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Your numbers are being shown as spam

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So, why are you numbers being shown as spam?

Operators can classify your numbers into the spam category. This happens when operators spot that you’ve exceeded your limits, in terms of number of calls made and received over their networks. Their aim is to check whether calls are being made by a machine or a human.

Vos prospects et/ou clients contribuent eux aussi à vous ranger dans cette mauvaise catégorie. Si beaucoup bloquent ou signalent eux-mêmes les numéros qu’ils jugent indésirables, via leurs applications d’appels ou sur des plateformes de notation des numéros, le numéro sera automatiquement taggé comme spam. Plus le numéro concerné aura un ratio négatif nommé Spam Score, plus grande est la probabilité qu’il se voit attribuer le statut de SPAM.

Why are some numbers listed as soon as they’re assigned?

Some numbers may have been used previously. Given this, numbers may already be “marked” by their former users’ fraudulent uses. Whilst there is a minimum time required before a number is re-assigned by operators, it isn’t always sufficient to avoid this issue.

If your number is tagged as spam, we advise that you get a new number, so you can let more time pass. If it's a case of a newly assigned number or if you think that the number has been categorised incorrectly, get in touch with our Numbers/Portability team, via our customer services, and we’ll take care of replacing the blacklisted number.

Our tips to avoid being listed as spam:

  • During calling campaigns,make sure you can still be contacted in the event of your contact trying to call you back;
  • Make sure that you don't hang up as you contact answers the call;
  • Occasionally rotate your numbers if you have a high volume of outgoing calls;
  • A number listed as spam will be returned to normal status after some time;

You can also limit any risks by applying good practices during your calls, such as using the option after call that allows you to control the time between each call, avoiding your numbers being listed as spam.
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