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Version applicable as of 2021-06-21

The present General Terms and Conditions of Referral (hereafter “T&C”) are applicable to the dealings between the Referrer and the company BJT PARTNERS, having for commercial purposes the name “RINGOVER GROUP,” SAS registered with the RCS of Nanterre under number 480234210, of which the headquarters is located at 50 bis rue Maurice Arnoux, Montrouge, 92120 France, (hereafter “BJT PARTNERS” or “RINGOVER GROUP”).

The Referrer acknowledges having read and accepted without reservation the T&C, which they validated upon signing up for Referral, this validation being signified by the phrase “I accept.”


“Ringover Accounts” designates the Subscriber Account as well as the User Accounts created by the Subscriber.

“Referees” designates leads who are not Ringover clients recommended by the Referrer through the Referral Program, and who meet the criteria described in the T&C.

“Referrer” designates the person wishing to participate in the Referral Program.

“Parties” collectively designates Ringover and the Referrer.

The “Referral Program” designates the operation according to which the Referrer recommends Ringover’s services to a Referee in exchange for benefits described in the T&C.

The “Service” designates the entirety of services offered by Ringover that are accessible through the websites Ringover.com, MyRingover.com, and the Ringover iOS and Android applications.

Principal of Referral Program

The Referral Program allows a Referrer to recommend the Ringover Service by providing non-client leads to Ringover in order to receive a reduction on their invoice or gift voucher.

Conditions of Referral Program


Participation in the Referral Program is open to any Referrer as long as the suggested Referee does not already exist in Ringover’s database and has not previously been in contact, directly or indirectly, with the Ringover team or any of its commercial partners.

The Referrer cannot recommend a Referee belonging to the same organization as themselves.

Ringover reserves the right to refuse any referral request without providing a reason or informing the Referrer.

Ringover resellers, distributors and partners are excluded from the Referral Program.

Any questions related to the Referral Program should be addressed to customer service by email: support@ringover.com.

Ringover Commitment

For each Referee meeting the required criteria and accepted by Ringover, Ringover will provide the Referrer with a reduction on their invoice or a gift voucher. The amount of the invoice reduction or gift voucher will be calculated as such: fifty euros (€50) for each Referee who becomes a Ringover client by signing up with a minimum commitment of twelve (12) months, up to the maximum limit of (50) gift vouchers or reductions, for a total value of twenty-five hundred euros (€2500).

Gift vouchers will be sent to the email address provided upon sign-up for participation in the Referral Program.

Invoice reductions or gift vouchers will be provided within 30 days of payment by the Referee on their first Ringover invoice.

Referrer’s Commitment

The Referrer agrees to strictly avoid any fraudulent, abusive, illegal or ill-intended use of the Referral Program. The Referrer may not may not claim either gift vouchers or any other benefit from Ringover by posting material online or on any other public network regarding the Referral Program without the prior authorization of Ringover.

The Referrer assumes complete responsibility for all information provided when taking part in the Referral Program. Ringover cannot be held responsible, either directly or indirectly, for any damages claimed by the Referrer, the Referee, or third parties in the context of the Referral Program.

Duration and End of Referral Program

The Referral Program is carried out non-exclusively for an indefinite period.

Ringover reserves the right to modify the conditions of the Referral Program at any time. If applicable, the updated conditions will be made available on the Ringover website.

Ringover also reserves the right to end the Referral Program at any time, without warning. In case of cancellation of the Referral Program, Referrers will no longer be able to claim benefits for referrals.

Personal data

Carrying out the Referral Program requires Ringover to collect and process certain personal data from the Referrer and Referee, with respect to the 6 January 1978 CNIL law regarding information technology and freedom, as well as the GDPR regulation from 27 April 2016. For more information on the use of personal data, please refer to Ringover’s confidentiality policy here: https://www.ringover.fr/confidentialite.

Any questions related to data processing in the context of the Referral Program can be sent by email to the following: dpo@ringover.com.



The present terms represent the full scope of agreement between the Parties concerning its subject, and can only be modified by an agreement signed upon by both Parties.


If one of the clauses of the T&C should be rendered inapplicable by a relevant judicial body, the others will continue in full effect. If necessary, the Parties will replace it with an equivalent clause that upholds and corresponds to the object of the T&C.

Force Majeure

Neither of the Parties shall be responsible for any default or delay in the execution of the contract due to a situation constituting a case of Force Majeure, in application of Article 1218 of the civil code, which includes but is not limited to: extraordinary weather events, natural disasters (lightning, flooding, fire, etc.), network disruption due to computer viruses or phenomena of electromagnetic or electrical origin, legal restrictions on the provision of telecommunications services, or events triggering the implementation of local or national plans needed to maintain the continuity of telecommunications services.

Absence of subordination

The T&C does not create any subordination between the Parties, with each Party retaining full autonomy with respect to the other.

Good faith

The Parties expressly commit to carry out the T&C loyally and in good faith.

Intuitu personae

The conclusion of the Referral Program is intuitu personae, therefore the Referrer cannot transfer to a third party any element of their rights or obligations.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The present T&C are subject to French law.

Any dispute relating to their validity, interpretation or execution will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Nanterre Commercial Court, including in the event of multiple defendants, warranty claims or urgency.

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