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Using instant messaging

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Ringover Instant Messaging 💬 allows you to improve collaborative work and simply exchange individually or in groups.

Step 1: Access instant messaging

Step 2: Send an instant message

Step 1: Access instant messaging

To use Ringover Instant Messaging, 🖥️ go to https://app.ringover.com/chat by clicking the "Chat" button on your myRingover interface.

Step 2: Send an instant message

Click on "New message", select the user(s) you want to start a conversation with, and click "Start".

You can then type your message and start chatting with your colleagues. 💬

💡 When you start typing a message without sending it, it automatically saves to your drafts and can be sent later. This way, you avoid accidentally losing a message you just wrote.
💡 If you’re creating a discussion group, you can name this group and add a description.

Step 3: Administrator settings for a discussion group

When you’re an administrator for a discussion group 👥, you can choose which conversation participants you want to authorize to use certain actions: inviting other people, leaving the conversation, excluding participants, or even viewing messages prior to them joining the conversation (if they’ve joined a conversation which has already started).

Click on the crown icon next to the user you want to grant (or withdraw) rights 🏆.

You can then manage their administrator settings:

💡 By clicking on the three dots to the right of the discussion window, you can create a new conversation with the same people or leave the conversation.

There you go, you know how to use Ringover Instant Messenger to quickly and efficiently chat with your colleagues 🎉 :
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