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How to Call Canada from the US

Calling Canada from the US is a short and simple process.
Canada is a member of the North American Numbering Plan. So even though calls to Canada are technically international, you don’t need to dial 011 or + as you normally would when making an international call from the US

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  • Dial 1, which is Canada’s country code.
  • Dial the area code for the region in Canada you want to reach.
  • Type in your contact’s phone number, which is normally 7 digits.

Area codes in Canada

In order to complete a call in Canada, you’ll need the relevant area code. Here are the codes for Canada’s largest cities.

  • CityArea code(s)
  • CityArea code(s)
  • Toronto 416 or 647
  • Montreal 514, 438, or 263
  • Vancouver 604 or 778
  • Calgary 403 or 587
  • Edmonton 587 or 780
  • Ottawa 613, 343, or 753
  • Gatineau 819 or 873
  • Ontario 226
  • Quebec 418
  • Winnipeg 204
  • Hamilton 905
  • Kitchener 519
  • Cambridge 519, 226, or 548
  • Waterloo 519, 226, 548
  • London 519, 226, 548
  • Halifax 902 or 782
  • St. Catharines-Niagara 289, 365, 742, or 905
  • Oshawa 905, 289
  • Victoria 205, 778, 236, 672
  • Windsor 519, 226, 548

Calls to more than 110 destinations included in your plan

With Ringover, you’ll have unlimited calling to more than 110 destinations, Canada included. So if connecting with our neighbors to the north is a priority for your business, consider Ringover’s VoIP service. It begins at only $21 per month, which includes sophisticated telephony features and reliable phone service.


    • How do I dial a +1 number?
    • How do I dial to Canada from USA?
    • Is +1 the same as 011?
    • Is calling from the USA to Canada international?
    • Is calling Canada from the USA expensive?
    • Tips to consider on a business call to Canada?

    How do I dial a +1 number?

    1. Dial 1 to signal to your carrier you would like to reach Canada.
    2. Type in the area code. This will allow you to reach the region or city you’re trying to contact.
    3. Input your contact’s phone number (normally, this is 7 digits).

    How do I dial to Canada from USA?

    To reach Canada from the USA, begin by dialing 1, which is Canada’s country code. Then you’ll need to enter the code for the city or region that you would like to reach. Finally, type in the phone number of the organization or person you’re trying to contact.

    Is +1 the same as 011?

    No, +1 is not the same as 011. If you dial 011, you are signaling to your carrier that you’re making an international call. But since Canada is part of the North American Numbering Plan, you do not need to dial this international calling code. All you need to dial is +1, which is Canada’s country code.

    Is calling from the USA to Canada international?

    No, calling Canada from the USA is not considered international. The USA and Canada are both under the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), so they have the same country code. In order to make a phone call from the US to Canada, all you’ll need to do is dial +1.

    Is calling Canada from the USA expensive?

    Calling Canada from the USA is expensive, generally costing around $1.55 per minute. However, this rate will vary from carrier to carrier, and it can be difficult to follow the fine print. Sometimes you can have unexpected charges that inflate your bill, which can be frustrating if your phone service is unreliable. Even if you normally have great call quality for domestic calls, your calls to Canada may have a spottier connection.

    Canada is a strong market which can provide significant business opportunities. To make regular, affordable calls to Canada, you should consider purchasing a VoIP service. A VoIP service like Ringover’s has a regular monthly cost of $21 and includes unlimited calling and texting to 110 destinations. Plus, it includes sophisticated telephony features like IVR and CRM integrations. A business phone system like this helps businesses to level up their sales and customer service and ultimately grow their business.

    Tips to consider on a business call to Canada?

    Though Canada’s culture is relatively similar to the USA, it’s still important to take into account the cultural nuances when making a business call. With that in mind, here’s a list of key tips to keep in mind.

    • Identify your objectives for the call. If you know what you are trying to accomplish, you will have a higher chance of succeeding. Laying out the questions you’ll need to ask and the points you need to make beforehand will also help lower your stress level.
    • Check the time. Make sure that you check the time in the location you are calling. Canada has 6 different time zones, so you could risk calling outside of business hours otherwise.
    • Research beforehand. Understanding who you are calling and the context of their company will help to increase your chances of accomplishing your objectives.
    • Call from a calm environment. The person you are calling could be just as distracted by background noises as you are. Making sure you are calling from a calm and quiet place will help the both of you stay focused on the call.
    • Be polite but efficient. Canadians are famous for their niceness, so make sure you’re minding your manners. Being respectful of their time is just as important as saying please and thank you. Remember Canadians take punctuality very seriously, and work through your points efficiently so you don’t waste their time.
    • Listening is the most important thing you can do during a business phone call. Giving your contact the chance to speak will allow them to express their needs and concerns, so you’ll have a better idea of how you can serve them and how your interests align.
    • Before you get off the phone, summarize the key points of what was discussed, reiterate what’s been agreed, and confirm the next steps.That way, the two of you will end on the same page and you’ll feel confident about where you stand with your contact.
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