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[Dashboard] Adding a user

You’ll need to be an administrator of a Ringover 👨‍💼 account to access this feature.

Step 1: Check number availability

Step 2: Add a user

Step 1: Check number availability

⚠️ Before adding a user, be sure that you have an available number to assign them.

💻 Go to

Click on “Available” to see the list of available numbers that can be assigned to a user. If there are none available, you may add a number.

Step 2: Add a user

💻 Go to

Click on “Add a user.” Enter the new user’s email address 📧, the chosen number 📑 and the license number, then click “Invite”:


An invitation will be sent 📤 to the email address provided so that a Ringover account may be created for the new user.

By clicking “Activate my Ringover” the user will be directed to the Ringover website 🌐, where they will need to enter their name ????, email address ???? and password (which they will need to confirm). Lastly, they’ll need to click on “Create your Ringover account”.

Your new user is now added! 👍

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