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Bullhorn for Salesforce and Ringover Announce Strategic Partnership to Innovate in Communication and Staffing Management

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Bullhorn for Salesforce and Ringover Announce Strategic Partnership to Innovate in Communication and Staffing Management


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Bullhorn for Salesforce, celebrated for the simplicity, advanced automation, and AI solutions for staffing industry and executive search, has joined a strategic partnership with Ringover, a leader in cloud-based business phone systems. This partnership marks a significant accomplishment in both companies' work to revolutionize communication and staffing management across industries.

Ringover offers valuable experience and product innovation to staffing agencies, including their world-class, proprietary AI solution, Empower. With Empower, recruiters receive call summaries, sentiment analysis, and automatic identification of topics discussed–together with filters, so your team benefits from powerful insights.

Thanks to this strategic partnership, Bullhorn for Salesforce and Ringover have integrated their platforms, providing clients with a comprehensive solution that combines the advantages of staffing management and advanced communication capabilities. This integration enables businesses to make operations more efficient, facilitate internal communication, and optimize overall productivity.

"We're proud to bring our cutting-edge staffing communications solution to the Bullhorn for Salesforce marketplace," said Renaud Charvet, CEO at Ringover. "Our unique solution combines voice calls, text messaging, call coaching, WhatsApp integration, AI-generated transcriptions, call summaries and analysis, all integrated into Bullhorn for Salesforce. This collaboration aims to help Bullhorn for Salesforce customers further improve their candidate and client experience."

The alliance between Bullhorn for Salesforceand Ringover signals a commitment to innovation and collaboration in both staffing management and communication. Working together, the two companies will revolutionize how businesses operate and communicate in the modern world.

For more information about Bullhorn for Salesforce and Ringover's partnership and integrated solution, please visit www.bullhorn.com/ and www.ringover.com.

About Ringover

Ringover has opened new avenues when it comes to candidate and client conversations, empowering your recruiters with the ability to provide contacts with a high-quality, fully personalized experience. The game-changer: seamless, AI-enabled communications, a user-friendly interface and quality-of-service you can count on. Ringover provides video, chat, conversational AI, social media and analytics, 100% cloud and has been adopted by 13,000 customers. Click HERE to begin your free trial today!

About Bullhorn For Salesforce

Bullhorn is a top-of-class solution when it comes to advanced automation and AI solutions for the staffing industry. Thanks to their longstanding commitment to providing simple but powerful tools for the staffing industry, Bullhorn empowers businesses to streamline their operations and enhance staffing management processes.

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