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Understanding and Filtering Your SMS Statistics

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Thanks to SMS statistics, improve the analysis of your teams' performance. 📈 Effectively pilot the performance indicators related to your SMS sendings and make detailed reports. 📝

Step 1: Understand your call statistics

Step 2: Filter your call statistics

Step 3: Reading the heatmap

Step 1: Understand your call statistics

🖥️ From your dashboard, go to the “SMS statistics” section of the “Statistics” menu. This will allow you to view all statistics on your SMS 📊 :

  • Total SMS: total number of SMS sent and received in a given period
  • Total fragments: total number of fragments sent and received over a given period (a fragment is 160 characters, an SMS can contain several fragments)
  • Average response time: average response time for all messages sent
  • Unanswered SMS: number of unanswered SMS sent by the correspondent

At the bottom of the page, you'll find a table giving you a clear insight into who the main users of SMS messaging are, as well as the balance between sent and received SMS messages.

Step 2: Filter your SMS statistics

You have the option of filtering your call data so that only activity on your IVRs or direct lines over a given period is displayed.

To do this, click on "modify filters” and choose whether you want to display statistics for all calls, only IVRs, only direct lines, or customize your filters, then define the period for which you want to display data:

Step 3: Reading the heatmap

The heatmap 🌡️ is a feature enabling you to monitor your activity at a glance, giving you an hourly view of your service level over the week. Analyze and plan ahead for your resource requirements and improve the quality of your service! 🚀

Want to access this feature? Head to the “SMS Statistics” section in your dashboard. On the heatmap graphic, select the indicator you want to view: total SMS, incoming SMS, outgoing SMS, total fragments, incoming fragments, outgoing fragments, or SMS campaigns :

The heatmap will then display the data with an hourly 🕐 over the week. The color code means that you can identify any spikes (or drops) in the performance of your service (unanswered SMS, incoming and outgoing SMS...). 📅

Now you know how to analyze your SMS statistics to continuously improve your teams’ performance. 🎉
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