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“ "The calling service is excellent, and the sales and customer support team are always ready to help!" “
Dr. Julijana Nicha Andrade
People Operation Manager

The Big Search strengthen their UK position with Ringover

Recruitment Industry
+110 Employees
UK Customer base
Bespoke Integration

About The Big Search

The Big Search is a global organisation of leading consultants, researchers, engineers and designers, as well as product, people, and operations specialists who lead the way in building the recruitment company of the future. 

Their mission is to drastically redesign and improve the hiring processes by forming the optimal relationship between humans and machines.

Their challenges

The Big Search had previously implemented the use of Skype for their consultants but soon realised that it did not integrate with their CRM and could not use the previous solution to train their teams. 

They also found that a lot of their calls were dropping, which for a busy company is not acceptable. The Big Search needed a business phone system that would not only meet their requirements but also support their ambitions for growth.

  • With expanding teams, they needed a multi-site VoIP solution to help them grow globally.
  • They required an integration with their custom-built recruitment CRM and our open API was the perfect solution for this.
  • They never had the functionality to customise call routings, call logs.
  • They needed an affordable solution with unlimited calls to Europe.
  • They wanted a solution to assist in their training requirements and instantly loved Ringover’s whispering feature as they wanted to improve staff training and onboarding.

Ringover’s solution

The Ringover team understood what The Big Search needed and were more than happy to demonstrate what an all-in-one VoIP solution could offer them. The Big Search were very pleased and to gain access to many exciting features that would enhance their communications and essentially, their businesses.

  • Unlimited calls to 110 countries
  • HD Video calls and meetings
  • Group messaging
  • Personalised greetings and IVR
  • Call listening and recording
  • Detailed statistics and monitoring
  • Integrate with their bespoke tools

Benefits of the solution

Assisting recruitment companies to foster better relationships with their clients and candidates, and to help them meet their goals is Ringover’s aim. With enhanced video quality, easy SMS messaging functionality and reliable call quality, the Ringover solution will put an end to many communication issues organisations have on a daily.

The Ringover app enabled The Big Search to…

  • Save money on expensive phone bills with unlimited calls to Europe.
  • The app has helped them to speed up the candidate process for their clients.
  • Through CRM integration remote teams can view key conversations from anywhere.
  • They now have a communication tool that supports their growth strategy.
“ Ringover’s app and dashboard are very user-friendly. Our team is very happy with the quality of the calls and the training features. The calling service is excellent, and the sales and customer support team are always ready to help! “
Dr Julijana Nicha Andrade
People Operation Manager

Boosting team productivity, speeding up the candidate process and essentially helping to enhance The Big Search’s position as a leader is what Ringover is all about! We aim to be an essential and reliable part of your business as we aim to help you achieve your goals.

Do you face similar challenges to The Big Search?

Contact our experts to help guide you step-by-step at +44 20 3808 5555 or send an email to sales@ringover.co.uk

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