applicable in this case will be the semestrial rate of the European Central Bank in effect on 1 January or 1 July increased by 10 points.

A lump sum of 40£ will also be due for recovery costs on the occasion of any late payment, with BJT PARTNERS reserving the right to claim additional compensation for the use of any professionals in charge of notices as well as general efforts put toward recovery of debts.

9. Taxes

All prices listed in these Terms or on the www.RingOver.com website are in Euros, in Swiss Francs or Pounds Sterling excluding tax, according to the geographic location specified by the Subscriber upon Signup. By default, the VAT applicable to Metropolitan France is 20%, with it understood that the VAT tax applied to the Client depends upon their geographic location as well as the information provided upon Subscription.

10. Conditions of Use

10.1. Use Complying with the Law

RingOver’s Service must only be used in a professional and legal manner.

The Clients and Users of the Service recognize that they must not use it to receive or transmit illegal, harmful, defamatory, vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable material.

BJT PARTNERS exercises no control over the content of information

transmitted through its networks. In the case where BJT PARTNERS’ liability would be sought due to a failure by the Client to fulfill their obligations under the Terms, the Client commits to guarantee BJT PARTNERS against all judicial action, with this guarantee covering all legal costs, indemnities and attorney fees incurred.

The Client and Users are solely responsible for monitoring the elements communicated to them by BJT PARTNERS, particularly the RingOver Number and the identifiers transmitted to them.

The Client and Users agree not to use devices or software in order to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper operation of the Service; this includes imposing a disproportionate burden on BJT PARTNERS’ infrastructure.

In case of any breach in the security of its computer system and/or networks, BJT PARTNERS will inform the concerned authorities.

The Client may not, in part or in full, sell and/or transfer the contract binding them to BJT PARTNERS without prior permission.

10.2 Technical Limitations

The accessibility of the Service is only available for the latest versions of the Internet browsers Chrome (v22 and later) and Firefox (v21 and later). For optimal performance, BJT PARTNERS recommends using the latest version of the browser used.

The quality of communication depends on the quality of the User’s Internet connection, over which BJT PARTNERS has no control. BJT PARTNERS cannot be held responsible for any disturbance in the Service resulting from an issue with the Client’s or User’s Internet connection.

The RingOver Service cannot be used to make local emergency calls (112…) unless this option is activated. The Client is equally aware of the risk that emergency calls made via RingOver may not go through in the case of interruption of voice services over IP, and that the timely arrival of emergency services could be hindered, given that RingOver cannot provide a caller’s exact location. The Subscriber acknowledges the limitations of emergency calls made through RingOver and has informed all Users accordingly. To avoid interruptions of service and other such issues, Users are advised to use a mobile phone or landline to reach emergency services.

Similarly, the Client is fully aware of the fact that they cannot use the RingOver Service to make calls to premium rate numbers.

International reachability cannot be guaranteed for SMS and inbound voice on mobile numbers

BJT PARTNERS draws the Client's attention in particular to the fact that the Service must not be used as a standby line or for any activity requiring 100% accessibility.

11. Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability

The disclaimers and limitations of liability listed below are in the context of the law governing this agreement.

11.1 Disclaimers of warranties

The Client expressly acknowledges here that they use the Service knowingly and are familiar with the characteristics and function of the Internet as well as its inherent limitations. The Service is provided with a maximum of professional awareness. BJT PARTNERS, while not providing the Customer any special guarantee, commits to implement its competencies to the fullest to achieve the most satisfactory results. BJT PARTNERS does not guarantee that the RingOver Service will correspond exactly to the Client’s needs.

The Client acknowledges that due to the characteristics and constraints of the Internet, it is not always possible to guarantee the security, availability and integrity of data transmissions. BJT PARTNERS does not guarantee the quality of results obtained through the RingOver Service, the accuracy or security of communications or transmissions, the possible alteration of data transmitted by the Client, or the accuracy of information obtained through the medium of RingOver. The Client expressly recognizes that they use the Service at their own risk. BJT PARTNERS may under no circumstances be held liable for direct or indirect damages suffered by the Client, including loss of time or revenues or loss or alteration of data due to dysfunction of the Service.

