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As if being named a HubSpot certified integration partner in late 2018 was not enough merit, we are back to announce that Ringover has already become one of HubSpot’s fastest-growing apps in 2019!

This achievement simply means that since launching the integration, increasing scores of HubSpot users have been installing Ringover to enjoy its numerous telephony features.

“We are so happy to be recognized as one of Hubspot’s fastest-growing app partners. Our team is on a continuous mission to help all of our users simplify their business phone systems whilst saving time and money in the process. Likewise, HubSpot has earned a reputation as a leading growth platform and for their standout CRM, so we are certain that HubSpot’s users choose Ringover because they too have seen the value and benefit embedded in our solution,” remarked Renaud Charvet, co-founder and CEO at Ringover Group.

HubSpot users using the Ringover integration enjoy timely interactions via automatic ticket and contact creation, logging of calls, SMS, voicemails, recordings, one-click calls and much more - without ever leaving HubSpot. Ringover’s 100% cloud-based nature allows users to obtain virtual numbers to handle calls from anywhere and at any time.

Check out the announcement from HubSpot to find out why Ringover is one of HubSpot's fastest-growing app partners!
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