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What are the ports to open on my router and how do I prioritise flow?

Support Home page > Technical Recommendations > What are the ports to open on my router and how do I prioritise flow?
In order to optimise the quality of your calls we recommend prioritising flow on your routers.
Here are the different elements constituting Ringover's infrastructure:
● SIP Proxy
SIP Proxy servers are used for the authentication and routing of SIP packets.

● Media
Media servers are used for implementing IVRs, transcoding audio streams, conference calls.

TURN servers offer an advantageous alternative: coupled with media servers, they allow tcp tunnelling on a port before rerouting to the media server.

With Ringover having at its disposal a fleet of flexible media servers, TURN technology makes it possible to establish fewer security rules. However, the client must support the turn. A failover is possible if the TURN servers cannot be reached.

● API & Front
API servers are used for processing CDRs, contacts, group conversations, text messages, etc.

The ports to use on the server side are:
● HTTPS / TLS → port 443 (TCP)
● TURN → port 80 et 443 (TCP et UDP)
● RTP → port 20000-22000 (UDP)
● SIP → port 5060 (UDP et TCP) ou 443

Here are Ringover's IP blocks:
● IP Europe

● IP Load Balancer / WEB Europe

● Miami

● Singapore

● Sydney

● Dallas

● NewYork

● Chicago

● Atlanta

Finally, Google's STUN servers can be used for NAT detection:
• stun.l.google.com:19302
• stun1.l.google.com:19302
• stun2.l.google.com:19302
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