The Service may be temporarily suspended due to maintenance, upgrades or technical improvements, or to alter content and/or presentation. BJT PARTNERS will inform Clients to the greatest extent possible prior to any maintenance or upgrade operation. The Client will not seek the responsibility of BJT PARTNERS where maintenance and operation of the Service is concerned, especially in cases of momentary interruptions of Service for the purpose of updating certain files, operational difficulties nor temporary interruption of the Service independent of the actions of BJT PARTNERS, nor in the event of a power failure nor interruption of telecommunications services. The Client understands and acknowledges here that any material information or data obtained using the RingOver Service is obtained at their own risk, with the Client being solely responsible for any damage to their computer system or loss of data. No information or advice, oral or written, provided to the Client by BJT PARTNERS or through its Services, will represent any additonal guarantee.

BJT PARTNERS cannot be held responsible for any information transmitted through the Service. As such, the Client is solely responsible for the content of transmissions. The Client commits to use the Service in accordance with the regulations in force and not to disseminate illicit content. It is thereby forbidden to use the Service to make offensive, indecent, threatening, anonymous, or fraudulent calls, or in the context of illegal activities. The Client must also take all precautions necessary to ensure that such a situation does not arise.

BJT PARTNERS particularly cannot be held liable in any way for details of calls and communications received through the Service.

11.2. Limitation of Liability

In no event will BJT PARTNERS’ suppliers, employees or subcontractors be held responsible for any indirect, specific or consequential damages resulting from misuse of or inexperience with the RingOver Service. No extra costs resulting from supplementary materials or substitute services will be reimbursed. If BJT PARTNERS may still be held responsible with respect to the execution of this contract, the Client may only claim compensation in the form of communication credits.

12. Subscriber and User Obligations

Subscribers and Users must pay for their internet subscriptions (fixed internet or mobile data) in order to use the Service. If forwarding calls to the User's mobile phone, the User shall pay all related fees, especially while traveling in a foreign country.

The Subscriber shall pay the invoices issued by BJT PARTNERS in accordance with Article 8.

The Subscriber and User commit to provide BJT PARTNERS with a valid email address for the duration of the contract, to immediately notify BJT PARTNERS of in any changes in the personal information indicated upon Subscription, and to comply with these Terms.

Otherwise, BJT PARTNERS reserves the right to suspend or terminate without notice the Subscriber Account as well as the related User Accounts. It is the Subscriber’s responsibility to file necessary documentation and pay all fees concerning GEMA and MCPS.

The Client is responsible for the conservation and use of personal access information (access codes, usernames and phone number) provided by BJT PARTNERS and will be liable for all use of the Service associated with their own username.

The Client is responsible for safeguarding use and confidentiality of login information (access codes, usernames, phone numbers, etc.) provided by BJT PARTNERS and will be responsible for all use of the Service involving their login information, with it assumed that they themselves are the authors of such use. It is thus the responsibility of the Client to put in place the necessary measures to protect such information, with it expressly stated that BJT PARTNERS recommends that the Client regularly change their password, notably upon first login.

If the Client has reason to suspect unauthorised use of their login information or account, they must inform BJT PARTNERS in order to obtain new codes, with it understood that BJT PARTNERS cannot be held responsible for this information being divulged to third parties.

In cases where BJT PARTNERS’ responsibility would be sought by reason of failure by the Client to fulfill their obligations under the law or these Terms, the Client commits to guarantee BJT PARTNERS against any judicial action, this warranty covering all incurred legal costs, indemnities and attorney fees.

13. Updates

BJT PARTNERS reserves the right to add, modify or remove features of the Service without notice. BJT PARTNERS will also make the corrections it deems necessary for the function of the Service. The User must always use the latest version of the Service and cannot request access to earlier versions.

14. Guarantee and continuity of service​

​The Client may report incidents related to the provision of Service to BJT PARTNERS 24h/7d at the following address: support@ringover.com. BJT PARTNERS will commit to do the maximum, with the Client's assistance, to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

BJT PARTNERS shall endeavor to reinstate the Service within ​2​ hours from the time the Client reports the incident, and will ensure a monthly rate of Service availability greater than ​99,95%, calculated on the basis of incident reports transmitted during the month of reference.

