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Ringover, the new worker's phone

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Ringover, the new worker's phone


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Since its first use by the French army amidst important maneuvers at the end of the 19th century, the phone has gradually assumed a dominant and indispensable place in the office. In fact, before the arrival of computers, it was the main work tool alongside the typewriter.

The telephone allows exchanges with other departments, clients, and prospects. It is the most highly used form of communication, being much faster than mail.

But now times have changed, and work methods along with them. Today’s worker is on the move and constantly connected. In an era of such professional nomadism, the landline phone, assigned to a single work station and sitting on a desk all day, seems a thing of the past – at least in its current state.

Landline and mobile

The modern worker – and no doubt that of tomorrow – needs a professional line that can go everywhere they do: out of the office, on business trips and to the other side of the world. The ability to collaborate effectively with one’s contacts from any location is essential, and so is an intuitive and adaptable phone.

The digital transformation brought about by the rise of new information and communication technologies has considerably impacted our communication through social media, email, smartphones, etc. Having raised consumer expectations to such an extent, it is up to industries to meet an increasingly high standard in terms of tools, flexibility and work methods.

Employees expect to find the same level of comfort in the professional environment as in their personal life. They need access to information in real time, and they must be constantly connected and available without time or material constraints. This is what’s known as ATAWAD: “anytime, anywhere, any device.”

And this is why we’ve created Ringover.


Ringover interface

Our goal with RingOver was to make the professional phone line as collaborative and simple to use as email. A line that adapts to your company’s needs and the rhythms of each of your colleagues, allowing your team to work more easily and efficiently together while staying connected worldwide.


Ringover uses VoIP technology to transmit your calls. It allows you to make and receive your calls through an app on your computer or smartphone, without requiring additional hardware.

Ringover will provide your company with a phone line instantly. Simply choose a batch of 10, 20, or 100 landline or mobile* numbers for the UK or abroad, and attribute them to your team members in just a click. You’ll also be able to take advantage of our exclusive features:> Warm or cold transfer> Teleconferencing> Forwarding to an external phone> Shared directory> Voicemail message transcription and many more!

Find the full list of our features here.

Whether an individual company, from 10, 100 or 1,000 employees, Ringover adapts to your needs, ready to go with you all over the UK and the world.

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