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How to Call the UK from the US

Here are all the steps you’ll need to follow to call the UK from the US.

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  • Dial 011, the US exit code when you call from a landline. If you are calling from a mobile, dial +.
  • Dial 44, which is the UK’s country code.
  • Enter the area code for the location you would like to call. In the UK, area codes can range from two to four digits.
  • Then you will dial the phone number. The phone number and the area code will be 10 digits in total.

Area Codes in the UK

If you’re calling the UK from the US, you’ll need the right UK area code. Here are the area codes of the most populous cities in the UK.

  • CityArea code
  • CityArea code
  • Aberdeen 1224
  • Belfast 2895
  • Birmingham 121
  • Bournemouth/Poole 1202
  • Brighton 1273
  • Cardiff 29
  • Coventry 24
  • Edinburgh 131
  • Glasgow 141
  • Leicester 116
  • Liverpool 151
  • London 20
  • Manchester 161
  • Middlesbrough 1642
  • Newcastle upon Tyne 191
  • Reading 118
  • Sheffield 114
  • Southampton/Portsmouth 23
  • Stoke-on-Trent 1782
  • Sunderland 191

Calls to more than 110 destinations included in your plan

Calling the UK from the US doesn’t have to be expensive. Ringover offers unlimited VoIP calls to more than 110 destinations, including the UK. There will be no surprises at the end of your month in your bill, because you’ll know all the costs upfront thanks to the simple monthly rate.


    • How do I dial a +44 number?
    • How do I dial to UK from USA?
    • Do you put 0 after 44?
    • Is calling UK from the USA expensive?
    • Tips to consider on a business call to the UK?

    How do I dial a +44 number?

    To call a +44 number, follow these simple steps.

    1. On a landline, dial the country exit code 011. On a cellphone, you’ll substitute this code for the +. These codes are a signal to your carrier you’re making an international call.
    2. Dial the UK’s country code, 44. This is a necessary code to reach any number in the UK when calling from the US.
    3. Dial the area code that corresponds to the location you want to reach. Just like in the US, the UK has designated area codes. If you don’t already know the UK area code you need, you can find it online. We also have a list of popular area codes further down on this page.
    4. Once you have entered those three codes, dial the remainder of the phone number. A complete UK phone number, including the UK area code, should have 10 digits. For example, you could dial 011 44 20 7947 6330. In this case, 20 is the area code for London landlines and 7947 6330 is the eight-digit number for landlines. In the UK, mobile numbers have nine digits.

    How do I dial to UK from USA?

    The way you dial the UK from the USA depends on whether you are calling from a landline or a mobile phone. If you are calling from a landline, dial 011 then 44. If you are calling from a mobile phone, simply dial +44. Then you will dial the UK area code and phone number of the person or organization you are trying to reach.

    Do you put 0 after 44?

    44 is the country code for the UK, and 0 is used to call long distance from within the UK. Whether or not you put 0 after 44 depends on if you are calling from within the UK or not. If you are calling from outside of the UK (from the USA for example) you don’t need to dial 0 after the 44. If you are calling long distance from within the UK, you would dial 0 before the number.

    Is calling UK from the USA expensive?

    The cost to call the UK from the USA depends on your calling plan. With basic calling plans, there is no discount on international calls. A call could cost approximately $3.50 per minute, but it could be less if you choose a plan optimized for international calls. Pinning down the exact amount it will cost you to call internationally can be difficult, as rates are sometimes unclear. If you need to call the UK from the US regularly, you could be facing hundreds of dollars in charges every month.

    The most affordable way to make international calls, whether for personal or business purposes, is through an internet-based VoIP service. For example, Ringover’s VoIP service offers unlimited calling and texting to more than 110 destinations. That’s just the start of the features offered by Ringover, which include tools to help manage customer service or sales outreach. You can purchase Ringover’s VoIP tool for as little as $21 per month.

    Tips to consider on a business call to the UK?

    When you are calling the UK from the US for business purposes, it’s important to keep in mind cultural differences and best practices. Here’s a list of the best tips for when you make a business call to the UK.

    • Before calling, decide on the objective of your phone call. This will help you stay focused on your points and give you a higher chance of success.
    • Outline a plan that leads to your objective. Make a list of the questions you need to ask or key facts you’ll need to incorporate that will support you as you work toward your objective.
    • Choose your timing. Don’t forget to take into account the time difference between the UK and US. Otherwise you’ll risk missing the person you would like to contact, or worse, disturbing them outside of business hours.
    • Do your homework. You’ll need to look into who you’re calling, including their professional history and the company they are associated with. This could include any major deals, recent fundraising rounds, or even a change in the person’s responsibilities. Armed with this information, you’ll have more context to respond to your contact’s needs.
    • Choose the right environment. Don’t forget the person you’re calling could be just as distracted by background noise as you. Ensuring you’re in a quiet environment will help them stay focused on your conversation.
    • Be polite but efficient. Remember the person you are speaking to is at least as busy as you are. In the UK, manners matter, so err on the side of being polite. Finally, don’t use American slang or jargon that could be difficult to understand.
    • You can’t ask too many questions. Being curious about the person’s needs is key, especially if this is a sales call. Plus, giving them the chance to speak will allow them to express their needs and concerns, so you’ll have a better idea of how you can serve them.
    • Keep your ears open. There’s not much sense in asking questions if you don’t listen to the answers. Don’t forget to use the person’s words and phrasing when you respond to them. They’ll feel acknowledged, which can help establish trust.
    • Before you get off the phone, summarize the key points of what was discussed, reiterate what’s been agreed, and confirm the next steps.
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