By default, BJT PARTNERS will, at the Client's request, transmit a credit equal to:

  • ​5% of the invoice amount issued for the month in question if the monthly rate of the available Service is between ​99,95​% and ​99,5%
  • ​10% of the invoice amount issued for the month in question if the monthly rate of the available Service is between ​99,5% and ​99%
  • 20% of the invoice amount issued for the month if the monthly rate of available Service is less than 99%

Unless the incident is attribuable to the Client or to a lack of cooperation on the part of the Client, a third party (external operator, etc.), equipment or a service not supplied by BJT PARTNERS, network overload, or to a maintenance operation undertaken by the Client.

In the latter cases, BJT PARTNERS cannot be held liable, and the Client may not make any claim for compensation against BJT PARTNERS.​

15. Property

In case of closure of their account for any reason, the Client agrees that their RingOver Number can be assigned after a period of six (6) months to another Client or service. The Client expressly acknowledges that the company BJT PARTNERS will not be responsible for any inconvenience nor specific damages arising from such reassignment and agrees to make no claims regarding to this reassignment, though BJT PARTNERS may be advised of possible negative consequences affecting the Client.

The Client may, however, maintain their RingOver number when requesting transfer to another operator. This request must be made by the Client’s new telephone operator at least thirty (30) calendar days before the end of the Subscriber’s RingOver subscription. However, once the period of the Client’s Subscription has passed, no number transfer request will be granted. BJT PARTNERS cannot be held liable in the event of technical difficulties involving the transfer of a RingOver Number to another provider or malfunction of the RingOver Number in such case.

16. Portability

16.1. Incoming Portability

Subject to technical ability, the Subscriber may have the option to keep their existing phone numbers when subscribing to the RingOver Service.

The Subscriber acknowledges ownership of the numbers which they seek to have ported.

The Subscriber also acknowledges that porting this number will result in the termination of services associated with the ported numberitthe ported number. BJT PARTNERS cannot be held liable for the termination of these associated services.

Any cancellation of the number transfer by the Subscriber will be charged from the time of the transfer’s acceptance by BJT PARTNERS with the Subscriber having received a provisional date for the transfer. In case of cancellation of the number transfer, payable compensation will be equal to the full amount paid by the Client upon Subscription to the RingOver Service.

If the Subscriber wishes to transfer the number back to their original operator, they must inform BJT PARTNERS prior to the effective date of the number’s transfer to BJT PARTNERS’ network.

The Subscriber’s request to enact a number’s portability will be considered upon BJT PARTNERS’ recipt of all documents requested during Subscription to the RingOver Service (mandate of complete portability and signed documentation). Any incomplete file will prevent the completion said request. Portability of a Subscriber’s number depends in part on the cooperation of the operator of the Subscriber’s line. As such, BJT PARTNERS cannot be held liable in case of non-compliance with transfer deadlines.

Incoming portability is effected from Monday to Friday from 9am until 12pm. Any incoming portability request by the Subscriber outside of these times, if accepted by BJT PARTNERS, will be billed extra to the Subscriber.

16.2 Outgoing Portability

RingOver Numbers may be transferred over by the Subscriber under certain conditions.

Portability for the RingOver number must be requested by the Subscriber’s new operator before termination of the contract by the Subscriber. The demand for portability by the Subscriber’s new operator will result in account termination.

Any request for portability after account termination will be denied.

Similarly, any outgoing portability request will be denied if the Subscriber has not paid all previous bills at the date of request.

17. Account Suspension

On the anniversary date of the Subscription, BJT PARTNERS will charge the amount of the monthly fee to the credit card provided by the Subscriber.

In case of rejection of payment by the bank, BJT PARTNERS will make a second attempt to procure payment after a period of twenty-four (24) hours, and a third attempt, if necessary, after a period of forty-eight (48) hours.

BJT PARTNERS will immediately suspend the Service if the third attempt is unsuccessful.

Accounts suspended by BJT PARTNERS will not be entitled to any reimbursement whatsoever, in the form of Subscription or credits.

The Service will be reestablished upon payment of all outstanding invoices.

It is expressly stated that outstanding invoices remain due, and that BJT PARTNERS reserves the right to take action in order to recover its debts.

BJT PARTNERS also reserves the right to immediately suspend the Service if it suspects that the Client is using it in an inappropriate manner or on behalf of third parties, in particular in cases of abnormal traffic or in violation of the present Terms.

BJT PARTNERS may in particular suspend the Service in the absence of presentation of the Client’s proof of identity upon request, and also in case of fraud.

