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How to call Mexico from the US

You can reach any number in Mexico from the US by following these steps.

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  • Dial 011 if you are using a landline, or + if you are calling from a mobile phone or VoIP service.
  • Dial 52, which is Mexico’s country code.
  • Leave off the trunk number of the Mexican phone number (this will be one of the following: 01, 044, 045).
  • Dial the area code for the location you are calling.
  • Dial the Mexican phone number. The number you will call will look something like +52 55 1234 5678.

Area codes in Mexico

Here are the area codes of the cities in Mexico with the largest populations.

  • CityArea code
  • CityArea code
  • Mexico City 55
  • Guadalajara 33
  • Monterrey 81
  • Puebla 222
  • Toluca de Lerdo 722
  • Tijuana 664
  • Leon de los Aldamas 892
  • La Laguna 477
  • Ciudad Juarez 656
  • Queretaro 419
  • San Luis Potosi 845
  • Merida 999
  • Mexicali 686
  • Aguascalientes 449
  • Cuernavaca 777
  • Chihuahua 614
  • Tampico 779
  • Saltillo 844
  • Acapulco de Juarez 744
  • Cancun 998

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    • How do I dial a +52 number?
    • How do I dial to Mexico from USA?
    • Is calling Mexico from the USA expensive?
    • Tips to consider on a business call to the Mexico?

    How do I dial a +52 number?

    To call a +52 number, follow these steps.

    1. Remove the trunk code from the beginning of the Mexican phone number. Those numbers are only necessary for domestic calls within Mexico. The Mexican trunk code will be one of these three numbers: 01, 044, 045.
    2. If you’re dialing from a landline, begin by dialing 011. When you are calling from a mobile phone or VoIP service, you’ll dial + instead of 011. These codes signal to your service provider you are making an international call.
    3. Dial 52, which is Mexico’s country code and signals to your carrier that you are trying to reach a Mexican number.
    4. Now dial the Mexican phone number, which is 10 digits long including the two- or three-digit area code.

    How do I dial to Mexico from USA?

    To call Mexico from the USA using a landline, begin with 011, then dial 52, then the number of the person or business you want to contact. To call Mexico from the US using a mobile phone, start by dialing +, then 52, then the Mexican phone number. Whether you are using a landline or mobile phone, be sure to leave off the Mexican trunk number, which is at the beginning of the Mexican phone number and is always one of three numbers: 01, 044, 045.

    Do you put 0 after 52?

    No, you do not need to put 0 after 52 when you are calling Mexico from the US.

    Is calling Mexico from the USA expensive?

    Calling Mexico from the USA can be expensive if you only have a basic calling plan. Basic calling plans don’t provide special rates for international calls, so calling Mexico from the US could be as much as $3.50 per minute. While this price could decrease if you have a calling plan that’s optimized for international calls, you may still be surprised by your bill at the end of the month. The prices of international phone calls are notoriously unreliable and unclear. If you normally call Mexico from the US for professional reasons, you may rack up hundreds of dollars in charges on your phone bill.

    If you know you’ll need to make phone calls to the US from Mexico regularly, the best option is to subscribe to a VoIP service. Take Ringover, for example. The cost of Ringover’s VoIP tool is as little as $21 per month, and includes unlimited calling and texting to 110 destinations. Plus, it includes sophisticated telephony features like call transcription and IVR. This suite of business phone solutions helps professionals be more efficient, especially when it comes to sales and customer service.

    Tips to consider on a business call to the Mexico?

    When you are calling Mexico from the US for business purposes, it’s important to keep in mind cultural differences and best practices. Here’s a list of the best tips for when you make a business call to Mexico.

    • Before calling, make sure you won’t have to navigate a language barrier. Building rapport is key when doing business in Mexico, and ensuring there is no language barrier will help you establish a great rapport that much better.
    • Identify your objective and the steps necessary to reach that goal. Write down key questions or points to support your argument.
    • Call according to Mexico’s work culture. In Mexico, people tend to begin work around 9 or 9:30 a.m., take a long lunch break, and end their work day around 7 p.m. Calling people in Mexico prior to 9 a.m. is not recommended. If you need to send an urgent communication, it’s better to go with an SMS message or email.
    • Don’t be late! This goes hand-in-hand with being polite, but it’s important enough to call out. Tardiness is considered very disrespectful in Mexico, and can throw off the whole tone of the meeting. On the other hand, you may be kept waiting, especially if you are speaking to a highly placed person. Don’t take it badly, it’s considered a norm in Mexico.
    • Face-to-face time is really important, so if you can’t make it to an in-person meeting, prioritize video chat over phone calls. One cultural characteristic of Mexico is that sometimes yes doesn’t mean yes when it comes to business relations. Being able to read someone’s expression and body language can give you valuable insight if the person you are speaking to isn’t being totally forthcoming.
    • There’s nothing like an in-person meeting. If you are opening a new deal, or celebrating another significant business milestone, being on-site is best. Meetings over a meal are also highly meaningful in Mexican culture. So if you want to make a strong connection or celebrate an accomplishment, scheduling a lunch or dinner is a great idea.
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