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Understanding and filtering your tag statistics

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By using tag statistics, you can boost performance analyses for your teams. 📈 Filter your tag statistics to analyse the performances of the tags you’ve created. This way, you can more efficiently supervise your teams’ KPIs and created detailed reports.📝

Step 1: Understanding your tag statistics

Step 2: Filtering your tag statistics

Step 1: Understanding your tag statistics

Dashboard, and go to the “Tag Statistics” section in the “Statistics” menu.

You can then view all your tag statistics 📊:
  • Filter by tags
  • Filter by date
  • Filter by user
  • Filter by colour
  • Filter by name

By using the filters you want, over a defined period, you’ll be able to display the tag colours, name and call total. Through the use of tags, you’ll even be able to identify which tags are most used and decide which trends are most relevant for your to track.

E.g. A company is launching a new marketing campaign for its current customers regarding a new feature, the manager asks agents to tag a call each time the customer mentions the new feature. At the end of the week, the manager can see that 100 calls mentioned this feature.

Step 2: Filtering your tag statistics

You can filter your tags based on several types of information and over a defined period.

To do this, simply click « Edit filters », select whether you want to display the statistics for all calls, your switchboards or only your direct lines:

Then, define the time frame you want to display your data for:

You can filter the call criteria that’s useful for you:

Finally, you can sort by tag and/or by colour:

If you want, you can even « customise» your filters by defining one or more tags and then defining the time period you want to view data for:
  • By Call switchboard
  • By group for one or more teams
  • By user for one or more employee

The previous filters remain available, the date, “exclude or only display certain calls” and tags (colours and/or search name).
So, now you know how to analyse your tag statistics, so you can continually boost your teams’ performances. 🎉
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