No request for compensation will be granted in the event of temporary or permanent deactivation of the Service.

18. Termination/Cancellation

18.1. At the Client’s Initiative

Non-binding offer or 12-month prepaid subscription
The Client may cancel their contract up to the day before the anniversary date of Subscription from their online client space. Previously purchased credits will not be refunded.
The Client may also at any time cancel the RingOver User accounts of their choice from their online client space, without being able to claim any reimbursement from BJT PARTNERS.

Durable plan with commitment
The User subscribing to a binding plan has the right to cancel their commitment by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, sent at least three (3) months before the end of the initial or renewal period to the following address: BJT PARTNERS - RINGOVER Termination Service - 26 rue Friant 75014 Paris, FRANCE.

In case of anticipated cancellation, the Subscriber will owe cancellation fees equalling the average amount of the three most recent invoices (or by default the amount of the last invoice). This amount will be multiplied by the number of months remaining until the end of the Subscriber’s initial commitment period.

This will remain so even in the case of cancellation of the Service at the initiative of BJT PARTNERS due to unpaid invoices.

18.2. At BJT PARTNERS’ Initiative

BJT PARTNERS reserves the right to suspend the account of any Client and to terminate the contract immediately if the Client is determined not comply with these Terms or uses the Service in a manner that is harmful to BJT PARTNERS or to third parties.

BJT PARTNERS may terminate without cause, (i) 12-month Non-binding or prepaid subscriptions in compliance with a notice period of three (3) days, and (ii) binding subscriptions in compliance with a notice period of three (3) months. Where applicable, BJT PARTNERS will reimburse the Client for the Subscription fee already paid in proportion to the remaining period.

In the case of cancellation of the Service at the initiative of BJT PARTNERS because of unpaid invoices, BJT PARTNERS may claim indemnities from the Subscriber for anticipated cancellation, as defined above in article 8.1.

BJT PARTNERS may without warning terminate the account of a Client having subscribed to the Discover plan if that Client has not made or received a call for a period of 3 consecutive months.

In every case, BJT PARTNERS will inform the Client by email or phone.

The Subscriber shall not claim compensation from RingOver’s team, whatever the cause of either contract termination or the temporary or permanent deactivation of Service.

19. Contract Transfer

BJT PARTNERS has the right to transfer the present contract, notably in case of cessation or transfer of all or part of its activity and/or its assets.

The Client shall request and obtain the express prior approval of BJT PARTNERS in order to be able to assign or transfer the present contract.

20. Computers, Freedom and Privacy

In the context of use of the site and provision of service, RingOver is required to gather and process certain elements of the Client’s personal data. For more information on the use of personal data, please refer the RingOver Confidentiality Policy accessible www.ringover.com/en/privacy.

The Subscriber agrees that BJT PARTNERS can send them information on operation and developments of the Service.

The Subscriber agrees that BJT PARTNERS can send promotional information in an accurate and timely manner. At any time, the Subscriber may opt out of receiving promotional information from BJT PARTNERS. The withdrawal request can be made by email or by clicking on an unsubscribe link.

21. Archival

BJT PARTNERS archives electronic and/or digital documents, information and data relevant to the use of the Service by the Client.

The Client can access such archived elements through their personal space on the site www.RingOver.com.

It is understood that the stored information, data and documents have probative value between the parties.

22. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Commercial relations between the parties are governed by French law and in particular by the provisions of the Civil Code.

By accepting these conditions, the Client irrevocably gives exclusive jurisdiction to the Paris Commercial Court for any related dispute including, but not limited to, their validity, interpretation, execution and/or termination and suits, even in the case of multiple defendants, introduction of third parties or emergencies.

23. Force Majeure

Considered as force majeure are those conditions usually recognized by the French courts, which include but are not limited to extreme weather, natural disasters (lightning, flood, fire...), computer viruses, phenomena of electromagnetic origin or electric disturbance of networks, legal restrictions concerning the provision of telecommunications services as well as events triggering the application of local and national plans for maintaining the continuity of telecommunications services.

In case of force majeure, the liability of any party with respect to the execution or delay in execution of one or several obligations contained in this contract could not be sought.

24. Partial Invalidity

If one or more provisions of these Terms are held to be invalid or declared as such by any law, regulation or following a final decision of a competent court, other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

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